Adulterous App Seeks to ‘Liberate’ Americans from ‘Old-Fashioned’ Monogamous Relationships

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Adulterous App Seeks to ‘Liberate’ Americans from ‘Old-Fashioned’ Monogamous Relationships

By Heather Clark |

girl-ontouch-screen-phone-300x300A new dating app launched last month to provide a means for Americans to be “liberated from the confines of conventional, old-fashioned, repressed ways of loving” and engage in relationships with multiple partners.

OpenMinded was launched by Brandon Wade for those seeking more than an exclusive relationship with just one person. According to reports, over 700,000 people have used the site since its inception.

It describes itself as being geared toward those who are “open to modern configurations of romantic and sexual relationships” and “open to meeting people of different relationship configurations, romantic ideologies, sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions.”

“You have a sex-positive attitude, liberated from the confines of conventional, old-fashioned, repressed ways of loving,” the site touts.

Wade recently told reporters that while he believes many swingers and polysexuals will use the site, he thinks most of those signing up are already married.

“Society has come to a point where marriage has taken a downward turn because it no longer satisfies the needs of the modern woman or man,” he also wrote in a blog post on the website. “For many, ‘monogamy’ is almost synonymous with ‘monotony,’ which can lead lesser men (and women) to cheat.”

Wade claims that his site promotes what he calls “ethical cheating,” stating that “non-monogamy can be ethical.”

The Washington Post tells a story of a church-going married woman named Jessie who has been using dating sites since 2010, and has weekly dates with one of her four extra-marital partners. She told the outlet that she believes the arrangement is different from adultery because her husband knows what she is doing.

Jessie’s first marriage ended years ago after she had been unfaithful with her husband in secret. This time, she said, she desired to seek other relationships after becoming “bored” when her children grew up and moved out of the house.

“We’re told we only have enough love for one person. Does that sound right to you?” Jessie told the publication.

“Nothing about this is new. It’s as old as the hills,” relationship researcher Helen Fisher commented to the Post. “What is new is that women are now also being more adulterous, and so people are beginning to be more open about it. … We’re shedding all these agricultural traditions . . . [and] returning to the way we were millions of years ago.”

But not everyone is thrilled about the idea.

“What humans need and want more than anything else is to know that the one person that promised to love you forever will be faithful,” one commenter identified as Blue Orion wrote. “Betrayal of this trust brings only pain and heartache, not some new wonderful level of human experience. … Self seeking at the expense of another is destructive.”

“If you’re married, you took an oath (under God) to stay faithful,” another named Goombaniltons wrote. “To prioritize a pleasure above a solemn promise makes you a morally corrupt person.”

“[A]dultery happens because there is such a thing as sin and people commit them. But it has been on the shalt not list for a while,” commenter RobertPS stated. “Getting a permission slip to indulge doesn’t get one off the hook or mean that society won’t ultimately be harmed by a breakdown of the entire moral fabric that holds it together (at times by a thread).”

3 Comments on “Adulterous App Seeks to ‘Liberate’ Americans from ‘Old-Fashioned’ Monogamous Relationships”

  1. You know i am seeing these are the end times! From Bruce Jenner to the white house allowing so called transsexual bathrooms, God’s judgement is at hand, first in HIS OWN HOUSE! If the righteous will barely endure Lord have mercy upon the wicked whose hearts are on evil continually.

  2. I ofter hear people say that in a marriage it’s inevitable that someone will cheat. Or that all men cheat. I am not married but am I wrong to believe that its possible to have a cheat proof marriage? No one likes to be betrayed, right? No one likes to be taken for granted, right? No one likes for their emotions to be played with, right? A lot of people react in chaotic ways when this happens to them….i.e vandalizing the person’s car, violence against the cheater… It hurts and It divides families. cheating has so many consequences. It’s also against God’s word. This app needs to be recalled. It’s a dumb idea.

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