Anti-Christ Superstar: The plight of Tonex b.k.a B. Slade continues

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B-Slade1By EXTV Editor | EX Ministries

EX Ministries exposed (Anthony Charles Williams II) a.k.a Tonex b.k.a B-Slade’s plight in 2006 in the Truth Behind Hiphop Anti-Christ Superstars DVD.  He would appear on Bobby Jones Gospel and numerous award shows wearing wigs and effeminate clothing. We even preached against his obscene gospel song (lyric) where he split up the word masturbate and we were accused of being judgmental. Mr. Williams once threaten to sue EX Ministries for speaking out against what he was doing. That same year in 2006 we warned the body of Christ that this day would come not only for Mr. Williams but for the entire gospel music industry and the Church if we didn’t contend against sin – we would eventually affirm it.  However this post is not to make mockery of Mr. Williams but to show documentation of why we are Adamant Believers in Gods word, our assignment and not the opinions of people. The blble says, “Flee immorality. Every other sin that a man commits is outside the body, but the immoral man sins against his own body.  This lifestyle is an abomination according to God and it violates His commandments. Romans Chapter 1 outlines the progression of wickedness that leads to a homosexual lifestyle. While many are now affirming sin (homosexuality) goes contrary to nature as well as the Word of God. It is anti-christ and it has deceived & destroyed the lives of those who have submitted themselves to sexual immorality. Our desire is that all be saved & delivered from the bondage of ALL sin and darkness. But no matter what culture says The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever. Can You Handle The Truth?  (Click here for G.Craige Lewis 2009 Blog)



Premiering June 15, 2014 on PBS Check local listings:

This video extra from the Independent Lens documentary The New Black gives us an intimate look at how singer Tonéx, a.k.a. B.Slade, shifted gears in his life as a successful gospel artist when he revealed he was gay. The news set off a storm of controversy within the gospel music world and the church, but won him new fans as well.



Tonex retiring from music industry

Sunday, January 22, 2006
Salutations 2 all,After long contemplation and much financial & emotional hardship I have decided that Tonex needs go on hiatus from the music industry. I have tried very hard to endure all that I can from being misunderstood to being down right lied on and I don’t physically or emotionally have the capacity to continue on anymore under the current circumstances. My record Label ZLG (Zomba Label Group) has repeatedly ignored my requests for help and they just don’t get me as an artist. But I’m not blaming them, it’s hard for anyone to reall get me as an artist because I am not the normal type of artist. I bow out. And I don’t know when I’m coming back. Honestly I don’t feel that I fit into anyone’s catergory but my own, but in a world that’s filled with labels, sections & catergories people can’t function if they can’t put you in a certain box.I don’t fit totally into Gospel because I don’t sing JESUS JESUS JESUS all day and I don’t fit into mainstream because I don’t sing SEX SEX SEX all day either. I’m at a serious crossroads right now in life. And I don’t have the answers. I cried and cried and cried last night to God for help because I can’t go any further.I’m not writing this so that people can feel sorry, I’m blogging my thoughts out. And I think I need to just bow out gracefully while I’m still on a fairly successful run off of OTB. I will continue to sell my projects online and things like that via YOTONEX but I think I need to just dissappear until I can find a place where I can live at least comfortably. Right now I am an 8 time Stellar Award winning , 2 time Dove award winning, Grammy nominated, Gold Selling artist with no furniture, Divorced, No chairs, No money. The label doesn’t give me advances because my contract a is real wack. And they don’t communicate.I don’t know what else to say world.

What’s funny is I still have people writing to me kicking me while I’m down. So now I say y’all can have it. Tonex will be out of your way once and for all. You win. Please congratulate Ex-Ministries, some Chick from England named Alexandria and a host of other so called Christians who have literally destroyed,defamated , embarrased and fatigue my life, my family and my spirit. I’m done y’all. Really. Sorry that I let some of you down but it wasn’t intentional. I don’t have ANY options right now so I have to do what I have to do which is “Nothing”. 
They don’t even ask me what the real deal is but they use and twist my words for controversy sake to sell CD’s DVD’s and magazines. I had no idea Christians get down like this ???? 
Now the Gospel industry can finally be at rest because the funny guy isn’t around any more. 
Lauryn Hill said it best. ” You superstar you Stupid star they hail you to nail you no matter who you are.” Until I find peace and a real reason to get back in this game called the record business, I retire. I might still write for others and stuff like that but as for me and my house?, y’all take it and have it because i’ve been nothing but slung in through the mud. I haven’t done everything right, but what I ‘ve been expericencing here recently is wrong. 

My faith in Christianity is fading because I’m not understanding alot of “Christians” mentality when it comes to love. I have found nothing but anguish, lies, hatefulness and deception.  I believe in the Kingdom of God and I definitely believe in Jesus. But western civilization’s version of Christ is very disturbing because they have totally disconnected Him from real life. 
He lives in THEIR church and THEIR church only. I don’t wanna hear any scriptures and I don’t wanna hear any Oh, God’s gonna bring you out type stuff right now. I need a miracle and I need it fast. I’ve still been pastoring and that’s been the only thing that really brings me joy, to see others blessed. But now I’m at the point where I’m drained and I don’t have the physical energy anymore to continue on. God gives me the strength to deliever a rhema word every week for others but it’s crazy when you still need one yourself.I see so many Gospel Artist that literally HATE each other and when I see them celebrated like oh God is so pleased with them and I’m just being me and now I’m the ANTI CHRIST ? I’m like y’all niggaz can have this. I can’t take the fakeness no more. I’m wide open and now I’m like y’all take a hit cuz I ain’t got nothing to lose. I’ve lost everything so you really can’t hurt me anymore than I’ve already been hurt. And that’s what hurts. So many people call themselves ministers but they don’t minister they COMPETE. I’m gonna tell y’all the truth what you see on TV ain’t real….. because if you’re “real” then you’re a sinner, if you’re real then you’re out of the will of God. But I don’t have the energy to be fake. I never have been and I never will be.
Until God sends me a word through somebody for real that don’t care that I’m Tonex but cares about the man of God who really needs the love of Christ to be demonstrated through a human being , I don’t wanna hear it.This is not a ploy to get you to worry about me or start more rumors; so let’s clarify something right now…..tonex is IS NOT leaving “Gospel” to go sing the dreaded “R&B”. TONEX is retiring from an industry and religion that has completly stipped and cut and scarred his heart to the point he feels there’s no repair. And yes I blame CHURCH FOLKS. You have caused so much hurt and pain to so many people that needed to see the Love of a Real Christ. I’m done with Church. I’m all about kingdom now. And in my pursuit of the real Jesus I leave your fictious, vindictive country club and cancel my membership to the industry and denounce it. I don’t fit in and I don’t want to. Whatever my mission is for God I wanna do it with the right heart and the right spirit. But that’s just it I don’t have a spirit right now. I’m too bruised to know what to feel.Maybe one day someone with real discernment will know how to minister to someone like me right now. But if there was someone like that then I’m sure that Michael Jackson, Dennis Rodman, and some random heavily pierced skater on the beach would have experienced that real agape love by now. So until I find it , I’ve gotta get out of this matrix before I end up never wanting to sing again ever.Thanx to every person that wrote to me and I do my best to write you all back because I want you to know that I’m a real person with real feelings and a real family. I read everything.Thanx to Yolanda Adams for being a real big sister to me. Kirk you really came through for me in Houston, I’m grateful. Judith McCallister thank u so much.Until you hear from me again musically.Kingdom Kulture Kool2 each His own



By | August 2013

Get excited!

Tonéx‘s back and ready to blaze the stage!

Exciting details below….

The 38 year old megastar has announced that he’ll be performing at his first concert under the Tonéx moniker in 10 years at the historic Howard Theatre in DC on September 15th at 1PM.

EPIC. As you know Tonéx has been an ever present hot topic among many since his recent showing at Dorinda Clark-Cole’s annual Singers, Musicians, and Arts Conference.

Moreover, little else is known about the show, other than tickets purchased in advance are $35 ($45 the day of). And group sales are available for parties of 10 or more. For more information click here or call 202-803-2899.

tonexFriend, Tye Tribbett recently took to his personal Instagram sharing:

This is MY BROTHER right here. #Tonex (Ant). Rocked the mic w/me today at church.. smh!! He is the BEST that has EVER done it! The GREATEST PRESENTER OF GOSPEL MUSIC #PERIOD. I’m still TRYING to present it on the level he did it YEARS AGO! His ministry opened the door for ME! His production n creativity STILL inspires me to this DAY! I give honor where honor is due… I honor you bro, for makin the way for this generation of the presenters of gospel music. I’m excited about your future annnnnd ours!!!#KingdomMusic … “When God has His hands ON people, it’s just best to keep our mouths OFF.#GodLovesusall Gods Love > ANYTHING #greaterthan


According to Ty Tribbett:

Calling something “natural” that the word of God styles as an “abomination” rubbed defenders of the integrity of God’s word the wrong way.

According to the urban magazine’s website, Tribbett also said, “There are certain things that can trigger the not-so-great natural in all of us. But is it God’s will or God’s best for us, period?”

He added, “And I don’t condemn homosexuality, but I don’t believe it’s God’s best for our lifestyle, according to the Bible.”

Dorinda Clark Cole Defends Artist Formerly Known As Tonéx: ‘Everyone Goes Through’

By Elaine Byrne:: EEW Magazine Entertainment Reporter | August 21, 2013

Tonex-Dorinda-Clark-Cole-dancing-SMAC2013The faith-based community remembers the artist formerly known as Tonéx coming out as gay, but is he now coming home? At Evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole’s 15th annual “Singers, Musicians & Arts Conference” (SMAC) on August 14-17 in Toledo, OH, according to EEW Magazine’s insiders, the 38-year-old performer, real name Anthony Charles Williams II, appeared to be showing signs of transformation.

During the gospel music event, the seven-time Stellar Award-winning artist, best known for his smash hit, “Make Me Over,” was spotted crying, praising, and even breaking out in a dance alongside Clark-Cole—an image she posted on Facebook August 18.

Williams’ jubilant expressions of rejoicing in a church environment have left the faith community wondering if this should be viewed as proof positive that he is making a return to a Christian lifestyle that denounces homosexuality as sin.

In 2009, during an appearance on The Word Network’s “The Lexi Show,” in response to Lexi Allen’s questions, the vocalist stunned the conservative faith community with his open admission of same-sex attractions, hinting that he had given over to the lifestyle. Then, in 2010, Williams was profiled in The New Yorker magazine in a piece that also exposed an undercover gay culture in gospel music.

“I think the interesting notion is that people kind of knew [I was gay].  It’s just as long as it wasn’t confirmed I was deemed okay,” the out artist told in a 2011 interview.

But in the face of Williams’ much buzzed-about public praise break, gospel enthusiasts and Christians who say they have been praying for his deliverance, are waiting to see what happens next.

Since 2010, he has adopted the stage name “B. Slade” and performs as an independent R&B/Glam Pop artist, finding his niche in the small, but growing LGBT music market.

While some have expressed joy over what appear to be his first steps—literally and figuratively—in the right direction, others have wondered aloud about the genuineness of Williams’ praise and brokenness in God’s presence.

Despite what others feel, Clark-Cole, is defending the prodigal son of gospel on her Facebook page. “We will continue to pray for our brother that God will keep him in perfect peace,” she wrote. “Everyone goes through, heartaches, pain and wrong doings, but we serve a God that sits high and looks low, we know him to be a healer and a deliver, so with that being said, is that we will pray and continue to uplift my brother.”

While the online debate has reached fever pitch, with hundreds of commenters expressing their opinions, the journalist, Allen, who originally broke the story about Williams’ sexuality on her show, chided those judging his praise.




The Truth Behind Hip Hop Part 3

the_truth_behind_hip_hop_part_3The hip-hop genre has taken the world by storm, seeping through the walls of God’s house through music and corrupted praise. Once a house of refuge and a place of salvation, the modern church has been weakened through the infiltration of wickedness and self-glorification weaved into its worship service. No longer is God and His holiness the sole object of worship.

The pulpit has become a performing arena, the choir stand has become a dance floor, and the sanctuary resembles a club scene. Satan has crept in unawares intermingling the things of the world into the house of God.

Pride and self-glorification has replaced pure worship and the sacred music has been desecrated with worldly influences. Learn to recognize and dismantle the plan of Satan to deceive the very elect as Elder G. Craige Lewis of EX Ministries expose the spirit of the Anti-Christ and its effects on the body of Christ. This 2 Disc DVD is full of extras including 2 full length presentations, documentary styled expose’, interviews with various ministers and outtakes from the Documentary “What every church needs to know about Hip Hop”. Order Here!





24 Comments on “Anti-Christ Superstar: The plight of Tonex b.k.a B. Slade continues”

  1. Thank you Ex Ministries for posting. The Word of God and it takes precedent over any human being no matter who they are, how well known their name is, how much media exposure they have, how wealthy they are or even how influential and spritually wise they seem to be. I have been studying the history of the early church for several weeks now and have only scratched the surface. All I can say is that what I have discovered thus far led me to times of repentance and a better understanding of what kind of cost there is to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  2. First real saints do not leave God because of what others are saying. First century Christians faced fire, swords and lions. Secondly God does not condone any sin and Christians should not either. We’ve got to stop using being human as an excuse to sin. Jesus died for humans! In him we can have victory over sin.
    When it comes to homosexuality read the following scripture:
    Gen 13:13

    But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the LORD exceedingly.
    Note the adverb exceedingly. This word means excessive or beyond the norm.
    We are suppose to rejoice and be exceedingly glad when we are persecuted for Christ sake, if we are being persecuted for Christ sake. Jesus was rejected by the world and he still pursued his Father’s will.
    The Bible is right and when a Christian says, like in this article, that he does not want to hear the Bible, then we have to question if this person is a believer.
    Loving others does not mean condoning sin. Was not Peter close to Jesus? Did not Jesus rebuke Peter at times? Does this mean that Jesus did not love Peter? Truth people. As Christians we have to get past the style, the look, the swag. This is nothing but pride and this is an abomination.

  3. So is the conclusion to be taken from this is that he “Tonex” is coming back to the “gospel scene” as a still gay but “now I can really worship God with out feeling condemed because I’m just living by what feels right”? Or is he “Tonex” coming back as a trulely repentive, (as in totally renouncing the lgbt lifestyle), and livng in God’s perfect will for his (a man’s ) life? We shall see…. I do believe in redemptive repentance but I’m also not too quick to give someone a pass without checking up on what type of fruit they are producing in the wake of their repentance. Keep us posted.

  4. Gosh this is so sad 🙁 His perception of reality is so deluded that he actually believes that he’s in right standing with the Lord. It doesn’t even appear that he’s trying to live a holy life anymore. It looks like he’s completely given himself over to the desires of the flesh and having his proverbial cake and eating it too. This is heartbreaking. It’s not God’s will that any should perish and go to hell. I pray that his eyes be opened to the sin in his life and that he repent before it’s too late. I pray that he be no longer comfortable in his sin, but that it becomes a stench to him just as it’s a stench in the nostrils of the Most High GOD. Lord help him before it’s too late!

  5. Thanks Ex-ministries. My observations and comments on clip-The New Black Faith, I believe the LGBT community (Satan influence) is strategically attacking the Christian faith. Like 1 Timothy 4:1, …some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrine of devils;, Tonex, and Ms Flunder apparently have put themselves first, above God, they are part of a sin movement that ignore the word of God and cater to the idol of worldly flesh. Tonex is all about himself.
    I hope Ex-ministries do more videos about the idol of music and music talent.. A lot of our musicians seem to begin sincere about using their talent for God, then some are seduced into the status of celebrities and fame. Tonex always was about self promotion and worldly fame, when he failed, he comes back to gospel. We need to pray and correct this man and other likeminded people about this sinful lifestyle.

  6. Thank God for Ex-ministries, continue to proclaim the Word of God, in season, and out of season. The clip of the New Black Faith, I want to comment on Carlton Pearson and Ms. Flunder regarding effeminate and same sex lifestyles in gospel music. Growing up in the Protestant church, COGIC, I believe our leaders, some pastors and bishops have not address the issue of sexual sin( LGBT) head on, especially with our gospel music department. Too often some of our effeminate and sexual sin struggling members were permitted to be in the forefront of the church congregation ministering in music while being under the influence of sexual sin demons. I feel this practice have possibly affected other members for years, now in recent years we have a major issue to deal with in the church. Years ago, our leaders should have sat down these members but they compromised for the sake of music. I remember as a youth, in the early 70s, our organist temporarily moved to another state. Our pastor at that time used music tracks for us to sing to, then a few weeks later, he hired an effeminate organist, this man stood out in a very gay way, he was talented, but I was so happy when our regular organist returned to us. Back to now, we must stand strong for Christ Jesus in these latter days.

  7. That blog was something else. Tonex was (or is) in denial, I pray that God will him from this dangerous lifestyle.

  8. This article was deep. It’s doubled sided. . . to me. People make mistakes, error, sin etc., but we as believers must grow and use the power of GOD to be free of sin. I’m not saying your going to be perfect, your not CHRIST. What I’m saying is you have to have a repenting heart but at the same time do not condemn yourself. And you cannot condone sin. The moment toned came out and even before he came out when he was acting and dressing feminine, he should have been sat down. We are all sinners but you cannot let an un repented sinner, someone who openly glorifies sin lead preach or sing at a church. I hope this brother is sincere and I will pray for him. But I see the new look and the new act and I hope the devil doesn’t have a new disguise.

  9. Tonex, Yes Jesus loves you, yes Jesus loves you, yes Jesus loves you, for the Bible tells me so. Where sin abounds grace abounds much more. Are we to continue in sin that grace may increase? The power of the blood can cleanse us from any sin; fornication, adultery, murder, idolatry and yes homosexuality. We are not saved by works lest any man should boast but only by the grace of God. All He requires is that we believe in Him and if we believe in Him the fruit will follow. After all, we shall know the tree by the fruit that it bears. God’s character is righteousness and holiness. The more time you spend with God the more you will desire to be like Him and He is holy. Don’t search for a God that accepts our sin but search for the God that redeems and delivers us from sin. God Bless

  10. These “compromisers” are still trying to get this guy delivered while patting him on the back saying “it’s okay.” NO IT’S NOT! And to think….it’s condoned because he has musical inclination?! Man BYE! Done with the gospel industry! SICKENING!

  11. Thanks EX ministries! Keep your foot on the devil’s throat with the Word of God. Its sad to see people like Tye Tribbett and Dorinda Clark Cole coming from bible-based denominations to yield to a potential threat from satan. Bascially babying him giving him all the AFFECTATION he is desiring. But we forget that the WHOLE GOSPEL INDUSTRY is corrupted anyway. You just got be about be an angel in heaven to discern some of this stuff. Like Elder Craig mentioned before TRUTH will is going to be scarce in the last days and the line is thining between ANTICHRIST(s) and TRUE ADAMANT BELIEVERS. Praying that his “comeback” is genuine and actually makes a decision of even giving his life to Christ… TOTALLY! SMH which will be pretty difficult considering that he is still in the Devil’s playground (The MusicEntertainment Industry). Help him Lord! God Bless Yall!

  12. This is so sad to watch. The most disturbing thing is that young men and boys look up to him and feel that they can live the same way (drink, fornicate, party all night, etc) and still be “powerful” in the church.

    It is so easy to get swept away if you are not rooted and grounded. I used to listen to his music, but I begin to notice that he tapped exclusively into a person’s emotions. The music was never about living right or obeying God’s Word, or the Truth, it was all about emotions. So the listener gets pulled into an emotional experience (goosebumps, tingles, and tears), and they assume that what they felt was God moving, but nothing happened. God did not move, their bodies just responded to the emotionally charged atmosphere.

    Tonex/B-Slade(whatever he is), is seen as an “anointed” person, because he can get you into that emotional state. Young men and boys who look up to him now think, “as long as I can get you to feel something while I am on stage at church, then I am OK and I don’t need to change anything about myself”
    And that is the misconception!!! Emotions is not God moving

    I pray that we open our eyes and see what is really going on!!!

    Thank you so much, EX Ministries!!!! I appreciate “Thieves in the Temple”, that cleared so many things up for me.

  13. Unfortunately, blaming others for your short comings and thriving off your own lusts will not excuse you. The word of God (Jesus) is true and every man a liar. It’s an abomination and those supporting him, according to Leviticus 5:1, they’re partakers of his sin. Which probably means nothing to those that are also living a lie and a life full of sin. One sin will take you straight to Hell. Contrary is contrary, no matter how you slice it. If you’re going to live holy, godly, sanctified, then live it! If you’re going to be the devil, then be the devil. A double minded man is STILL unstable in all his ways. Make up your mind this day who you will serve. God said put a difference between clean and unclean…no h grey area. Jesus only, Jesus everything! #Apostolic To The Bone

  14. I pray he gets it together. In the end we should all want anybody to turn away from their wrong doing. What ever the sin is Christ paid it all and would gladly welcome him back and so should we “IF” he is for REAL.

  15. Interesting how America condones Homosexuality and even the prospect of being gay, that one has the option to self discover in themselves.

    Their is a difference between knowing what your sins are and attempting to work your deliverance from them, with the Holy Spirit in your life. As opposed to, excusing our sins because America has made it convenient to do them.

    Interesting how more youths are associating themselves with being gay because a thought entered into their heads and they don’t know the difference between what is their thoughts and what has been whispered in their minds, due to influences, conditioning and demonic suggestion.

    Let us not forget that homosexuality, is a choice regarding sexual preference. The heterosexual does not have to blast away that he or she is straight, whether it is assumed or not but we have children in school professing they are gay and then get bullied and because of the anti-bullying movement, they should be protected.

    I don’t want to see anyone hurt but if those same children pranced around school constantly dressing provocatively they would be pulled to the side. What does it say when they use to give out condoms but that may promote further sexual activity! and yet one can constantly profess something that is unnatural as natural but it does not promote anything at all !?

    Not to mention beside the spiritual agenda and the apostasy away from God. The homosexual movement is a movement in power in the numbers of people. Any political candidate endorsing or protecting their interests gain further backing from that community.

    Homosexuality is tied with the technological movement because if everyone was gay how would future generations be born. Thus introducing more artificial insemination, test tube, gene manipulation and eventually feasible human cloning.

    Technology already affirms knowledge without God, as if the more you know the more you are secure in life.

    From the beginning in the garden of Eden durring the fall for the knowledge of the tree of good and evil, that eve saw it as being good to make one wise.

    The self opinion of what is good and evil that we would dictate, not what God would say is good or not good. From that point they were ashamed and fearful of their sin but now we take pride in clothes that originally were tokens, that marked our fall. We have upheld out sins as if they were not, before each other and even before God himself.

    For God commanded man to be fruitful and multiply. Not just be prosperous and indulge in sexual pleasure. The pleasure of sex is the incentive to further multiply, not just pursue the incentive itself but the purpose and being fruitful denotes to as the scriptures would say, Prosper and be in good health even as thy soul prospers. The priority being the soul enriched by the truth and fruits in the spirit, not the flesh.

  16. He is choosing to live a lie. He has been walking according to the filthiness of the flesh for so long he is now deceived.

  17. I was just talking about this very subject today. We as Christians have to stop condoning sins PERIOD!!!!! Yes, Jesus loves us but right is right and wrong is wrong. Its a shame that as a church we are so lukewarm on homosexuality and sexual immortality. The church has just embraced sin.

  18. Singers and musicians are not the ones that have been called to defend the word of God. They defend each other no matter what God have to say, or have said. No real christian should look to them for an example of a true christian. These so called anointings are in the soulish realm. The Holy Spirit flows through the spirit realm. These are the spots in our feast of love. Changing what is Holy to that which is unholy. We don’t need anymore paid gospel performers. We need more called Holy ministers of The Lord Yeshua Jesus to come forth and speak the word of God only. Don’t forget the anti-Christ is a religious gay man, who nations will follow.

  19. I just read he performed recently at Bishop Blake’s church at a midnight musical smh…These people need true salvation. Its a shame the mockery they make of God and the things of God. They ALL need to repent!

  20. Oh boy! Here he comes again! I can’t really deal with him or his music right now. The lyrics to “make me over” are proof positive that He thought that what The Lord has done wasn’t enough, not that he himself needed to repent and live a holy life. I agree with a previous poster about his songs being overly emotional because he gets to hooping and hollering like a gospel music version of James Brown and it’s very easy to get caught up in the semantics.

    I’d like to see the fruit of deliverance in his life because that lifestyle is traumatic! I know several “lgbt” folks and none of them are operating on a full tank…psychosis, suicidal tendencies, been victimized by their partners, etc. no way to live.

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