Church Accused of Embezzling Over $40M To Fund Pastor’s Wife’s Hip Hop Career

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Church Accused of Embezzling Over $40M To Fund Pastor’s Wife’s Hip Hop Career



The pastor’s wife, here at the Grammy Awards, had a multi-million dollar budget (from church funds) for her hip hop career.

The pastor’s wife, here at the Grammy Awards, had a multi-million dollar budget (from church funds) for her hip hop career.

In one of the worst allegations of church misconduct of all time, Kong Hee, the Pastor, and five other leaders at City Harvest Church in Singapore have been accused of misusing over $40 million dollars in church funds to fund the hip hop career of the pastor’s wife, Sun Ho and later cover those illicit transactions in order to avoid prosecution. The City Harvest case, along with all of the surrounding news that has since come out about the church is the perfect example of the unbiblical Prosperity Gospel run amok and the compromise that is taking place in much of the Christian church all over the world – as pastors abandon sound biblical doctrine, in favor of “me-centered”, prosperity-focused teaching filled with Biblical error.

After a two year investigation by Singapore’s Commissioner of Charities and the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore police, Pastor Kong Hee and other church leaders were arrested for secretly using church funds in a series of complex transactions (in which the church purchased bonds in sham companies that were owned by City Harvest itself, thus diverting “investment funds” back into the hands of the pastor and leadership) that were supposed to go a building fund, to finance the hip hop career of the pastor’s wife, Sun Ho, who goes by the stage name of “Geisha.”

According to reports:

The prosecution alleges that the six leaders, all members of the church’s management board, have misappropriated more than Sg$50 million (nearly US $40 million) of church funds and have committed criminal breach of trust. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, according to the Commissioner of Charities 

“[The] funds were used with the purported intention to finance Ho Yeow Sun’s secular music career to connect with people,”
the Commissioner of Charities said in a statement released Tuesday. “There was a concerted effort to conceal this movement of funds from its stakeholders.” AFP reports that  Prosecutors at the start of the trial Wednesday said the accused channeled money allotted for the church’s building into buying sham bond investments in church-linked companies so they could finance Ho’s secular music career. They allegedly falsified church accounts to make it appear the bonds were redeemed, in a practice the prosecutors called “round-tripping”. “These transactions were thus designed to throw the auditors off the scent of the bogus bonds,” said Deputy Public Prosecutor Mavis Chionh.

Sun Ho herself is not on trial, the Brisbane Times says, and early this week she was reinstated by Singapore’s Commissioner of Charities as City Harvest’s executive director after a review found she had not contributed to mismanagement of the church.” (source). At the center of this scandal is The Crossover Project –

City Harvest’s attempt to spread the Gospel to the secular world through the use of pop music – specifically, the pop music of Sun Ho, the pastor’s wife.
So from the onset, the foundation of this project was unbiblical. Christians are not commanded to spread the Gospel through pop culture, but to use the Word of God, the Bible to convert souls to believe in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins.Romans Chapter 1 says: “ For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth..” The power to change a person’s heart to have saving faith in Jesus Christ is from God and His Word, not man-made efforts to use hip hop music that is not even mentioning God, Jesus or the Gospel.

Despite this obvious conflict with Scripture, the leadership of City Harvest maintains that they received the command to carry out this project directly from The Lord. As stated on their own documentary on the Crossover Project, which is still viewable on their church website;

“In 2002, City Harvest Church received a mandate from God to reach the secular world through music…It was necessary to extend the influence of Sun into certain cities through the power of pop culture and pop music.” (source).

According to the church leadership, the plan was for Sun Ho to perform her secular pop music in a certain city, and then Pastor Kong Hee would preach at a local church in the same area. Soon that church would arrange another concert with Sun Ho as the headliner and this was supposed to share the Gospel.

Not only was this plan completely ungodly, the music of Sun Ho, aka Geisha, was completely sinful and sexually-charged. Here is a video for her song “China Wine”.

China-Wine-Geisha-Sun-Ho-Main-City-Harvest-Scandal-Prosperity-Gospel-e1380712558386The Bible says: “Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.” (James 4:4). This video is immersed in worldliness and sinful rebellion. How is the Gospel being spread or the church promoted by a pastor’s wife dressing provocatively and dancing around in a hip hop reggae video? Rather than promoting the Gospel, the Crossover Project was more an attempt to launch Sun Ho the Geisha’s secular music career.

In an interview in 2007, Sun Ho made it clear that she was interested in full on secular music style:

You’ve done a lot with Asian MTV. Are you planning to do music videos for MTV in the United States?
Sun Ho: “I can’t wait for that! I keep asking, “When are we going to shoot for MTV?” Recently I watched Justin Timberlake and I watched Christina Aguilera, and Beyonce’s. I would have to say that it’s different from what we do in Asia. I keep telling Tas (her manager) “Tas, you’ve gotta prepare me for that! I have to be more sexy!!” (Laughs)

Sun – China Wine | China Wine feat Wyclef Jean. (2008)

I want to work with the choreographer to come up with “China Wine” dance steps and stuff. Seriously, I can’t wait to grow in America and I can’t wait for people to see me and [tell me] how they feel about my music. I feel like this is the only way an artist can grow” (source).

The Bible says of women in the church: “The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.” (Titus 2:3-5). What spirit is leading Sun Ho, as an elder woman in the church and the pastor’s wife, to make videos like these and aspire for the world? It is not a spirit of God.

Church leaders stated at trial that Sun Ho’s career was the focal point of City Harvest.

Church leaders stated at trial that Sun Ho’s career was the focal point of City Harvest.

At trial, prosecutors presented evidence Sun Ho The Geisha was given a $10M marketing budget that was “in line with Shakira’s marketing budget and less than the budget for Beyonce”. (source). All of this was paid for with church funds given by the congregation each week.

In one of the many sites devoted to exposing this church, former members testify that not only was the Crossover Project acknowledged by the church, churchgoers were pressured to buy Geisha’s albums on a weekly basis:

I initially attended it [City Harvest Church] with my folks. We enjoyed the sermon and the clear teachings of the pastor and his fellow leaders. But things went downhill one Sunday morning when a leader took to the stage to plug Ho Yeow Sun’s new album. The horrifying thing was how he chirpily used hard sell tactics to move the units.
We were asked to buy more than one copy and pass them to our friends. If one were to buy 6 copies or some absurd number, that would entitle one to a free poster or t-shirt (something along those lines). What was most upsetting at that time, was the fact that he was using the pulpit to push the sales of the pastor’s wife who was more interested in cutting pop albums than say attending church service. The posters from her new album were also plastered along the entrance and lobby of the building. There were no images of Jesus. No, instead, this singer’s face, the pastor’s wife, was all over the building. If that does not trigger alarm bells in the average church-goer, what will? That was the last week we attended CHC. (source).

All the while, Pastor Kong Hee fully endorsed his wife’s career, performances and lavish lifestyle. As part of the effort to “spread the Gospel” Sun Ho, aka Geisha, moved to Hollywood Hills, California where, in a neighborhood that boasts Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as residents. How can any church, much less one with tens of thousands of members, stand for this? How can they tolerate such clearly outrageous behavior from their leadership? This is the danger of the spiritual apostasy – the departure from Biblical preaching, to man-made, entertainment-focused heresy, that is sweeping through much of the Church today.


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34 Comments on “Church Accused of Embezzling Over $40M To Fund Pastor’s Wife’s Hip Hop Career”

  1. Sound like TDJ also, Nimrod/Jezebel spirit, a gather of men/human to kill the real Christians. This is the Revelation I got. God is exposing! So if you don’t have the Holy Ghost you will fall prey… SMH!

  2. This is a 1st Lady? China Wine? Mix the China Wine with the dirty wine? I am not surprised, but I am surprised. This is all out in the open, so the money trail had to be exposed next. My heart goes out to the congregation that tithed their hard-earned money for this. I pray God will heal their hearts. Thank you for this article.

  3. SMH…I wonder what Jesus is doing sitting at the right hand of God seeing this happen. I wonder how many people were actually deceived by this….God help us.

  4. Man o man!! How low can you go! Did they bypass the Scripture that say “What shall it profit a man, to gain the whole world and lose his own soul” God is an all consuming fire, He will not tolerate this or any prostitution of His Holy Word any longer. Repent!

  5. i am saddened by this. UTTER FOOLISHNESS. God will judge these “wolves in sheep-clothing”. He will definitely! and i cant wait!

  6. This is the danger of pushing this false gospel into other countries. Lord this is not right and help those who are willing to turn from this wicked place (can’t even call it a church) to do so quickly!

  7. May GOD be with us in these last days.!!! All I can say is find you a church that really stands for the word of GOD do not be deceived people!!

  8. I read about this in The Daily Mail a week ago. Corrupt mega churches are far from just an American thing. I have found quite a few in Asia, particularly in South Korea which claims to be mostly Christian. I have even found South Korean Christians on You Tube who readily confessed that they listened to K-Pop as well as go to church. I’ve also seen clips from K-Pop videos and those artists are just as caught up in the illuminati as America and England. There is a world wide movement to portray true Christianity as a candy shop where anyone can profit off of God’s name but God will not be mocked.

  9. Is this real? Every time I think we can’t get lower It gets worse. I guess this is the way the false church in the Body of Christ is exposed. This will hurt so many members in that church. However, members in that church had responsibility to confront the leaders of their false doctrine or leave. Apostasy rampant in that church! We have responsibility to confront and expose these false doctrines early so that they don’t become monstors that are difficult the dislodge. As always thanks ExMinistries for keeping us informed.

  10. Man Hell is going to be hot. Im so glad i was saved and delievered from this filth called hip hop. My God is mighty to save and deliever. I pray Gods sheep find a good shepherd that will take care of them.

  11. Such foolishness though these people are not stupid to pull this stunt off…at least til they were busted. Many churches today feel that to reach the lost you bait them with what they like. Because we are to be fisher of men people use fishing strategy with lures, baits, high tide, low tide, night time, day time….just over spiritualizing the text. People lead you to believe that Jesus, Paul, etc. must have went out to the go go bar putting money in the ladies underwear to reach them, Jesus wore a leather lingerie with whip and ball to reach the s & m crowd, Paul put on some eyeliner and wore some bling to reach the greek elite….just spirit of dumb. Keep the Gospel the Gospel….it has enough power on its own. We are won over by Gods love based on the work of the cross. Geisha will be swallowed by MTV.

  12. I tried watching Kong Hee a couple times on TV before. He seemed to pop up on American Christian television out of nowhere and then had a fair amount of time slots. But every time I watched, I couldn’t understand him. It was like the words got jumbled up. This has happened to me before. One time when a Jehovah’s Witness came to my door and was quoting out of context Scripture, I asked to see their bible. But when I tried to read it, I couldn’t it. Just like with Kong Hee, I knew it was English, I knew I should be able to understand it, but the letters jumbled and mixed up and it was like looking at a foreign language.

    While these perplexed me at the time, I now see what God was showing me. The light has no part in darkness. The Light and those of the Light cannot truly or fully understand darkness; darkness is foreign to light. Thus, those who do understand and embrace darkness walk in darkness themselves. God is exposing the darkness to His children so we aren’t carried away or swayed by it. Whether it’s Kong Hee, Preachers of LA or the myriad of gay/lesbian leaders in the church, God is shining His light, separating truth from falsehood. And yet many will defend this man and his church because they were only “reaching the world as ‘God’ (or a god) told them to”. Even though these things anger me and hurt, I’m glad God trusts me (all of us believers) enough to share the truth of what is going on with us. It makes me more impassioned to warn and share the truth with others.

  13. The members at that church must like giving their money away those seeds are not sown on good grounds.i thank GOD for the Holy Spirit and being able to know what spirit is in operation.

  14. WOW! This is some crazy stuff! It’s obvious that there focus it NOT on winning souls for JESUS but rather on winning FANS and a popping SECULAR music career in America so she can compete with secular artists like Beyonce. It’s really a shame that a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is allowing souls to go to HELL all so his wife can be a “STAR”. What they need to realize is that they may lose their souls in the process!

  15. Hip Hop should be destroyed. It’s being used to tear down the various cultures in Asia. This doesn’t surprise me because in Asia blacks are seen as cool and anything black American is awesome to the younger generations.

    1. I’m black Rene and I personally consider this to be a disgrace, no matter what color is being used or followed, this is trying to bring God’s name down to open shame, but He exposed them instead in order to stop this crazy deluded mess. Too many of them don’t realize that they’re ‘sealing their own fates’, if they don’t ‘repent and turn from their sins to the True and Living God’.

      The devil offers us NOTHING but lies, delusion, deception, and eventually death. In the end, if they don’t turn they will end up burning and ultimately go away never to be remembered again (Malachi 4:1). They’re making some horrendous choices which for some will be too late to change. Help Lord??

  16. I read they got their so called mission aka ‘the crossover project’ from a verse out of Mark 4:35. They blew it way out of proportion. They have been misdirected by satan, and they seem to try and give it a positive spin.
    You can read this in one of the articles source links.

  17. When I first read this and saw the heading it reminded me of one of the churches in Revelation Chapter 2. The church it reminds me of is the one in Thyatira. Its a sad story.

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