Blind Boy with Autism Shares God’s Vision Through Music

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 Blind Boy with Autism Shares God’s Vision Through Music

By Heather Clark |

MANCHESTER, N.H. – A 12-year-old boy who was born blind is inspiring the masses as he shares God’s word through song across the country.

DuffleyChristopher Duffley was adopted by his aunt Christine as a baby after he had been placed in foster care. Duffley was born at 26 weeks at 1 pound, 12 ounces, had cocaine in his system and was listed in critical condition.

“There were several nights that we were told that Christopher wouldn’t make it through the night,” Christine outlined in a recent video regarding the boy’s testimony. “And at that point, I prayed for Christopher, and I just asked God to be with my brother and to do what His will would be.”

She explained that for some time, she did not know what happened to her nephew as she and her brother lost contact. Christine later called social services to locate Christopher, and learned that he was in foster care.

“I prayed and I begged the Lord, ‘Just show me what You would want,’” she recalled. “And He did. He answered in my heart. He told me, ‘Do not be afraid. I will take care of everything.’”

Christine and her husband then adopted Christopher and raised him as their own.

“Steve and I both felt that by inviting Christopher into our family, we were also obeying the voice of God,” she outlined in a bio on Christopher’s website. “In the Bible it says, ‘Whoever welcomes one such child for my sake welcomes Me.’ Jesus wasn’t kidding when He shared this with His disciples, as recorded in Matthew’s gospel.  We also felt that we were modeling to our children what our faith professes, the gospel of life.”

While Christopher did not speak until the first grade and struggled with autism, Christine learned that he had a gift for music, playing the piano and other instruments. As he began to sing, the family was told that he had perfect pitch.

As the years went by, Christopher began singing in churches and other venues across the country and inspired many with his beautiful voice. In 2012, a YouTube video of Christopher singing Paul Baloche’s Open the Eyes of My Heart at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas went viral, and currently has over 127,000 views.

“When Christopher sings ‘Open the Eyes of My Heart,’ he teaches us to not see everything with our eyes, but to see things the way God sees things: through our heart,” Christine stated.

Recently, World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee shared a performance by Christopher at the church as he sang I Can Only Imagine with the choir, a song made popular by the contemporary Christian band Mercy Me. The video, which already has over 88,000 views after being posted on March 18th, shows members of the congregation standing and raising their hands to the Lord as Christopher sings.

8 Comments on “Blind Boy with Autism Shares God’s Vision Through Music”

  1. I just cried and thanked God while reading this article…so beautiful:-) I love this! I have seen God help one of my cousins with her son who also has autism. He is now 17 yrs old, doing very well, and loves God and gospel music too!:-) This awesome story shows that God’s great grace and mercy helps His children overcome obstacles in this life every time our faith is activated. I am totally inspired by this; thank you all so much at EXMinistries!!

  2. God’s will for this boy is for him to be healed. He’s (God) not gonna overlook that, and give him a gift of music. In which, MUSIC is Not a gift. I don’t think exministries put these articles up for us to be gullible. Use your discernment please.

  3. i just felt God’s love and experienced the Glory of God. WOW!!! Wow! I can only imagine what other impossible situations God will take and work them out for His Glory!

  4. VERY HEARTFELT! Brought me to tears! God is awesome! Thankful that his adoptive parents heed God’s voice and trusted Him! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow , What a blessing that has been bestowed upon young Christopher , His Family and the World by his gift of life given by God and his gift of music.

  6. Our God is amazing. i have 2 nephews who are siblings and they both are autistic this story gives me so much hope. YOU GO CHRISTOPHER! Keep giving God all the Glory and thank God for his aunt who trusted and obeyed God

  7. How great is our Lord -God.I decree & declare that Our brother in Christ will receive his sight, because by the strips of Jesus we were heald. He sent his words and healed us.Jesus is the word.

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