Attorney for Judge Roy Moore Exhorts Alabama Officials: ‘You Cannot Serve Two Masters’

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Attorney for Judge Roy Moore Exhorts Alabama Officials: ‘You Cannot Serve Two Masters’

By Heather Clark |

Johnson-300x300MONTGOMERY, Ala. — An attorney who works for Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore has penned a letter to government officials throughout the state, urging them to take a stand for Christ in light last week’s Supreme Court ruling declaring that same-sex “marriage” must be legalized in all 50 states.

“Public officials are ministers of God assigned the duty of punishing the wicked and protecting the righteous,” Win Johnson wrote in a letter sent to Gov. Robert Bentley and other civil magistrates.

“If the public officials decide to officially approve of the acts of the wicked, they must logically not protect the righteous from the wicked. In fact, they must become protectors of the wicked,” he said. “You cannot serve two masters; you must pick—God or Satan.”

He then spoke specifically of the matter of homosexuality, stating that the government can never legalize what God has called unlawful.

“The U.S. Supreme Court, although it claims to have done so in 2003, cannot take something that God calls a crime (sodomy) and declare it not a crime,” Johnson said. “We’re facing something even worse now, the civil government taking a new step and actually requiring the approval and sanctifying by the state of an evil behavior.”

“Public official, what will you do?” he asked. “Will you stand up for the law of Alabama, for the people, for the weak and vulnerable, for the law of God? Or will you capitulate? Will you become complicit in the takeover by the wicked?”

Johnson then sought to dismantle common excuses for capitulation.

“‘I must follow the law,’ you say. Law? What law? There is no law anymore, there’s just opinion,” he wrote. “One day this, one day that. When the law becomes merely the opinion of a handful of people on the courts, there is no longer any law. There is tyranny. There is chaos. But there is no law.”

“Don’t use the Nazi war-crimes trial defense: ‘My superiors (or the courts) told me to do it.’ You’re not standing for the rule of law when you capitulate to a law that defies God and exposes people to the wicked,” Johnson continued. “You’re just a coward making excuses!”

He urged those in authority not to cower or run from their positions, but to stand for the sake of Christ and future generations.

“[W]ill your conscience cause you to resign?” Johnson asked. “Why would you leave the people of this State, their children, your children and grandchildren to the wolves, those who would rend the society apart with their denial of what’s good and evil?”

He concluded by urging officials to remember the Highest Judge to which they will have to give an eternal account.

“On Judgment Day, you won’t stand in front of the media, the advocates of ‘equality,’ or even the federal courts,” Johnson warned. “You’ll stand before the King of Kings, the Judge and Ruler over the Kings of the Earth, Jesus Christ. His law is not subject to the vote of man, and He, as the good and loving author of that law, does not exempt any nation from it.”

17 Comments on “Attorney for Judge Roy Moore Exhorts Alabama Officials: ‘You Cannot Serve Two Masters’”

  1. Yes, Someone with enough brains to finally speak out. Where are T.D. Jakes, Obama is your friend right. Smh! I forgot, dead silence.

  2. Go on speak up the righteous and moral stand of life. Thank you for your boldness. “Stand for the sake of Christ and future generations”.

  3. That was amazing. The Episcopsl church has caved, of course they were sure to be the first to do. Ephesians the six chapter, says to put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil in verse 13 Paul says it again that you may withstand in the evil day , and having find all , to stand . The point is stand we must stand fast to the word and know that God not man is in charge. Notice that no gay couple will push a Muslim cleric to marry them. Because the devil fight is not with himself but with God.

  4. LORD I pray a hedge of protection around this your servant. Protect his family and job. The BLOOD OF JESUS to cover him. Let the words you gave him prick the hearts of the readers.

  5. Wow. Now that is a powerful word from a powerful voice. That is what Christians need now more than ever. Bold proclamation of the truth. Unadulterated, unafraid, holy trutg. That is what sets man free. So glad to see that there are still some Elijah’s out there.



  7. Praise God for his letter and for laying his heart on the line. Our job is to speak the truth in love. He has done that and will know one day that God is pleased. If only others would become so bold.

  8. Oh if America would have more men and women making such a stand for righteousness as this man does! It is sad when some pastors are compromising, engaging in hidden sins, committing spiritual abuse to God’s people and fleecing them of what little money they have. In addition, many of them lack courage and strong convictions. They prefer to please man rather than God. The Bible says they already have their reward. But God always has a remnant. I intend to be a part of that remnant that will live holy and make a stand for righteousness. The question we must ask ourselves and honestly answer is this: Whose side am I really on?

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