A message to Christian Rappers

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A message to Christian Rappers

By G. Craige Lewis | Exministries

23-micThis message is from the Lord. It was given to me in response to the opposition we have received from the Christian rap community. We are not coming against Christian rap or any other form of Christian music. We support any music that supports the Kingdom of God and his righteousness. But we do not believe that the Hip Hop culture that exists today is to be glorified, praised, or utilized to reach any sinners or to change the hearts of unbelievers. The Hip Hop Culture in it’s origin is demonic and it’s foundation is set upon a doctrine that is contrary to the Word of God. Therefore, how can this culture be embraced by Christians? If it’s creation was wicked, then it’s roots are foul. And therefore, God will not use it to minister the Gospel (check out Zulu Nation.com to get info on the origin and spiritual side of the Hip Hop Culture. But beware, the spirit behind that website is strong and will spiritual damage your beliefs if you are not Spiritually strong)

We know that a powerful message can be given through rap and we believe it can be very effective in teaching, strengthening and persuading people to Christ. But we cannot embrace the culture of Hip Hop along with the rap. The Hip Hop culture stands against the word of God. It’s founders do not believe the Bible to be the true Word of God. Therefore, we must reject all claims to Hip Hop as believers because that culture does not promote the truth. Are we gonna rally to turn Hip Hop into a Christian culture? God forbid. If you read the word, you will find that God rejected what man offered to him whenever it was birthed from, or taken from a corrupt source. Achan in the Bible hid valuable jewels, thinking that they were good for him and his camp. Jos 7:1 But the children of Israel committed a trespass in the accursed thing: for Achan, the son of Carmi, the son of Zabdi, the son of Zerah, of the tribe of Judah, took of the accursed thing: and the anger of the LORD was kindled against the children of Israel. But God rejected Israel until Achan was burned to death. Why? Because God did not want what was used for evil to be offered up to him. The same thing happened to King Saul. King Saul took of the spoil of the Amalekites and desired to give it to God because it looked good. It was the best of the best. 1Sa 15:15 And Saul said, They have brought them from the Amalekites: for the people spared the best of the sheep and of the oxen, to sacrifice unto the LORD thy God; and the rest we have utterly destroyed. But God rejected King Saul because he didn’t want what the people that hated him and served other gods had. It was corrupt because it’s origin was evil. God is feeling the same way about Hip Hop. We cannot support this corrupt culture because its very foundation is evil.

Hip Hop was birthed through poverty, and sin. It was not created to uplight God. But it was created to be a voice for those that could not be heard. It was birthed through some guys who desired to rise above their environments and communities by empowering themselves. In turn, Hip Hop has brought much power to the black man. It has given them a voice, a way of life, and money. But what has is done to glorify the true Kingdom of God? Nothing. Christian rap artists, we cannot embrace this demonic move of the enemy to glorify ones self and promote a false religion. I know you want to stay true to your people and where you came from, but understand, that is not what God desires of you. You must change your mindset and understand that it takes the Spirit of God to reach the lost.

Hip Hop has taken the place of the human spirit in our youth of today. Hip Hop gives them their identity, their values, the morals, and their callings. It does not give them what God wants to give them. And we cannot try to hold on to it once we have been transformed into the image of Christ. You see, staying true to your homies, or your people cannot be done if you plan to stay true to the Kingdom of God. Jesus said that if any man chooses to follow him, he must deny himself. Mt 16:24* Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. That means that we must let go of the mentality that kept us in the bondage that we were freed from. Simply put, let go of the culture! Lu 9:62 And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God. Yeah, you may have grown up in it, killed for it, or put everything you had into it, but it’s not of God, so you must forsake it. God destroyed millions of people that he chose to rescue from bondage, but they would not let go of the culture that they were once enslaved by. The original children of Israel were freed from slavery. But they would not let go of the Egyptian culture! Did God allow them to use the culture of the Egyptians to glorify him? NO. God killed them all to destroy all recollection of their former days. He forbid them to perform or mimic any of the Egyptians actions because he did not want them subject to the spirits of that culture. Joshua 5:5 Now all the people that came out were circumcised: but all the people that were born in the wilderness by the way as they came forth out of Egypt, them they had not circumcised.
6 For the children of Israel walked forty years in the wilderness, till all the people that were men of war, which came out of Egypt, were consumed, because they obeyed not the voice of the LORD: unto whom the LORD swore that he would not show them the land, which the LORD swore unto their fathers that he would give us, a land that floweth with milk and honey.
7 And their children, whom he raised up in their stead, them Joshua circumcised: for they were uncircumcised, because they had not circumcised them by the way.
8 And it came to pass, when they had done circumcising all the people, that they abode in their places in the camp, till they were whole.
9 And the LORD said unto Joshua, This day have I rolled away the reproach of Egypt from off you. Wherefore the name of the place is called Gilgal unto this day.

The same is happening with Hip Hop. Staying true to it makes you subject to the spirits of its creators.

Allow God to continue to use you as a Christian rapper for Christ, but never conform to the Hip Hop Culture. When Christ saved you, you were changed into the image that he originally had for you. Therefore, the old man is dead. 2Co 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. You are no longer a Gangsta, or a thug, so why do you refer to yourself as one? How can you be dead with Christ if you are still promoting the old man’s deeds? You are changed if you are in Christ. Ro 12:2* And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. It’s okay to share your testimony of your transformation, but why would you pay homage to your old man and his culture? Throwing up gang signs, tattoo glorification, dressing and looking like a gang member does not disciple the lost. It only confuses the lost into believing that the change Christ made is only internal, but the flesh should still be in bondage.

144055_340Another thing that God has been speaking to me about is the Christian rap movement and how some of it disses the Church of God. In my dealings with many Christian rappers or rap fans, I have seen a new spirit that is rising up through the enemy’s influence. Dissing the Church is a very dangerous move to make. In your music or in your everyday conversations, we must not speak negatively about God’s church. God is gonna operate through his church, no matter what we think or feel. Many have been hurt by negative experiences through churches, but that does not make the church of God a bad place. Yeah, the church has problems, but the easy way to keep the problems from being solved or dealt with is for us to only talk against each other and never work together. And God will NEVER change his order. You must submit to the authority of a Pastor before you will be effective in any ministry. A man that cannot follow, will never lead! There are so many people these days talking about what God is showing them, or what God is telling them, but they never follow the order of God. God will not tell you to do anything without confirming it through others. And God will never defy the order of his Kingdom or his church. That’s why you see so many people constantly changing what they say was God’s will for them. Without any level of accountability you are dangerous to God. You are like a child holding a loaded shotgun. You are not ready to do ministry on any level if you have not submitted to leadership. The church is your home base for your ministry. So we cannot diss the church in our raps or in our conversations because God is gonna work through the church before he works through you.

Growing up without a father or on the streets alone teaches us to rely on ourselves many times. We get to the point where we are our own covering. We begin to move according to our will instead of the will of God. And we feel that we are hearing God, but actually we don’t understand God because following is something that we have never learned. That’s why the church is so important to the Kingdom of God. It teaches us how to submit to authority when we never learned it in our upbringing. The spirit of Hip Hop teaches that we are all “gods” meaning that we choose our own destiny’s and no one can lead us. But the Bible teaches that the order of God is more important than any sacrifices! Remember King Saul, when he offered the sacrifice in place of the priest? 1Sa 15:22 And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams. He defied the order of God and was rejected and doomed for it. We must understand that we are in the same position as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus. God is more concerned about 1 sinner being discipled the right way by us, than 1000 being discipled by us and we have no spiritual authority to do it! Can you imagine Jesus growing up knowing he is the Word of God and yet God hasn’t released him to ministry? I imagine people where saying, “Jesus, you have all that ministry in you and you have not done anything for the Kingdom.” or “Jesus, you got to get busy because you got this gift…” But God had not released him. Jesus waited 30 years to prepare for 3 years of ministry!!!! Wow!! We can’t even get some of these modern day Christians to finish new members class before they are already talking about what God has “shown” or “told” them.

God called Paul to the ministry on Damascus road, but immediately following it, God sent him to study and be subject to his leaders for 7 years. We must not think that just because we have the Zeal, we can step out and do ministry for the Kingdom. We have to be assigned to ministry and God will always confirm our callings and gifts though our pastors and churches. So be careful! God wants his order and will never defy it. That’s why we cannot talk against the church. What good is it to win souls for Christ and have no where to send them for discipleship? Your first order of ministry is the local church. That’s where you will receive your commission to go out and that’s where you can continue to bring sinners in.
Glorify God in your music, not the Hip Hop culture. Do not use secular music to reach the lost because it will not do the job. Only the Spirit of God can draw sinners to salvation.

36 Comments on “A message to Christian Rappers”

  1. Wow, G. Craige, this message is POWERFUL! Thank you, once again for tellng the TRUTH! THANK YOU!

  2. Wow… Only GOD alone knows how greatful i am to see(read) this post.. Thank you pastor for allowing GOD instruct, correct and enlighten me through you.. I am so greatful.. Now its clear, the difference between hiphop as a culture and rap as a type of music.. Ma questions have been answered and seriously this is indeed a deliverance for me and other rappers in the faith alike.. GOD bless you sir…

  3. Excellent Excellent Excellent!!!! Well said, Man of God. This should be copyrighted, laminated and handed out on every street corner, Church, mall, movie theatre and home. May your ministry be strengthened and increased a million times over in the Name of Jesus.

  4. Because these young men have not subjected themselves to the authority of Christ and surrendered all of their life unto to him in sacrifice nor have they allowed God to deliver them from their ideals, there is no separation of self from their attitude therefore they are not free to become mature, hence the reason they cannot let go of the world (their souls are still tied to deception)- they may as well be tares entering the assembly to lead souls astray under the influence of Satan(a distraction running parallel to the truth of God). A true child of God would hearken to the voice of wisdom and receive correction knowing that the Father chastises those whom he loves. Those who avail themselves to the perfect will of God always receive his truth and revelation in humility. There is a distinct difference between talent and annointing we as believers should discern. Backsliding even while in the body of Christ hmmmn, I pray they return to the truth of God in it’s entirety as the prodigal son who humbled himself and repented.
    Keep preaching truth Pastor, God be praised for your life is indeed a living testimony of God’s demonstration of annointing and power after Jesus Christ. Stay Blessed possessing your soul in patience…..

  5. Excellent , GOD tells us time and time again that you can’t exalt yourself or anything above HIM . Be warned , if it is of GOD ( and this message is ) nothing can stand against it . Continue to speak boldly sir , in is HIS name and
    through is HIS name .

  6. Deep stuff Pst Craig, thank you for being a faithful vessel of God’s words. This is hard truth to bear, but anyway, i’m a big fan of Christian rap and I’ll not want hip-hop to take over our lives as i agree with you about it’s root, we hope the Christian rap world will be able to bear and diggest this word.

  7. Thanks for sharing this message, we need more warriors like you. You have and are a blessing to true believers. Stay blessed by the King of Kings. His servan(n YBIC!!!

  8. Great word! Informative and checked me in some areas. Keep up what you are doing…May God bless all of you guys!

  9. Good Word Man of God, Keep spreading Truth, because no matter how much it may hurt or feel bad to the Flesh, its what makes a Person Free! I’m part of a Gospel rap group called Military Souljahz, and we are with you 100%. We are constantly under attack from the Holy Hip Hoppers, they get so offended when we try to tell them truth about Hip Hop, instead of being called a Saint,Son,Servant,Royal Priesthood, they rather be called HIP HOP, so along with calling there self Hip Hop comes these doctrines of devils and demons, Then I start seeing them be all about there SELF and not Christ, they then become Entertainers and not Minsters through music, then most of them believe it or not Craig, start back listening to secular music, drinking and justifying why they all of a sudden drink now, to getting tattoos and justifying why they do that now, smh, its sad but I’ve seen folks who started of doing gospel rap get around those who do Hip Hop slowly change into HIP HOP(SELF) now instead of being sent a place to minster, they are begging folks to let them come to there event and rap, because there hearts are concerned now about there self and being seen trying to get record deals and chasing Fame, no power what so ever in there music to Make folks free, heal the sick, casting out demons etc, No power just a bunch of jumping around acting like the world! I’m feed up because when you tell them they in error they mad and wanna put up quotes by lecrae like he’s God! Smh, so we are with you Man of God, we get attacked hard since we do music and don’t agree with calling ourselves Hip Hop, so much to point where most of them don’t even ask us to come minster at there events because they know what and who we Stand For, but that’s cool with us because one thing Holy Spirit showed me is that Truth=DI•VIS•ION, Jesus ain’t come to bring peace but a Sword, a Sword Divides and hurts, and when you really stand for Truth and Christ it will cause Division with ones that’s not really sold out to Jesus! Abba is into Quality and not Quantity, the true people of God was always Few in numbers but mighty in his Power!! And the Fakes,Foxes&Snakes are always Mighty in number, but no Power of the Holy Spirit flowing through them, because there are Men Pleasers they make music for there FANS and not for the Father to draw Men to him by his Spirit! And its all because they wanna be HIP HOP

    1. Brother Niles from what I just read , you are really a preacher in heart . I pray GOD leads you in that direction .
      GOD BLESS .

  10. I appreciate you Elder Lewis. This isn’t an easy topic by a long shot and I pray for the chains to be broken off of the believers as well as myself.

  11. This reminds me of the scripture Mark 4:12
    “That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them.”
    I believe most of these people are wolves in sheep clothing planted to lead God’s people astray. That is why they are rejecting the knowledge of God. Thanks Pastor Craige and family, as well as your ministry team for preaching God’s uncompromising Word. Some of us our actually listening. Although some of the teachings may be hard to digest or accept at first. The truth can not be ignored if you are seeking after God’s righteousness.

  12. Excellent read!! You men of God really know how to bring a message together and make it as plain as the nose on your face. Although I’m not interested in hip-hop, this message needs to be heralded to ALL those christians who are. God gave me a revelation during the reading because what you said made so much sense. When you stated how God would not receive an offer from a corrupt source, I thought of how God rejected Cain’s offering which was from the ground that He’d(God) cursed in prior scripture. EX ministries you are doing a mighty work for the Kingdom by helping open eyes. Your ministry helped open my eyes several years ago to the music industry as a whole and what spirit is really behind these record labels. I pray that God continue to bless your ministry!

  13. If deception wasn’t so convincing it would not be called deception. We must keep praying that their eyes become open to the truth of Gods word. Blessings to all of you that are holding up the truth in these end times in which we live.

  14. Last comment on this , the thing I really dislike about rap is that put a seed into young people minds that they
    wouldn’t have to go to work or school . Just make some street cred for yourself and you are off to the life of the rich and famous. Thousands have chased this carrot . The music world is only going let just a few in . To control the rest . KEEP PREACHING !

  15. Wow!! The Zulu nation website was waaaayyy too much for me to digest! This website hurt my head. There were too many symbolism for me to take in and understand them all. I’ve heard of the Zulu nation but never looked it up. This article was amazing. I’ve been learning from this ministry. I truly enjoy it. I had pointed out to my sister a song that comes on the radio that was “considered” a Gospel song but that song did not remind me of church or wanting to praise God. I thought of the club and dancing. The song really disturbed me. The lines of gospel and secular are so intertwined that its scary. Thank you G. Craig for speaking the truth! God Bless you and your ministry!

  16. Peace and Blessings Pastor Craig, your ministry has been such a blessing to my life. I have enjoyed all the TTBH series, along with Era of Man and The Truth Behind The Black Church. God is so awesome. He knew at a time such of this, we would need this information brought forth. I have listened to TTBH 1 and it scary yet amazing to see the things brought to fruition since the release of the first DVD. Also, I just took a peek at zulunation.com. Wowzers, they was list of gods along with Jesus in the mix. Unfortunately, Jesus cannot and will never fit in milkshake of false gods. The only thing missing from the website was coexist. However, I digress. I just thank God(Jesus True Living God)for bring things forth and having the heart to receive it.

  17. Really enjoyed and digested this and I think every Christian should read this. I especially loved the parts about following the order of church, following leadership and not ill speaking the church. On the Hip Hip gospel rappers, as my apostle once said – “if you use the world to bring them into the church you will have to continue to give them the world to keep them”. Only the gospel, the word and our testimony can reach the lost. Nothing the world creates can do that.

  18. Thank you for sharing this. I copy and pasted and emailed to myself excerpts of it in regards to submission to church authority. I hope this was okay to do. It is not that I do not want to submit to church authority, and it is not that I am looking for a perfect church, there is no such thing, that would be an unjustified expectation on my part. I will pray that strong male leadership and strong male presence in leadership will transition to the forefront of our church ministry.

  19. Its very funny you are mentioning the part about if we are opperating in any ministry that we must submit ourselves to a church body. I have a brother of mine that is says that the Lord has told him to open an outreach ministry. But he is not under a church body, and he happens to be a gospel rapper. I just knew that he was making a wrong move. Something in my spirit was just telling me that that was out of order. He just recently was hurt by his former Bishop. And now all of a sudden the Lord told him to create the Lord told him to open an outreach ministry. SMH!!

  20. I do not like rap music nor do i like kwasakwasa, rumba, kanindo,sungura,mazikhandi,museve,rave,metal rock,heavy metal, church ballet musicals, postolic zion vocals,repetetive alleluya or amen pseudo spirituals and a whole lot more…i find it odd that though the author starts by stating or clamming “this is from the lord” no clarification is given as to which lord it is? we may assume that since there is several refferences to Biblical scripture he is refferring to The Lord Jesus Christ, however i sense that the mention of his apparent source of this message is aimed at subduing any verification or questioning of authenticity..Was it a dream, an inspired thought, prophecy, vision or religious popularistic perhaps even educated guess? My concerns are the abscence of Grace (Rom 8 v 28)…the author is in and out of despensations and refers to legalistic processes that are before the cross. Which doctrine does he preach? Salvation by grace or by abiding to rules and regulations? Why limit his dream/inspiration to one type of cultic music form? When in his opinion did God know that humans would rap,chant and hum whilst adopting satanic cultures, and what did God do about it? is it possible that we as christians can be in full control of our holiness? American music stables what say ye?

    1. You are very close to the edge sir , HE is not mocked . Thankfully for you and all of us , HE is most merciful and full of grace . Nothing has passed from law . A decree from a King can’t be changed .

  21. wow this really touched me… most Christian rappers are chasing after fame and money not sharing the word of God, i pray God will help this generation and the next in Jesus name.

  22. God bless you Pastor Craige!

    Believer get it mixed up always (Rap and Hip hop) I was trying to explain to a friend that unlike popular belief Hip hop is not a genre but a satanic,rebellious sub-Culture!

    I’ll definitely forward this message to the.


  23. On point. i don’t believe all Christian rappers think this way but some of them do. Unfortunately some of this has to do with what they’re not taught. A lot of the well known Christian rappers today are from reformed churches so theyview what EX ministries is saying as demonizing and over spiritualizing

  24. Excellent read, just wonder how many will ‘accept’ it?? Keep going in the Lord’s Name and doing what He’s called you to do. Thanks and God bless.

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