Do you hate the truth?

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Why do some people despise truth and truth preachers? The answer is written in plain sight in the bible. The word of God says that in the last days, people will not be able to endure sound doctrine but after their own lusts, they will choose teachers that will preach … Read More

Young, Saved, and Free! A message by G. Craige Lewis

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Adamant Believer’s Council held their first Summer Youth Council and the message by Pastor Lewis was life changing. This is one of the most important messages your family could receive. This message bridges the gap between parents and their children to help pave the way for better communication and gives … Read More

Stay out of the club! – by: G. Craige Lewis

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If what they are saying really happened in Orlando, then it’s sad. I am very skeptical in believing the death toll of this event. They are saying it’s the largest terrorist death toll in America but even if it was a real massacre, it wouldn’t be the largest. 200 Blacks were … Read More

Men Under Fire! – G. Craige Lewis

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What makes a man feel like a man is when he feels others can trust him. When a man feels trusted by those that know him, he feels confident and has courage to continue. But when he feels that he can’t be trusted and depended on, he will continue to … Read More

We need the church! – by: G. Craige Lewis

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Sometimes, the truth offends people. When people are not ready or willing to accept the truth you share with them, they will usually look for something negative about you to highlight so that they can level the emotional playing field. Many good relationships have been severed because people were not … Read More


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True forgiveness is always reflected in our behavior. When we have truly forgiven others, the way the Lord commands us to in His word, then we no longer harbor feelings of anger, or perform actions with malicious intent. To truly forgive means to let it go! There are so many believers … Read More