EX Ministries: An Exclusive An Interview with G. Craige Lewis (pt1)

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EX Ministries: An Exclusive Interview with G. Craige Lewis (pt1)

KHVN Radio host Carmina Paige sits down with G.Craige Lewis for an exclusive interview.  G.Craige Lewis gives a detailed background on the history of the Truth Behind HipHop series, ministry and much more. Can You Handle the Truth?



11 Comments on “EX Ministries: An Exclusive An Interview with G. Craige Lewis (pt1)”

  1. I can’t even begin to say how good this was. Praying for you G Craige that your ministries continue to set ppl free. Because many blk children are being raised by the government. Government programs with no father or even a pastor to show them the truth. In 1998 I destroyed all of my gospel music after hearing, mr Pearson say that God was doing a new thing relating a dream he had were he was speaking to the founders of the Church of God in Christ. He spoke to them , and I stop right there because I know these men are dead. I know the history of COGC and bishop Davis died do who he was speaking to was a demon. She were he is now completely devoid of the knowledge of Christ, a hater of the cross. G Craige keep it up keep informing ppl. Be blessed

  2. Awesome video! What a great blessing EX Ministries is to families all over the world. May the Lord continue to protect you all and make His truth known through you and others. God bless you, your family and the ministry abundantly! In Jesus name. Amen.

  3. When is part 2? Bless u Pastor, your family and the entire Ex ministry team. Wonderful work. U all have help change my life. All glory to God for blessing us with a true man of God. Be encouraged Pastor your work is appreciated. I’m praying for u and can’t wait for part X.

  4. I thank GOD for you pastor you really have been a true blessing to me and my family!! I’m praying for you and the ministry yall keep speaking truth!!

  5. Been following TTBHH series from the time our Pastor showed us The Power of 1 dvd to our singles in church. Most of the stand you take is admirable only possible if God has raised such a bold prophetic and teaching ministry. I appreciate all your series cos it is very much in line with the message of brother William Branham, who equally saw the subtlety of music via the vessels of Elvis and the Beatles.
    I respect your sincerity and love for the Truth, who is Christ Himself. God bless you and your wonderful family, you are an inspiration to me.
    I am a teacher and as often as I can, I show your videos during my frees, in South Africa, our religious freedoms are still protected, for now!

  6. great interview, God bless you brother Craige and those who work with you as you continue to teach the ppl. of God

  7. I can’t even begin to say how much GOD has changed my life you preach very well I hope one day to be apart of a church like yours and to see you preach in person I am a 19yr old young lady who is very thankful that I’m not the only “crazy” one in this world be and stay blessed much love from NYC !

  8. This ministry change my life I watch DVD five and I layed prostrate In my room then I cried out to God and gave my life to Him. I can’t thank God enough for this ministry. This will be my 3rd live attending and I can’t wait me and my husband are driving some friends down along with us for part ten.

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