13 Comments on “2014 Grammy Awards Gay-Straight Wedding: Pastor G. Craige Lewis radio interview”

  1. I’m so glad the holy spirit of God didn’t allow me to watch this soulless broadcasting. It’s ok for us to be subjected to this kind of behavior but how dare we to object. God help us and forgive us all for we know not we do.

  2. Thanks for your message
    A biblical approach to love everyone and
    speak up about the Truth.
    I realize how they feel I was once them.
    God shown a light at end of
    tunnel. And Jesus light of the world
    forgiver, deliverer was there.
    Praying for them to realize.
    God wants us to obey him and
    He will help us along .
    God Bless you Pastor .

  3. The first public and live same sex marriage actually took place this year on January 1st during the infamous Rose Parade in Pasadena Ca. I knew then that this would become more and more common but not this fast on on such a grand scale.

  4. Great Interview! Like I told someone “You call it judging because I tell you the truth”. Then they told me I was sinning. I said “Im sinning when I know that your lifestyle will cause you to face eternal judgement and not say anything.”

  5. Will definitely check out your program. This show was a hot mess, NO real surprises, just much sadness as the world draws closer to the end.

    1. I want to comment on the statement you made regarding drawing closer to the end. Change has already come, the end already came, we are experiencing the beginning of change. The statement was made when the president campaigned change. According astrology, the new dispensation is the age of evil. We are witnessing the end of pisces and have entered into the age of Aquarius. The Anti (or another) Christ is hear. We will witness the revelation of this in the next two years. There may even be a fake rapture to make those who are still here feel that they weren’t good enough to be called up like the rich and wicked. The state of the union speech is another tool to make us feel that things are normal. Don’t be conned. Love your Creator and Trust Him.

      1. You seem to be living by a misguided world view. The end of everything as we know it, has not happened yet. If it had the tribulation period would be over and the Lord would already be reigning. You place a lot of your hope in astrology which God has proclaimed an abomination along with many other vulgar practices. It sounds as if your mixing different beliefs and trying to make them work together. It can’t happen because there is only One God and His Word proclaims truth. Don’t know where you studied scripture but you seem to have some misguided ideas. Take care

      2. David Chick,
        “the end already came”, NOT according to Matthew 24:14 or 1 Corinthians 15:24, also I don’t follow astrology which is a form of ‘soothsaying’ (Deut. 18:10), and the Bible tells is NOT to dabble in. We will witness the revelation of this in the next two years, NO date setting for me the Bible speaks against that too (Matthew 24:13,36, 34 and Mark 13:32).
        The Rapture, well I don’t get into this subject because there’s too much arguing for me, but I did read a verse about “being snatched” (will locate it) so I just leave it at that. As for the ‘State of the Union’, I already know what those things are all about, so I continue to pray on and do what I can to further the Gospel. And Yes, I Do Love and Trust the Lord.

  6. there is no “the anti-christ”- anti means against or opposed to and there are many,many anti-christs in this world:anyone or anything that is opposed to or against the teachings of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ=anti-(against) christ…


  8. Everything honest was said in this. Everything I’ve thought and wanted to say is in this song. I need the lyrics so I can put it up somewhere for reference. An argument to end all arguments. God bless all who put this together.

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