Beer and Bible Ministries: "What Would Jesus Brew?!"

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Bibles and Booze: Congregations Across America Attempting to Attract New Members With Beer

By Heather Clark

imagesA new report released by NPR outlines that a number of congregations across America are now using beer as a way to attract new members.

The effort is an experiment in finding methods that will appeal to those who otherwise would not set foot in a church. Some beer-based gatherings are held right in the the church building, and others are hosted at the local pub.

One of the locations highlighted in the report is Fort Worth, Texas, where Church-in-a-pub, sponsored by “Pastor” Phil Heinze of Calvary Lutheran Church, is held each week at the local bar.

“I find the love, I find the support, I find the non-judgmental eyes when I come here,” attendee Leah Stanfield told the publication. “And I find friends that love God [and] love craft beer.”

Approximately 30-40 people meet for the weekly gathering, which includes Bible readings, fellowship and communion–all over pizza and beer at Zio Carlo pub.

The Regional Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America recently recognized Church-in-a-pub as a synodically authorized worshiping community. In 2014, another area “pastor” plans to expand the concept throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

While Calvary Lutheran Church holds their gathering in a bar, the First Christian Church of Portland, Oregon hosts a monthly “beer and hymns” night at the church building, where congregants get together to sing hymns, talk and drink beer.

NPR tells the story of one transgender attendee who got up to speak at a recent event, announcing that he was raised in a church that told him that animals don’t have souls. However, because his dog had recently died, he wanted to sing a song that night in church in honor of his dog.

“I want to sing this song in defiance of that because Gunner was my friend,” he stated to those gathered as they sipped beer. “And he has emotions and a personality, and I had a relationship with him that’s as real as any relationship I had with any human being.”

The Wall Street Journal covered a similar story earlier this year in highlighting the new trend, introducing its readers to a Saturday night gathering held by Pastor Matt Bistayi, who started Valley Church in Allendale, Michigan.

“My name is Darin,” the music director announced to those present. “And I like me a 30-pack of Busch Light!”

The group, which holds to the motto, ”What Would Jesus Brew?” then began to applaud.

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49 Comments on “Beer and Bible Ministries: "What Would Jesus Brew?!"”

  1. Bunch of hypocrites and they think God is please with that, the one who is laughing is the devil, that is so stupid they might as well not pick up a bible

  2. “transgender attendee who got up to speak at a recent event”. Did I read right? A transgender? And beer to attract people to the church? o.O I have no words, smh.


  4. Ok, let me change my last statement. I just now saw the footage on the churches in a bar. Why would God allow us to worship with minds altered by something brewed. Paul said get drunk off the new wine (the Holy Spirit). The people are inviting mind altering spirits for worship. Non of this has to do with Jesus. This is absolutely crazy. Sounds like building the congregation than building up the Kingdom of God.

  5. people just can not let world go. 1 john 2;15-16 love not the world neithernthe things that are in the world, if any man love the world , the love of father is not in him.

  6. The guy said in the video “boring church life” well maybe if you think your church is boring you should change churches but not give a pat way to sin this is an abomination. The sad part is my mom battles with drinking and I would hate for her to see a message like this that gives some sort of leway to her dangerous lifestyle. But than again even my mom would see right through this like she did the Preachers of La! Those is simply a hot mess what next “weed and bible study””?

  7. Seriously…no really…SERIOUSLY!!! The enemy is indeed laughing….and the “pastors” are profiting… 🙁

  8. Now you see why Pastor’s have to preach against drinking alcohol! Churches are now allowing it in their congregations and it needs to be called out! Drinking leads to sin and we can’t be silent about it! How dare those churches for allowing that to happen. Christians aren’t suppose to drink! Shame on them!They might as well be in a sports bar! Woe unto them!

  9. this is blasphemous I don’t see how they are able to do this if the church was together has anyone told them what they’re doing is wrong the church is not a local gathering for brew next there going to be doing drugs in the church or having sex in the church.. The church is not a hotel it is a hospital for sick lost soulls God help this nation the devil is rasing up his arm PPL of God it’s been time to stand against this foolishness!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Another sad gimmick, one gimmick leads to another gimmick. These foolish gimmicks are tricks of Satan. Holiness, blood of Jesus Christ and his cross is the foundation, These types of people think they are kingdom builders when they are actually kingdom wreckers.

  11. For those of you that think gospel music has gone to far……..
    We haven’t seen nothin yet, unbelievable!

  12. SMH…Let us pray people..the closer we get to Jesus’ Imminent return the more outrageous the churches are behaving…let’s hope they burn themselves out with their circus acts and the people see the error of their ways …repent and come back to God.

    I busy myself trying to tell everyone about Jesus…let’s tarry for Jesus until He comes again. Amen!!!

  13. I know we are not to hate guys I know, but I hate what my father hates and I really hate the wicked and perverted ways of some who call themselves Christians and are no where close to what God’s will commands us to do.

  14. Isaiah 28:9-These also stagger because of wine and stumble under the influence of beer: priest and prophet stagger because of beer, they are confused by wine. They stumble because of beer, they are muddled in their visions, they stumble in their judgments.

  15. Thank God for your ministry I definately would struggle beleiving if this was a valid report if it wasn’t for you guys.

  16. That is an abomination for what God truly stands for. It is a sham, a shame and a mockery. People of God will have a hard time getting those who don’t believe or are having a hard time believing to go to church or read the bible when people are doing this. And the transgender and his dog that was just nasty because I believe there was more to it than that. Yuck!!!

  17. Yes I saw that transgender huh? I saw and heard nothing that had anything to do with faith I’m Jesus Christ , but instead bringing ppl to their church which in turn brings in $ haha it’s a business and they r I’m it to make money. When their congregants get into spiritual trouble those so call pastor will tuck their tail in and run, and u get what u get ok. My hope is the full counsel of the word ehich is in Christ Jesus. Amen and amen

  18. People will use Jesus name to promote what they want to do. Drinking beer to promote Jesus is a joke.

  19. People.should be real careful how they repeat what’s in the bible and come as you are isn’t any where in the bible!

  20. The bible condemns this type of behavior, preaching the gospel in a bar where the mind of the people are not alert is just ludicrous, the people will stay just as they are and will not be converted. smh.

  21. What’s next, What kind of hard liquor would Jesus ferment? Moonshiners for Jesus? Scotch for Jesus? Living for God means setting yourself apart from this nonsense. I’m honestly surprised there isn’t a twerking for Jesus ministry. Some silly woman has a You Tube video of herself twerking inside of a church. All I wanted to do is learn how to make homemade soap and liquid laundry detergent and there the video was on the sideline. God is not to be catered to your carnal and sinful nature while you use it to reach souls. His word is good enough.

    1. Well, I was watching on the news maybe a year or so ago and they had this thing in texas called “Pole dancing for Jesus”. So it’s no real surprise that they would come out with even more foolishness such as this.

  22. i am very sorry, but this is FUNNY to me. sometimes, i get lost for words, to direct toward such CRAZINESS. #Maranatha.

  23. it’s always something else. this devil i so blatant. now it’s nothing wrong with drinking; just dont be tipsy, drunk, or addicted to hard drink. but you cant bring that into the church! no where in scripture was somebody drinking in church. this is utter foolishness and should be called out.

  24. I pray that those mind binding spirits be destroyed and the scales fall from the eyes of those that are blinded by satan deceptive ways. same old dog new trick. God have mercy on us.

  25. This is ridiculous and we wonder why people are skeptical about coming to Christ. Because some folk who claim to be representing Him are really enemies of the cross. Help us, Lord. HOLINESS IS RIGHT.

  26. This is simple. These people are Not saved. I think Paul Washer said it best when he said: These type of people don’t want to go to heaven because God’s gonna be there. These folk want the scriptures to conform to their lifestyles, instead of conforming to what it tells us to do.

  27. Seriously?
    I once lived in TX and know they love their brew. But I find it cringe-worthy when we “push” Jesus using worldly devices. The Old Testament is still a part of the Bible and it’s worthwhile reading to see how the mixing world and faith (Godly obedience) worked for the Israelites. For those who don’t have time to research this: IT DIDN’T WORK AND THEY WOUND UP CONTROLLED BY ASSYRIA AND KIDNAPPED BY BABYLON FOR THEIR EFFORTS.

  28. MAN is trying to see how far they can push the envelope. They are clearly outside God’s will.The man said three key things ” positive message, relaxed and our intention”. First of all the message of the Bible is controversial; it make you decide what you’re going to do. Second, it is not about anyone’s intent, it is about what God’s intent is in bringing one out if their sins. It’s not about being relaxed. When I preach I am not up there trying to make you comfortable, but re-direct a misguided life. Can you picture a preacher popping open a brewski or a taking a shot of whiskey with a bible open? I’m uncomfortable and nervous even thinking about. Clearly these folks are outside of scripture. The DEVIL is using whatever tactic and scheme to convince folks to fall away from the TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL. WE need to repent as a nation. I just see it being done knowing what hour we are in. It is late in the hour

  29. They think God is weak and has no power because they think winning souls is a numbers game. God doesn’t care about numbers just look at Noah / Jesus +12 disciples / Elijah + 7,000 followers. All throughout the bible God talks about a remnant thatll be saved while the majority will be killed and end up in hell. God cares about quality not quantity. These people don’t understand that because these people will never be born again. They’ll just be religious people who come to church but have no love for the truth. And they’ll end up in hell anyway.

  30. Ok, I have to apologize. It wasn’t until a few minutes ago that I realized how big an issue this is. Having done some light research and being reminded of being a stumbling block, I’ve found out a few things that I wasn’t fully aware of. I already knew this video was showcasing something wrong; I just didn’t know how gravely wrong it was.

    1. The sad part I can understand but “funny”, really?? Scripture twisting is bad enough, but how does the ‘drinking’ part which the Bible speak ‘against’ actually help here???

  31. What if God is unhappy? No one seems to consider that I would sin at home and repent but not sin with the preacher leading people to hell Lord have mercy Messiah’s retyurn is fast approaching! we must get ready !

  32. There is a way that seems right unto a man. The end there of is the way of sin!!!
    Straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to everlasting life, Few there be that find it.

  33. This is going on here in New York City too, one church even marches in the ‘gay pride parades’, their excuse is they want the gays to know they care about and love them in the Lord. Well, I’m here to tell you that Jesus would NOT be in favor of this on any level. Twisting the scriptures is just what us mixed and messed up humans would do, when they feel like they know better than He does. Very sad and helps nothing in the long run. Have mercy on us Lord?

  34. The most disturbing thing he said in the first video is “… a real God for your real life”. There is a lot wrong with that statement.

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