Apple roll out a fornication app. "Bang with Friends"

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Apple “Down” with new tame makeover of hookup app ‘Bang with Friends’

By Garret Sloane | NY Post

Bang With Friends, the Facebook hookup app, has gotten a tame makeover.

down071728--300x450For starters, the app maker, which found itself in a storm of controversy earlier this year, dumped the risque name for its new iPhone update and is now just called “Down” in Apple’s mobile iOS ecosystem.

The name change — plus scrubbing all mentions of banging — is what allowed the tawdry app to return to Apple’s App Store, which does not permit adult content.

For those who miss the original name, the Android version of the app, as of yesterday, was still be called Bang With Friends.

The toned-down iPhone version was anticipated ever since Apple knocked the app out of its store in May.

Bang with Friends, co-founded by Colin Hodge, launched earlier this year on Facebook as a tool for friends to hook up with friends.

The premise was simple: Users pick Facebook friends to whom they are attracted and if the friend is attracted to them the app lets them know they are both “down to bang.”

The service claims to be discreet because it doesn’t reveal anyone unless both friends are interested.

In the re-launched version, instead of clicking “down to bang,” iPhone users simply reveal their mutual affection by tapping, “I’m down.”

The app is looking to expand beyond its hookup roots and could eventually connect friends who are “down” for any number of innocent activities — from chess to tennis to going to the library — persons close to the company said.

For now, it is a sex app capitalizing on the demand for casual connections captured by other apps like Grindr and Tinder.

8 Comments on “Apple roll out a fornication app. "Bang with Friends"”

  1. its definetly not the time to relax.but a time to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. wickedness is increasing each day.child of God stand after having done all Stand.

  2. Im not sure if men are more sinful nowadays or its just that we have more access to sin. Lord have mercy.

  3. This is very disturbing and gross! Keep passing the diseases around why don’t ya? It’s a shame that people would go to these lengths just for sex.

  4. Wow This is interesting. This reminds me of how Facebook first started. Facebook was firsted called Facemash. Then afterwards it changed to the Facebook we know today. Let’s see what happens. I also heard the Facebook owner is trying to reach out and have 5 billion users in a couple of years.

  5. This is one of the problem I have with Facebook. Can’t expect better from carnal people. Apple is ran by carnal people and Facebook as well. They use sex to draw folks in. It is vile and tasteless. But of course everything that is vile is tasteless. Resist the devil and he will flea. SMH!!

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