Benny Hinn Claims 'Greatest Wealth Transfer in Human History' Is Coming According to Bible Passages; Asks People to Sow Money

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Benny Hinn Claims ‘Greatest Wealth Transfer in Human History’ Is Coming According to Bible Passages; Asks People to Sow Money

By Stoyan Zaimov |

benny-hinnControversial televangelist Benny Hinn has claimed in a message that the “greatest wealth transfer in human history” is approaching, which he says is backed by both financial headlines and Bible passages. Hinn asked people to sow money into his ministry as he prepares for a new world tour.

“It is estimated by many leading financial analysts that during the next three decades more than $16 trillion will transfer from one generation to the next,” Hinn said on his website.

“As I’ve been sharing with you in recent months, the Word of God clearly tells us that we are coming into a time when we will see a glorious transfer of wealth for the preaching of the Gospel and for the financing of the end-time harvest,” he continued.

 He then quoted a number of passages in the Bible which he said talked about a great transfer of wealth, including Abraham (Genesis 12:10), Isaac (Genesis 26:1), Jacob (Genesis 31), Joseph (Genesis 41), Israel (Exodus 3:19-22), and Solomon (1 Kings 10:23).

Hinn argued that before each “historic financial blessing,” God asked people for an offering.

“Right before giving them their supernatural wealth transfer, He first asked them to give an offering. Every household was commanded to bring a lamb to sacrifice. Then, after making the sacrifice and applying the blood over the door and on the doorposts, God told them to go and receive the wealth of the Egyptians.”

The televangelist asked people to join him in preparing for this great transfer of wealth, and asked them to “prayerfully sow a sacrificial seed and take an extraordinary step of faith.”

Hinn continued: “I know you may have other plans for that seed, but I’m asking you to seek and obey God as He shows you a divine destiny for that seed. And as you sow it into the Lord’s work, He will get you out of your bondage.”

He added that he’s starting a new preaching tour, where he will visit Dallas, New York, Miami, Tampa, Washington, D.C. and Orlando in the United States, and will also travel to Toronto, Montreal, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Israel, and several cities in South Africa.

Hinn regularly travels the world and preaches before thousands in packed stadiums, but his ministry has been scrutinized for faith-healing promises, prosperity preaching and prophecy-telling claims. In 2007, the televangelist was also the subject of a Senate investigation of the financial dealings of several high-profile prosperity preachers.

Fellow televangelist Creflo Dollar recently made national headlines when he asked 200,000 people to donate $300 or more each to raise $65 million to help his ministry purchase a luxury jet. Dollar faced criticism but rejected that there is such a thing as “prosperity gospel.”

“When we talk about prosperity, and people say it’s the prosperity gospel, there is no such thing as the prosperity gospel, it’s the gospel of grace. The money in my pocket is not mine, it’s God’s,” Dollar argued back in April.

“It came from Him. He is the source behind everything we have that is good. He loves to be trusted; He loves to be the one that you lean on. He loves to be the one that you rely on and He wants to be the one that you lean on and rely on first.”

Hinn suffered health issues in March when he was admitted to Orange County Medical Center in California with heart trouble, but recovered and was later released.

A spokesperson for Hinn revealed that the televangelist has suffered from atrial fibrillation, the most common type of arrhythmia, which refers to a problem with the rate or rhythm of the heartbeat, for more than 20 years.

16 Comments on “Benny Hinn Claims 'Greatest Wealth Transfer in Human History' Is Coming According to Bible Passages; Asks People to Sow Money”

  1. I’ve prayed about it and have come to the conclusion that I need to be a good steward of my treasures. God bless those that are with good measure pressed down, shaken together and funning over.

  2. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MUNNNNAYYYYY! Okay, Hinn got money already. Now he’s trying to add scriptures to his greed to get more money? WOW! The things these folks will do to milk people out their hard earnvmoney. Honey Boo,’ is not gone worry me!

  3. It’s too bad he hasn’t learned anything. How much money does this man need or want? And how much more of this begging for money are Christians going to tolerate? It’s time for an uprising among God’s people. We must openly rebuke their greed and lust for money. Jesus drove out of the Temple, those who, ‘BOUGHT AND SOLD’. And so must we do it again in this generation.

  4. I stand in agreement with both these men of God: Every thing mention is what God been saying since he first mention this to a man who he wanted to know his purpose for mankind,especially those who honor him…why are there any debate about the truth, which both Benny,creflo is saying…God almighty created the entire human can someone whom God created give him counsel???

  5. Sigh…I see nothing has changed. What amazes me is that gullible people will continue to fall for Mr. Hinn’s smooth talking crap and what amazes me even more is that he and others like Mr. Dollar continue to try to convince the gullible Christians that in order to be blessed and be out of bondage and be delivered is to sow into their ministries AND they have scripture to back it up. Sigh. They are as deceived as the people they are deceiving. If folk would just read the Bible for themselves and KNOW God for themselves they would not fall prey to these men who try to fleece the flock! We do not need to do anything in order for God to bless us. We can do all the right things that believers should do and ultimately we can still find ourselves in a difficult trial. God is the one in control of our lives. God blesses us as He sees fit because He loves us. That’s His nature….Period. It is His goodness that leads men to repentance. When are these folk going to get it?

  6. Yeah, a transfer from our hands to his. I’m so tired of hearing about these folks and their claims of what God wants to do with money given to the ministry. Is he getting the poor? Is he living a lifestyle of modesty or opulence? Where is the money going? Hopefully to those that it was intended for instead of building a new wing on his house or purchasing a private jet. Jesus, help us to live chaste lifestyles.

  7. I watch him when I first came back to the Lord, but one day I looked and said this is a dog and pony show . And many of the prosperity preacher are like him. When I worked at the bank little old ladies were send money to these prophet-liars every week. Wow to the prophets who scatter my sheep.

  8. Please give to ministries that actually feed the sheep. God doesn’t want anything but
    your love, for him, and Chirst Jesus. Stuff ain’t free, You will be bless. But don’t give
    this clown the time of day.

  9. I’ve yet to find a scripture that tells the believer to sow money as a seed. The parable of the sower says the Word of God is the seed that we are to sow into our hearts.

  10. WOW! I have always wondered why or how a person any person who openly confesses the Lord Jesus Christ as their Messiah and not behave as a follower. What I mean clearly when you know Him, and you are in a real full-fledged relationship with the Lord then you know what is Him and what is not.

    There are many who will say in that day, “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in you name?” “Lord, Lord, did not we cast out devils in our name?” and he will reply, “Depart from me, I never knew you, you that work iniquity.”

    If the Lord tells someone to buy a jet luxury or not then he will certainly tell you when, who, how, when, and where—did the Lord tell me to buy you and 199+ people to buy the jet for you? Did the Lord tell me and thousands more to pay for your travel ? If I know him then I know his voice and I will obey-he is the Lord but he has not told me to do any of that—he told me to pay my tithes, give a freewill offering I don’t recall him saying, Nikki, go buy that man a jet or buy that man a first class plane ticket.

    If the Lord tells me I will let you know

    1. “If the Lord tells me, I will let you know”….

      LOLOLOL! Nikki, I couldn’t’ve said it better myself!!! It is sad we listen not to the Voice of THE Shepherd and many indeed Don’t KNOW His Voice at all so I will pray for opened ears before it is too late.

  11. Grieved, extremely sad, and wondering why folks aren’t looking to the Lord instead in situations like this? I more then understand that the church Needs funds for upkeep, and missionary endeavors to further the Gospel, but this just seems like too much especially in these days and hard times. Past time for the Spirit of decernment here, God help them?

  12. Satan the God of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4) has blinded the mind of the non believers so that they cannot see the Gospel of Yashua Jesus Christ.

    There is no way a person who loves Christ and His Word could be taken advantage by this Egregious and Duplicitous Charlatan who is so outright obvious as a false prophet that it boggles the mind who is sending him 100 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR.

    The depths of the Lake of Fire awaits Him and all the Foolish men and women who follow him.


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