Christian Food Pantry Refuses to Give Up Jesus, Loses Government Food Contributions

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Christian Food Pantry Refuses to Give Up Jesus, Loses Government Food Contributions

By Morgan Lee | Christian Post

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The image is not associated with this article.

A Christian food pantry that provides meals to low-income Lake City residents has refused to give up Jesus, and will continue to show Christian images as it distributes food while carrying out its charity work, and will continue to ask if people would like to be prayed for.

The decision by the Christian Service Center (CSC) has come despite the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) mandate prohibiting the Florida-based Christian organization from keeping faith components in its programming. The USDA has threatened that if it does not comply then the center will no longer remain eligible for government food.

The CSC has served food to low-income Lake City residents for the past 31 years. As part of its service, CSC prays with its clients and asks them if they would like to learn more about Christ. According to CSC Executive Director Kay Daly, clients do not have to accept this offer to receive services.

“When we meet with them to get an understanding of the crisis or need, we ask them if they know Jesus Christ and if we may share with them. If they decline, we don’t. If they do want to, we share the Gospel with them,” Daly told The Christian Post. “Sometimes we lead them to the Lord and sometimes we don’t.”

But under a new contract with the USDA, CSC was asked to halt the religious aspects of their programming. It was also asked to take down pictures of Jesus and 10 Commandments signs currently on center walls.

The USDA explained that the mandate was meant to comply with church and state regulations.

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25 Comments on “Christian Food Pantry Refuses to Give Up Jesus, Loses Government Food Contributions”

  1. I applaud them for not giving up presenting Jesus to the millions of hungry people they feed. People need spiritual food as well as natural food. Jesus sad’ Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. We should always present Jesus when given the chance whenever we are led by the Spirit of God. The CDC and USDA thinks that they have shut down this Christian food pantry; I wouldn’t be surprised if more food donations came in.

  2. I’m so glad they didn’t compromise and continued to keep Jesus in their work! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

  3. …..and this same government was founded on religious freedom……..I guess they meant freedom FROM religion. I know God has a plan for CSC, for standing on their core belief that Jesus Christ IS the Way. And surely this same Lord God has already put into action a plan for them to continue to serve and minister even after they lose government support. Who needs Caesar anyway when we have Christ?! Be encouraged!

  4. Excited about this because when you give in to someone else’s main objectives you ALSO give them a piece of control OVER your life that you would be otherwise free from had you NOT given them that control. Not in the least bit worried about this food pantry. After all Jesus Himself took a limited number of loaves and fish and multiplied them to abundance to feed a multitude. He is the same yesterday today and tomorrow and so He can multiply whatever crumb may be left in the food pantry when all government resources are used up. So happy for the food pantry at the release of this bondage. YAY!

  5. I stand with the CSC decision and I hope their stand displays the importance of truth verses convenience.

  6. I am so proud of them I am also dealing with a similar situation with usda I consider it a challenge the Lord sent me and I can handle this to shall pass.

  7. To God be the glory! I just read this story and I am so glad that what I have been preaching for the last two years about the church working for the ati-God government. The food programs they are running out of the church thinking they are helping the community by giving them food and cloths is not what the church was called to do. How can you forget the grate commission and not teach the good news but pass out food to people that only see the church as a place to receive state and government help? The tax exempt status is a trick of the devil. When churches go tax exempt they give up their right to separation of state and church! yes they can govern what you say and preach. Its time for the church to revisit the documents that they have signed and get out of it and stop looking to get a tax break, render to caesar whats caesar and to God whats God. I have shared this with countless leaders and most are afraid to get out of it for fear they cant feed their own congregations let alone the community. We should help people along the way but not get involve passing out food and cloths to people that only come to the church during the week for free handouts but have no desire to know God. Remember man should not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. LET”S WAKE UP THE ALARM HAS BEEN SOUNDED FOR A LONG TIME!! WHERE ARE THE TRUE LEADER OF GOD?

  8. Standing on the word! Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God!!!!

  9. Praise God this food pantry chose to continue to glorify Christ in their giving no matter what. I stand with them in being uncompromising and rigid in the things of God and not bowing a knee to Baal.

    Keep blowing the trumpet and sounding the alarm Ex Ministries.

  10. It is so clear and present that the anti Christ spirit is truly bringing to past you cannot buy or sell unless you have this mark. And if they had given I to this in denying Christ then thy would have for fit their names from the book of life. Praise God they stood they ground and glorified Jesus Christ. Take that satan you devil. Guys let pray for these people as we are commanded to for all saints. God bless and provide supernaturally for you all I. Jesus name. Thank you EX Ministries for keeping me up to date all the way here in Barbados.

  11. How can I help? I think we need to make up the difference for the USDA. Also, I plan to call my Congress Person and the USDA to inform them of my disagreement with this.

  12. This is crazy, so homosexuals can promote and throw in everybody face their beliefs, & try and shove them down our throats, but yet this organization who isn’t forcing anything on anyone can’t stand for what they believe. This is crazy. Its very clear which side the government is on and i applaud them. I would love to donate to them. Can some of my taxes that the government takes go to them?

  13. I commend them for what they have done. How many other organizations are going to do this when its their turn?

  14. How can we give to make up for their loss or possible loss. This is a time when the true body of Christ can come together to support our causes. We should flood this organization with our best financial gift. I will be lending a financial support. The word says that we are the lenders and not the borrowers. Let’s band together Christian community!

  15. This is exactly why we should leave the government out of God’s business. This is why I chose not to apply for nonprofit status. This is like the chicken coming home to roost…so to speak. When you allow evil in evil takes over. Good for CSC for standing there grounds. If your intentions is to serve God…then by all mean leave the world system out of it.

  16. Can you provide any info on how to contact the Christian Service Center for any who may be interested in providing either food, or finacial support to them?

  17. CSC continue what you’re doing, and don’t let the government try to shut you up from delivering the gospel. May God continue to bless you in your endeavors of proclaiming the name of Jesus.

  18. Anyone who wishes to assist the CSC may make a check out to The Christian Service Center and send it to P.O. Box 2285, Lake City, FL 32056.

  19. This is what happens when we join with the government for anything. Glad they didn’t give in I hope they still stand by their decision.

  20. Amen! Some good news standing up for Jesus Christ, for he shall supply our needs.. Not given into this wicked anti-christ infused government! Yes, like someone stated it has begun, “mark of the beast, can’t buy or sell”, this is apart of that spirit… Please come Lord Jesus~

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