Brooke Burns: 'In Hollywood, If You Go to Church, You're Crazy'

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Brooke Burns: ‘In Hollywood, If You Go to Church, You’re Crazy



By Sami K.Martin | CP

Actress Brooke Burns once starred on the hit series “Baywatch” before moving on to other work. The actress made headlines by speaking about her experience of being a Christian in Hollywood.

“I grew up in a Christian home,” Burns told Fox News. “I definitely have a Christian background. It taught me to keep a world view perspective on a work industry and that’s how I view Hollywood. It’s a very tiny piece of the world. It’s not what life is about. Working in this industry is an occupation which is really fun; I enjoy myself. We get paid really well; I feel very lucky to be doing what I’m doing, but it’s not to me what life is about. My identity has been grounded in something greater than who I am or what I’m doing in Hollywood, for sure.”

Burns explained that she grew up in Texas, where it’s the norm to regularly attend church but in Hollywood, “if you go to church, you’re crazy.” She explained that she had to make the decision to sacrifice in order to attend church, which is very important to her, especially as she raises her 13-year-old daughter.

“I’ve always believed in having balance in life and if you feed your physical body, you have to feed your mind. If you’re going to encourage young girls with emotional development, why not spiritual development as well? I think that’s about being a well-rounded person. It’s another aspect of being a whole human being. It can only help. I’ve gone through a lot of tough things in my life and definitely my faith has carried me through those things and given me not only a sense of purpose but it’s helped me get back on the horse, given me a source of strength,” Burns noted.

Burns has one daughter, Madison Elizabeth, with former husband and actor Julian McMahon. She is currently engaged to Gavin O’Connor and stars as the co-host of “The Chase” with Mark Labbett.

5 Comments on “Brooke Burns: 'In Hollywood, If You Go to Church, You're Crazy'”

  1. Well, its really difficult accepting that a persons Christian values are worth anything in Hollywood. It looks like a kind of bow to the idol of gold or go home kinda thing. Just saying…

  2. Continually praying for her and others like her (especially Angela Bassett who sees nothing wrong in starring in demonic shows, and Jim Caviezel who’s Catholic, ‘Passion of the Christ’ in ‘Person of Interest’ where guns are used quite often) in the industry. They need it more than we realize. The ‘line is so often blurred’ but it seems like Brooke has her head on straight. Lord help them to look to you instead to make it through, and proclaim the Word as well.

  3. they need help, these people will worship statues and rely on horoscopes
    before they call on God!

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