Christian who told colleague God doesn't condone homosexuality claims unfair dismissal

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Christian who told colleague God doesn’t condone homosexuality claims unfair dismissal

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sarah-mbuyiA Christian children’s worker is facing an employment tribunal and claiming unfair dismissal after she was allegedly fired for telling a lesbian colleague that God did not approve of homosexual practice.

Sarah Mbuyi’s case is the first to use a declaration by the Council of Europe in favour of religious rights to support it.

Mbuyi was employed by Newpark Childcare in Shepherd’s Bush, London, and says she was speaking with a colleague in January last year who raised the issue of what the Bible teaches on homosexuality. The colleague felt unhappy that she could not marry her female partner because of the Church, and said that she thought God condoned homosexuality.

Mbuyi said she responded: “When I said ‘No, God does not condone the practice of homosexuality, but does love you and says you should come to Him as you are’, she became emotional and went off to report me to my manager.”

On January 9, the nursery directors dismissed her for gross misconduct on the grounds that she had breached the equality policy of the nursery. She says she had previously discussed matters of faith and religion without any offence being taken.

She is being supported by the Christian Legal Centre, which argues that the nursery is in breach of European law. It points to a Council of Europe resolution passed on January 29 this year on “Tackling intolerance and discrimination in Europe with a special focus on Christians”, based on the report of Valeriu Ghiletchi (Moldova) who is a member of the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination and the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights. His report expresses dismay at the cases from the UK.

The Council issued a formal declaration urging states to recognise the principle of “reasonable accommodation” for the beliefs of traditionalist Christians on issues such as gay marriage. It says: “Expression of faith is sometimes unduly limited by national legislation and policies which do not allow the accommodation of religious beliefs and practices.” (Read more here)

10 Comments on “Christian who told colleague God doesn't condone homosexuality claims unfair dismissal”

  1. Yes, this is to remind us that we are in the end times. May the Lord strengthen us and have mercy on us.

  2. The “lgbt” group, club whatever… is really becoming a bully. They portray as victims, but their motives are malicious. We as Christians love the people, BUT we hate the actions they are committing or living by. We have a voice too and we are entitled to stand on our beliefs and what God word truly says. Don’t get upset and ask for my response towards God word when I tell you the truth. I’m not here to justify your behavior when it contradicts the word!!!

  3. Lets pray for Sarah Mbuyi, that God will provide for her. She should be admired for speaking the truth, in love of
    God’s word, and that person’s soul. Let’s also pray for the colleague. We should rejoice when we are rejected. This means we’re like Christ, which is what we’re aiming for. Galatians 4:16

  4. We don’t have to go over seas. It is happening right in the US. Look at what happened to the gentleman that worked for the fore department in Atlanta. He spoke privately about his beliefs and look what is happening to him.

  5. This is an example of what is to come to us as Christians. We are trying to spread a gospel that doesn’t make people uncomfortable. We have unbalanced if you will the things that we want God’s Word to say. The world wants to be in the place of God’s Word. I try to keep it basic. When anytime you respond to anyone no matter what the topic is that relates to sin. There’s no excuse period. The world doesn’t want to hear this, cause of all of the False Shepherds out ,that continues to lead people astray. When you go into the Word you will find yourself in right standards with God or in error. America is on the path of error. Basic. Just cause you think you love someone doesn’t make it right. People think if we say we love someone or something, it automatically makes it right. The world continues to push the lgbt. Lower case letters, cause they are a small percentage of the community, but they seem to be getting too much attention. We know they are here ,but they will self-destruct . Watch and see. The wages of sin is death. That hasn’t changed . Peace

  6. The Lord said these days and times would come, I’ll be praying for her and others like her, as I highly suspect this will be coming to America very soon.

  7. Good for her. I pray that God works on her behalf in this matter. God bless you for telling the truth.

  8. I agree with the previous comments! And notice the person “asked” what did the bible have to say a out homosexuality/lesbianism?! Jennifer, you’re absolutely right! They (LGBT) are bordering on the lines of bullying, and I for one, refuse to lay down and let them take over. Not on my watch. And although Heterosexual (sex) itself is not inherently holy, it still bears the image of a Holy God. In a “submitted” life, it can “become” holy. Fornication is a sin. But, a man and a woman’s sexual act still bears “resemblance” to God’s original intent. The same is not true of homosexuality. Homosexuality possesses no resemblance at all, nor does the possibility exist that it can ever become holy. It is an anathema by the oracle of God. It doesn’t descend from the spiritual gene of God, but from the gene of sin. Therefore, it is more a reflection of death, unfruitfulness and rebellion. A man’s seed in another man is death, but a man’s seed in a woman (even if it is sin) carries the possibility of life. Attempting to equalize the two is the highest offense to the nature of God who “is” and gives life.

  9. The homosexuality agenda is on full circuit there views are out waying the Christians in droves. But I have met many ,many So called Christian that are for homosexuality because they have a gay cousin, uncle, friend etc.
    (i am not for that lifestyle it foolishness in my opinion. it goes against God order.)

    The church doesn’t Stand for Holiness Anymore which is a shame. Many people have lost the true ways of Christ.

  10. That is what happens when we try to be wiser than the Only wise God, when we try to operate the machine with complete disregard for the manual.
    We have become so “wise” that we are now advocating “Entrance through the exit”.
    When people enter through the exit and begin to defend it, it only shows that the end is here with us.
    How could human beings made in the image of God descend so low into homosexuality and the like. Things that even the lower animals in the bush frown at.
    Watch out !!! very soon people will begin to fight for their rights to “sleep” with their dogs and other animals with the reason that, that is their natural orientation.
    The end is here with us. Let us boldly and fearlessly tell people what the scripture says and when we do so in love am sure we can win some for Christ.
    God have mercy on us

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