48 year-old Hiphopper Toby Mac: "Lecrae in Same League as Jay Hova & Yeezus"

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Toby Mac Says Lecrae in Same League as Jay-Z and Kanye West

By Justin Sarachik | Christian Post Reporter

TobyMac helped pioneer Christian music and bring it to its biggest transition of growth with his super group DC Talk in the 80s and 90s, and again as a solo artist in the 2000s. He has influenced the next generation of gospel music, including Lecrae.220px-Toby_Mac

Toby has never been one to shy away from professing his love for Christ through his actions and his music, however, it was his days listening to early hip-hop in the 80s that turned him into the artist he is today.

In his interview with the Christian Post, Toby was asked to list his top five rappers of all time, and although his picks are not from Christian music, you can see how each of them impacted the way he does his music allowing him to put a Godly spin on it.

“I think Rakim [No. 1]. I like some old school junk. KRS-One. I know it’s on the lighter side, Whoodini.
I know they weren’t about conscious rhymes but they taught me about how to mix singing with rap. They would always have the singing [in songs], ‘the freaks come out at night…’ You know they really taught me something more than they were some kind of conscious emcees,” he said.

He said “Q-Tip” from A Tribe Called Quest was his number four on the list before breaking into newer rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West.

“I mean I know it’s real controversial, but it’s hard not to say Jay-Z. I mean I would say I put Jay-Z and Kanye right there. I know some people would kill me for saying that. Jay-Z for his changing the game and Kanye for his experimentation,” he said before setting a little warning. “I do not agree with everything they say. I do not like the vulgarity. I always get the clean version, and I do not suggest that anybody go out and buy it because there’s a lot that they talk about that I don’t think is good for younger ears.”

“I don’t agree with everything they say and I don’t agree with everything they say for my life. I respect their gifts. Their abilities to rhyme,” he continued.

The 48-year-old rapper also said fellow Christian artist Lecrae was creeping up on his list.

“Ability plus heart, I’d put Lecrae on that list. It’s easier for me to listen to him because I feel like our hearts are in the same place because we desire the same things generally.”
Read more at http://global.christianpost.com/news/tobymac-says-lecrae-in-same-league-as-jay-z-and-kanye-west-99570/#PRDq0w29FM1I55OG.99


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20 Comments on “48 year-old Hiphopper Toby Mac: "Lecrae in Same League as Jay Hova & Yeezus"”

  1. 48-year-old he really needs to stop am taking away by his age along he like run from run dmc how old is to old. Its nothing worse than a old played out man trying to be young ewww.

  2. Listening to a clean version of a rap song is no different to listening to the explicit version, both versions have the same effect.

  3. Shayshay. What exactly are you doing to influence this generation for Christ! A 48 year old man is doing it and you have a problem!!!!smh

  4. The title that christianpost gave this article is a little misleading. TobyMac didn’t say Lecrae is in the same league as Jay-Z & Kanye. He simply said Lecrae is creeping unto his personal list of favourite rappers. Now with that said TobyMac is just plain wrong. So he’s not in agreement with their vulgarity so he buys the clean version???? That’s like keeping trash in your house sprayed with some air freshner…No sense, SMH… Then he says he does not suggest that anybody buy it because the content isn’t good for younger ears. Its not good for any ears, PERIOD! And now he is basically saying “do as I say, not as I do”???? SMH…And wow one christian rapper might be creeping into his list of favorite rappers?? You mean he never had christians in his top 4 rappers list before? O.o….Sometimes I feel its best some believers, especially those in the limelight keep info like this personal, to themselves..This is just sad.

  5. My brothers, I thank God for your ministry. We know in our hearts, and through the revelation of the Holy Spirit, you SPEAK TRUTH. I stand with you.

  6. The problem with Holy Hip-Hop and Christian Hip-Hop is that they aren’t satisfied with God’s Will instead they are in heavy pursuit their own (BIG Lights, Big Fame). My wife and I have been doing Christian rap for over 10 years now and before we ever heard of EX ministries we learned quickly to put the agenda of Hip-Hop in its place. Setting ourselves apart have cost us many peer relationships in some form or another we’ve been outcast (O Well). We have never identified ourselves with Hip-Hop why? Because we’ve never saw it as such. Christian Rap should be about edifying the body and reaching out to the lost with no other agenda attached. Instead majority of these guys have ditched edification and sought after gratification??? And calling it ministry? (Let’s get jobs people) Compromise is what it’s called. Most people won’t hit a stage or a street corner without being paid first. It’s sad how guys will pull out the BOX card quick like I’m HIP-HOP the title of HHH, CHH or CR limits me and puts in a box. What Hip-Hop will tell us is that we have no limits. But God has clearly given us limitations for reasons like so. We are dying to be accepted by hip-hop and our favorite rappers of old and new. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but we’re not reaching anymore we’ve been REACHED. This is a shame all in the name of hip-hop.


  7. Stopped listening to him a loooong time ago. Anybody notice his new album with a huge “eye” on it?

  8. POWERFUL SHOW! I’ve linked it up to spread the word. Keep it coming.

    “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.” ~ ISAIAH 58:1

  9. …it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.

    I Corinthians 1:21

    Preaching, PREaching, PREACHING!!!

  10. @Kat, yeah his CD covers are suspect! Me an my wife happen to be on iTunes when one of this CD’s released and we both said the same thing. #enabler

  11. I’m really sad and dissapointed by this news.

    Tobymac has a song that says in the chorus “I don’t wanna gain the whole world, and lose my soul”; his remarks in this interview show the exact opposite; because you can’t “value” and “respect” people that are deceiving people into hell and mocking God and Jesus, just to sound/be “relevant” in the current culture. What are you thinking if you call yourself a christian???

    “(…)I always get the clean version”, I mean, what’s wrong with you??

    I really was blessed his work with DCTalk back in the day and some of his solo CDs, but this is really a sad reality check for me. I just hope he repent and strip off his ‘hip hop’ identity and wholly surrender to Christ.

  12. Aj am doing alot and I don’t even have children I have been doing something for way over 20 years and the the blessed thing about it is God let me see almost all of my kids some are pastors teaches etc. And some even own there own companies as well they have their own family’s the Godly way… So I have a right to be angry with foolishness from people who calls themselves children of God butl are leading our young youths to hell. So I will keep on expressing myself as I please… Thank you…

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