Church Historian Slams Hebrew Israelite Cult Doctrine! Must Watch!

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This is what happens when you use YouTube as a “research” source and conspiracy theorists as your point of reference. These Hebrew Cult guys are so angry. Angry because so called “Christians” let them down. Instead of forgiving their fathers and others that hurt them, they attack the belief system of those that they are angry with. And now many are accepting Hebrew cults and variations of it as their belief and discrediting Christianity. Time to pray folks. Thank God for Dr. James and others that know their stuff and do not veer from it.

4 Comments on “Church Historian Slams Hebrew Israelite Cult Doctrine! Must Watch!”

  1. ” Jesus drew the outline, I’m just trying to trace it” Min Bryan said it well, I urge everyone to continue in the doctrine of Christ, and stay within the lines left us. I got about 25 min into this, and realize that it was indeed a short, the connection with the Holy Ghost was not working. We all know God’s connections don’t fail. It’s always on our end. The bible it is said, is written on a 5th grade level. Sometimes you need to break down a Greek, or Hebrew word, but on the whole, it usually means just what it says. The deity of Jesus Christ is recorded in the 1st chapter of John, and I believe it. Sometimes we need to stay out of the concordance, and just “see Spot run”.

  2. On a lighter note, the biggest difference in the two, seemed to be what was behind them. One had tons of books, the other a blank wall. The Hebrew-Israelite did have the biggest coffee mug in the world, never seen one quite that big. There are various cultures around the world that claim to be the lost tribe of Israel, from the Aryan nation, to one of the native tribes of Australia. So much easier to just be grafted into Israel, through Christ Jesus son of the Living God. And while you can enjoy the salutation. Merry Christmas to everyone at EX.

  3. Very sadly here in New York City, these guys are on street corners with their misguided brand of non gospel, and get very belligerent when you use the Scriptures to point out their gross errors.
    Too much of what they say, at least from what I’ve heard and seen, almost borders on “racism” and when I’ve asked them to point out where it says, “God/Jesus are against whites” I’m called out of my name, especially when I ask them to present it to me via the Scriptures.
    Heartbreakingly, they remind me of Rev.3:9.
    Twisting Scriptures IS Dangerous but these guys don’t either seem to get it or really care, but I do and Will stop them (via the Word) come what may.

  4. I watched a couple of more videos on Alpha and Omega Ministries site. I didn’t know just how mad Hebrew-Israelites were. In one sect, the leader actually thinks he is the Comforter, and goes by the name Comfy. Anyway I just so happen to be a black man, since 1957. This amount to less than nothing in the eyes of God ( Isa 40:17 ), so it amounts to less than nothing to me. But just on numbers alone, it’s easier to be a Christian than, a Jew. Seeing how only “144,000 ” Jews will be saved, ( Rev 7:4 ) compared to ” a great multitude, which no man could number, ” ( Rev 7:9 ) of regular folks. All of this is from the KJV version. Dude I will gladly stand there with a palm.

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