Coke sponsored the first Super Bowl ad that featured a gay family.

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For The Clowns Hating The Coke Ad With A Gay Family: Guess Who Wrote The Song?


SUPERBOWL-COKEWASHINGTON — Conservative news outlet reported Sunday night that a Coca-Cola ad featuring the song “America the Beautiful” sparked “outrage from some viewers” because, among other perceived offenses, it “featured a gay family.”

The writer of the song herself might be a bit confused by the outrage.

Katharine Lee Bates, who first drafted the words to the anthem in 1893, lived in Wellesley, Mass., for 25 years with Katharine Coman, whom some described as her lesbian partner. In an 1891 letter to Coman, Bates wrote that she couldn’t leave Wellesley for long because “so many love-anchors held me there, and it seemed least of all possible when I had just found the long-desired way to your dearest heart … Of course I want to come to you, very much as I want to come to Heaven.”

After Coman’s death, Bates published a collection of poems, Yellow Clover: A Book of Remembrance, that were to or about her. While the nature of their relationship isn’t certain — it’s been described as a “Boston marriage,” a term that included platonic relationships between women but often had undertones of romantic attachment — the two expressed deep love for each other during their many years together.

In the commercial that aired during Sunday’s Super Bowl, a gay couple is briefly seen roller-skating with their daughter and then hugging each other as the anthem is sung. GLAAD, an LGBT rights advocacy group, praised the spot in a statement and noted that it marks the first Super Bowl ad to feature a gay family.

“Including a gay family in this ad is not only a step forward for the advertising industry, but a reflection of the growing majority of Americans from all walks of life who proudly support their LGBT friends, family and neighbors as integral parts of ‘America the Beautiful,’” said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis.

Bates and Coman might be proud.

14 Comments on “Coke sponsored the first Super Bowl ad that featured a gay family.”

  1. Gays represent the smallest minority group in the world yet they have a VERY BIG voice. Ever wonder why? The Vatican is very quiet about gay issues and their leader even said he will not judge them. In Trinidad recently a priest told the congregation that soon they would “have” to marry gay couples …he was mentally preparing his congregation for what is coming.

    The pedophilia lawsuits pending and settlements made by the Vatican amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars..and they are known for having homosexuals in their ranks.

    Recently a Vatican guard said that he was propositioned 20 times in two years by different priests and even a high ranking cardinal.

    The Catholic church is indirectly benefiting if all these gay agendas and pedophilia agenda are successful.

    Don’t be surprised …these people are anti Christ.

    Coca Cola is carbon water and sugar…it kills your intestines …stop drinking it! If not for anything else for your health sake!

    Come Lord Jesus …Come

    1. Amen, Janine, this newest Pope is evil to the core, giving a pass to everything that the Word of God is against. And Coke is CRAP along with Pepsi and all of the other sodas. I can’t remember the last time I had a Coke or Pepsi, and like you said, it’s totally unhealthy and is literally killing your insides too. Also, everyone, don’t forget, Coke and Pepsi make alot of other products too besides soda, like some juice drinks, so Google it to find out which ones, I can’t recall the names at the moment.

  2. See, I didn’t watch the Super Bowl,. But when I started to watch this ex ministries video, my son said he saw this ad during the game. I watched it, carefully, looking for the couple bc your ministry told me it was in there. But had I watched it not knowing, I could have blinked and missed . See, this is just subtly and slickly being put in. My son did not see it, what I noticed was the two Jewish men wearing yamakas looking out their window. I could not tell if they were the couple, but then I saw the two guys while they were skating with their daughter. Man this is sooooooo getting out of control. Is this what was going on in Noah’s day? Yes, it is. Pray for this nation.

  3. I did not watch the superbowl, but I can imagine.I think as christians, and GOD fearing people, we should take the words from the bible,” he cometh to steal, kill and destroy’ very seriously. because he (satan) is about his agenda, by any means necessary, and we need to be just as vigilant in prayer, fasting and the like. When we pray, we need to make sure that your life lines up with the word.

  4. I hadn’t noticed the gay couple because I was so fixated on the imagery. Majority of the images did not look like America. I’m not speaking about the race of people but that the backgrounds and activities looked so much like other countries – Brazil, India, Iran, etc.. It made me think of the NWO’s desire to make everyone renounce their nationalism and become citizens of the world. This appeared to be more of a United Nations PSA than a coke commercial. The gays were thrown in for free.

  5. One day GLAAD will be SAD because when HE returns HE will take vengeance on all who don’t know God! Many of these folks are reprobate.

  6. I saw the commercial, but didn’ t pay any attention to it. They slipped that mess in unbeknownst to a lot of people. So sad. I will never look at this song the same way again.

  7. Fine….We’ll stop buying Coca Cola products for not measuring The sensitivity of the matter of millions of people who still feel that the matter still needs discussion of whether it is a good idea or not.

  8. The system of this world has been doing this for years and if we as the “body” of Christ don’t continue to fast and pray; then this will be the end of “tell-a-vision”t.v. as we know it. this is why I continue to support EX Ministries and commend Pastor G. Craige Lewis to stay on the wall and don’t come down for nothing or nobody. This generation of so-called church folks dont want to hear the truth nor do they want to live the truth. The truth about this NWO is being exposed by this ministry and our ministry here at True Light House of Prayer in Killeen , Texas is 100% in favor of destroying the devil’s kingdom down to the pit of hell! Pastor Lewis and the entire EX Family we have your back and praying for you daily at 5am. Never liked coke nor support any of those harmful “soft” drinks that is just killing the saints of God softly.Keep telling the world the truth!

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