‘Charlie Charlie’ Ouija Board-Like Challenge Has Youth Trying to Summon Demon

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‘Charlie Charlie’ Ouija Board-Like Challenge Has Youth Trying to Summon Demon

By Heather Clark | christiannews.net

Occult-300x300A new challenge being shared on Twitter has youth across the nation and around the world engaging in an Ouija board-like ritual in an attempt to summon a demon.

According to reports, the “Charlie Charlie” challenge involves a Mexican occultist ritual of writing “yes” and “no” on a sheet of paper and crossing two pencils. The ritual is stated to be a type of “rite” for Mexican children.

“Charlie, Charlie, are you there?” those sitting around the paper chant, and then wait to see if the pencils move to point to either yes or no. If yes, those involved ask the demon questions to see how he will answer.

The challenge has gone viral over the past week with a number of teenagers posting videos of themselves engaging in the Ouija-board like practice—some reacting in fear and others finding the matter humorous by using chicken wings or beer bottles for the ritual. The UK-based publication “The Mirror” asked its readers to try the challenge to “see whether it really does work.” Youth responded with reports of hearing eerie voices or seeing strange sights, and some warned others to stay away from the challenge.

“I started to hear noises coming from my room,” one girl named Dakota from New York wrote.

She said that she went to wash the dishes after taking the challenge.

“When I walked in the room, my Bible was on the ground faced down. I told myself it was just the cat. But then I remember my my mom took the cat to the vet. And so I said, ‘Forget the dishes, I’ll do them tomorrow.’ Then I heard a whisper coming from the living room.”

“We we felt like we were surrounded by evil and were being watched,” said Zody from Texas. “[I saw a ] man figure at the top of the steps with black and red eyes.”

One girl from the UK said that she asked the demon if he would kill her and he responded yes. After her friends left her house, the power went out, but she looked out the window and noticed that the lights were working at the other houses on her street. When she attempted to call her parents, the battery died on her phone.

Some are now warning to stay away from the challenge, noting that it is not a game and that it is dangerous to open oneself up to the demonic.

As previously reported, last December, Google reported that searches for Ouija boards had risen 300 percent since October following the release of the film “Ouija.”

“A girl is mysteriously killed after recording herself playing with an ancient Ouija Board, which leads to a close group of friends to investigate this board,” a description of the horror film reads. The friends hold a seance to try to communicate with the deceased girl and find themselves getting in touch with other spirits, unraveling a murder mystery.

By the end of the film, the youth “find out that some things aren’t meant to be played with, especially the ‘other side.’”

But despite the film’s conclusion that “some things aren’t meant to be played with,” the movie reportedly piqued the interest of many of its viewers as Google saw a significant spike in searches for Ouija boards online.

“The fact that people’s intention is to contact the spiritual realm outside the blessings and parameters that God has set out could lead to them to connect with the evil spiritual realm,” Darren Gallagher, a spokesman for Ellel Ministries, told Christian Today. “Therefore such things as Ouija boards are not just harmless fun, but could potentially be spiritually dangerous for those who take part in such things.”

He noted that in the book of Acts, the people “gathered together their occultic objects and burned them because they knew that these practices were not compatible with their new life in Christ.”

17 Comments on “‘Charlie Charlie’ Ouija Board-Like Challenge Has Youth Trying to Summon Demon”

  1. Thank you Craig G for being on the cutting edge and posting about this as soon as it came to light.. God Bless!!

  2. Thank you so much for this.This is the first I hear of this. I just read the article and was talking to my children about it. My son just tells me he’s been seeing kids at his school messing around with this very thing. My husband and I talked our children every chance we get about messing around with things of the occult. They are not allowed to watch any such movies or show even if its on the Disney channel, so he knew better to walk away when he saw it at school. Praise God for that. Thank you EX ministries for keeping people informed. For those of us who wants the truth anyway. God bless you all.

  3. Just today while subbing in the school system. It was stated that student in different grade level was doing the act with the pencils and calling on demons. If parents and other adult do not educate our youths about things of Jesus Christ and the danger of Ouija boards (demons). We all are going to pay the price for the action of this challenge.

  4. We need help from the sanctuary and strength out of Zion It’s like it was in the days of the Judges, God would raise up a judge to judge His people and when the judge would die the people would go a whoring after other gods every man doing what was right in his own heart,or the people just would not heed to the the word of the judges. Lord help the children(smh) is all I can say.

  5. This world is getting darker and the youth is falling for anything to have fun all the movies that are being made to day and the old horror films are being remakes are very demonic I wouldn’t! Change being a christain for nothing in this world I don’t go to the moving anymore all
    these moving are full of homosexuality and the horror are very demonic. Thank you exministries.

  6. When you play with fire you are bound to get burned. Instead we need the power of God in the name of Jesus Christ to destroy the works of the devil. It is in the name of Jesus that demons flee. So why are young people flocking to the very thing that will destroy them? It is because we have not taught them the power of the name of Jesus. Where is our authority in Christ? Why are we not calling our young people to know what true power is? We allow them instead under our noses to invite spirits of fear which God has not given them. My 8 yr old had a demonic attack in his dreams where he was slashed to death by a ‘man.’ That day his side where the sword had pierced him in his dreams hurt him to the point that he was in tears and afraid to go to music class. I told him that he must begin to rebuke demons in the name of Jesus and know that God gave him a spirit if POWER, love and a SOUND (not fearful) mind. I prayed for him and told him to resist the devil by getting out of the car and pressing through to practice. I told him that the pain would leave and he wouldn’t even remember it in 20 minutes. That was yesterday, he hasn’t mentioned it since and has returned to his usual rambunctious, beautiful self. Resist the devil, church and he WILL flee!

  7. This is quite real and prevalent in school. Within the last 36 hours I have had to disrupt four of these attempts of students trying to summon this demon while in school. I explained to them each time what they were doing and the repercussions of their actions. Many were clueless and some students that were believers immediately began pleading the Blood! This is not a race thing either. Students of different ethnicities were participating. I advise every parent to ask their children whether they have witnessed this at school and take the time to educate their children regarding these familiar spirits. Remember that they greatest trick that satan has pulled on mankind is to convince them that he does not exist. Thanks again Ex Ministries for the timeliness of this article.

  8. Thank you all at EXMinistries! I am a school bus driver for our local elementary school and I just heard about this demonic game yesterday from one of my students. Before leaving campus yesterday afternoon, the student told me some of the other students were playing the “Charlie game” and she wanted to move closer to the front. I asked her who Charlie was and she said it’s a “demon game”. I immediately went to the back of the bus where I found another student with two sheets of paper in her hand. I told her to give them to me and I balled them up. In a silent prayer, I began to speak that every demon spirit is rebuked by our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for teaching me how to pray against demons in Jude 1:9. I pray it everyday, and was led by the Holy Spirit in prayer on Monday morning to specifically say it while praying on my bus before beginning my route. God, knowing all of course, already knew what was going to happen yesterday on the bus. I am just so grateful to Him for leading us in prayers and fastings. I was just thinking I would be praying against evil spirits rising up in some of the children causing them to be unruly and disobedient being that it is close to the end of the school year. After reading this article, I clearly see that my thoughts on what I should pray about must be superseded by the Holy Spirit of God every time I pray. Again, I am humbled and grateful for the work of God that you all do. You are a great help to the Body of Christ. My family and I are keeping you all in prayer, hoping none of you have been affected by the floods in Texas. May God continue to bless and keep you!

    1. Praise God for you following the spirit of Jesus Christ & rebuking those spirits! I commend you! Thank you for your obedience!

  9. Wow! People are playing with fire! Smh. I would NEVER mess with stuff such as this. In high school some of my classmates were into Ouija boards and they thought it was a game! I did not want any part in that. Even the “Bloody Mary” game where you chanted it 3x in the bathroom mirror with the lights off and door closed. smh. Like I said stuff I would not mess with it. Lord please help this generation.

  10. We are living in the in the last day, and I know that Jesus is coming soon. There is a great falling away and we have got to be ready to fight against the devil. This is spiritual warfare.

  11. This “Challenge” is actually totally fake. Someone off camera uses a straw or something like that in order to blow on the top pencil. Another vlogger showed how it was fake.

    1. Demons are not fake, are easily called, and welcome any doorway to this dimension. Why would you tell anyone to take that chance?

    2. fake or not it can still bring attention from things you don’t want paying you extra attention. It also opens doors to curiosity and playing with more occult type objects. For instance, a kid may play with this charlie charlie thing, realize it’s fake, get dared to play ouija ( or get curious about it) and play with it thanks to the false bravado from playing the ‘fake’ charlie charlie. Now they’re into something than can cause all kinds of trouble they aren’t prepared for. It seems to be a fake game to me as well but the problem it highlights is quite disturbing. Currently people have an almost obsession with the other side and occult type practices that are going to have a lot of people entangled with demonic forces and giving footholes and power to all types of evil in this world, more so than what is already going on.

  12. Truly believe time is winding up, PLEASE keep these children (teens, etc.) in prayer, as they have NO idea what they’re dealing with. Thank the Lord for that bus driver and others who are fasting and praying for them. Thanks for posting this and alerting us to the devil’s mess.

  13. Wow! I have never heard of this.. I truly thank God for a sound teacher. Through this ministry I have learned so much. I’ve been passing DVDs around like candy As though I can afford it. But I don’t care because I want to spread the messages produced by Exministeies.

    The youth are getting involved in much darkness these days. It is insane to think that they really enjoy playing with Satan. How can they enjoy this? What is missing in their lives that they would be entertained by satanic influences? Where are the parents, where are the Christians.. Where is the church of God? Men behind pulpits aren’t teaching on relevant issues..such as this. I saw on television where studies have found that the younger generation or millennials are leaving the church by leaps and bounds. I have visited many of my local churches and I haven’t found 1 that teach holiness on this level.. This truth has touched my life so much that I can’t sleep sometimes… Thinking… What is going to happen to the people because many reject this knowledge and don’t want to Change. But i thank God for those who receive Jesus and is able to Hear the truth..

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