Christian Student Threatened for Opposing Gay Marriage on Facebook

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Christian Student Threatened for Opposing Gay Marriage on Facebook

by Christian Institute |

Zizipho-PaeA Christian student in South Africa who used her personal Facebook page to express regret about the legalization of gay marriage across the U.S. has been ousted from her position on her university’s student council.

Zizipho Pae was removed as acting president of the University of Cape Town’s Student Representative Council (SRC), which is currently investigating her Facebook post.

Reacting to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to redefine marriage for every state, Pae had written: “We are institutionalizing and normalizing sin! Sin. May God have mercy on us.”


This led to her being personally threatened, homosexual pornography being posted on her Facebook page and her office being vandalized by LGBT campaigners.

Speaking to pro-family think-tank the Family Policy Institute, Zizipho said that Scriptures on the walls in her shared office had been torn down and replaced with signs saying “get out of here.”

Despite pressure to apologize for her statement, she said she stands by her beliefs about marriage.

Christian Convictions

“Being an SRC member in my view does not mean that you need to abandon your Christian convictions and your faith.

“Christ in my life comes before all political positions or political thoughts, so I definitely won’t be retracting what I said.”

The SRC voted to remove Zizipho from her post as acting president, saying they support the “rights of minorities and specifically the gay community.”

Freedom of Speech

In a statement, the University of Cape Town (UCT) said it supports the need of the SRC to investigate the matter.

Professor Francis Petersen, acting vice-chancellor, said: “UCT upholds the right of each individual to exercise freedom of speech and to voice their own opinions in a responsible manner. This right, as well as the right to freedom of religion and the human rights of LGBTQI+ people, are constitutional rights.

“The challenge ahead is for the SRC to consider the controversial Facebook post and the extent to which the role of an elected SRC office bearer ought to balance the expression of personal beliefs with the constitutional rights of the students who are represented by the SRC.”

A petition calling for Zizipho to be reinstated has gathered over 3,500 supporters to date. One calling for her suspension has just 259 signatories.

10 Comments on “Christian Student Threatened for Opposing Gay Marriage on Facebook”

  1. Zizipho you are my hero! God bless and keep you in Jesus Name AMEN. This deviant spirit has convinced people it is moving all over the world; but it hasn’t. People who know and serve God reject this abomination. They may be groups, individuals (Zizipho), churches etc. We know there is a price to serve Christ in a godless pagan society; but we will not be silenced. Like the civil servant in a city in the US, we are willing to surrender our jobs if required, we will obey God!

  2. I used to admire living in the US with my family, but now I cannot afford to see my sons grow up in an environment that condons sodomy.

  3. I support Zizipho Pae’s statement opposing gay marriage, stating it is the “institutionalizing and normalizing of sin,” in reference the the Supreme Court’s decision to make gay marriage of homosexuals the law of the land!

    Those homosexuals or persons who threatened her, placed pornographic material, who went into her office and vandalized it should be placed under arrest! Now courts, do your job!!!

  4. I don’t know how anyone (Christian or not) can support the LGBT…. movement. Everytime you her stories about “equality” and “tolerance” they are filled with hate and discrimination against individuals, businesses and churches who are free to express their opinion and beliefs WITHOUT being harassed. No one not even the media addresses these hate crimes of persecution against Christians/people who disgree! We should have faith in knowing that we serve the true and living God and this is a sign of the times.

  5. Be strong! Do not fear, God is for you. Some trust in horses and some trust in chariots, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. Jehovah is your strength. He will help you in this your time of testing. What an honor to be persecuted for the cause os Jesus Christmas your Lord. Just pray like Stephen and keep.on moving. God is watching!

  6. Zizipho, continue to stand on God’s Word; for if we suffer with Him we shall reign with Him! It is better to obey God than man! This is only the beginning of the tribulation that is to face those who will stand for and with Jesus. My prayers are with you.

  7. Happy are those who are persecuted because they do what God requires; the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them (Mathew 5:10). Keep standing on the truth dia Christians

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