Black Men: Relationship Disadvantages Rooted in Childhood Adversity

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Black Men: Relationship Disadvantages Rooted in Childhood Adversity

By Lynette Holloway

black-boys-adulthood-relationships1Childhood adversity could result in a lifelong process of relationship and health disadvantages in African-American men, according to results of a new study.

The research found black men to be exposed to 28 percent more childhood adversity than white men, resulting in a three times stronger negative effect on the quality of their relationships in adulthood, according to the study that was funded by the National Institute of Child and Human Development and is slated to appear in the March issue of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

“I was surprised at the power of childhood adversity to influence racial disparities in health for men via its detrimental impact on adult relationships,” lead author Debra Umberson, a professor of sociology and a faculty associate in the Population Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin, said in a news release.

Researchers used data from the Americans’ Changing Lives project, the oldest, nationally-representative study, which looks at how social, psychological and behavioral factors influence health and changes in health over a lifetime.

The team, comprised of sociologists, focused on 3,477 Americans, all aged 25 and older, and all either black or white. Participants were interviewed four times during a 15-year period, answering questions about childhood difficulties, including economic hardship, their parent’s marital problems and violence in their household.

Additionally, they were asked about factors in their adult life, including personal stressful life events such as divorce, death of a spouse, child or parent. Other issues included financial and job issues, the quality of their relationships with partners, children, parents and health.

“Exposure to childhood adversity may cause stress and lead to a sequence of stressors over time that take a cumulative toll on relationships,” Umberson said in the statement. “In addition, childhood adversity may trigger an enduring pattern of psychological and physiological vulnerability to stress that undermines relationships in adulthood. Past research, including some of my own, has shown that bad relationships often lead to worse physical health.”

The study also evaluated women, determining that white women are healthier than black women. The study, however, revealed that neither childhood adversity nor the quality of relationships in adulthood explain much of the racial disparity in health for black women.

“I was surprised that childhood adversity had such a minor impact on black women’s health in adulthood, especially since the effect was so strong for black men,” Umberson said in the statement. “I think this is best explained by women’s tendency to seek out social contact in response to stress. Generally speaking, women tend to have more close relationships and to share their feelings with others. This is true for black and white women. Supportive relationships protect health.”



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3 Comments on “Black Men: Relationship Disadvantages Rooted in Childhood Adversity”

  1. The lack of effect on black women is because we seek God for our solutions. We recognize that only God can heal us of the abuse, rape, and evil done to us as children. Our churches are full of black women seeking the redemptive power of the Lord.
    Our men on the other hand try to go it alone. They have absorbed the evil notion that we are individualist. Constantly separating themselves from the nurturing aspects of the women around them. Nor often seeking the Creator as the deliverer He is. So few of our men understand that God can heal all wounds, renew all minds. So few bond in marriage with a good woman to allow her helpmate abilities to flow. Our men are dying inside due to media tricks and devilish abuse. Jesus can set them free, but you have to go to Him and ask. Too many have too much pride.

    1. Edina, it sounds like you’re man bashing. Granted, black men are prideful, hardheaded, and deceived by the media, but so are women. There are many women in church who are under the control of extreme feminism, trying to have a relationship with God and wanting to be both masculine and feminine (psychologically and spiritually). Men deal with issues differently than women, it is what it is. When we live in America, where there is a demonic spirit in the judicial system and media that wants to effeminize and kill men, we are always under attack. Women are under attack as well, but not to the degree of men. To assume that men always deal with their issues alone is, quite frankly, an outdated and stereotypical line of thinking that causes more harm. Childhood adversity is a two way street. Delinquent fathers plus silly women who voluntarily have sex with dudes who never proved themselves to be men (Godly men at that) will always lead to childhood adversity for the children born in that situation.

      And as far as your comment ” Constantly separating themselves from the nurturing aspects of the women around them”, that’s natural. A woman can only nurture a boy to a certain point. When it’s time for a boy to journey into manhood, he needs and seeks that stamp of approval from a MAN (most commonly from his father). A boy wants to learn how to think, act, and be a man, from a man because a woman isn’t equipped to take on that task. If he learns how to be a man from his mother or any other woman, that’s FALSE MASCULINITY. We are all in need of Jesus, the men who are still struggling with issues from their childhood and the fathers and mothers who were the catalysts in the equation.

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