Congress Seeking to pass Bill to Cancel Faith Based Television

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Christian Programming Restricted From TV? New Bill Aims to Ban Faith Based Television

By William Rameau, BREATHEcast News Reporter

jesus-episode-5-the-bibleCongress might try to pass a bill to cancel Christian and local TV programming if it goes through.

Louisiana Republican Representative Steve Scalise presented the Next Generation Television Marketplace Act, which aims to eliminate the “must-carry” set of laws honoring free, local television.

“Decades-old broadcast, cable and satellite laws dramatically restrict access and limit consumer choice,” Scalise said in a statement.

If The Next Generation Television Marketplace Act is ratified, many Television ministers feel it will become extinct on cable stations.

“(The bill) would be a significant detriment to Christian TV stations and the viewers who rely on them for spiritual guidance,” said National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) network CEO and President Dr. Jerry Johnson.

Trinity Broadcasting Network, one of the nation’s prevalent Christian networks in America and worldwide, echoes Dr. Johnson’s sentiments.

“Anytime you decide that you’re going to change the marketplace without really understanding the marketplace we think it is a mistake, and I’m sorry that Rep. Scalise didn’t seem to know that. He certainly never reached out to any of us in the religious broadcasting community and certainly none of the local broadcasters that I’m aware of,” said TBN’s advocate Colby May who believes the proposal is “ill advised.”

“Valuable local affiliate programming, strongly demanded by consumers including myself, is proof that archaic government regulations are unnecessary today,” said Scalise, who is also the Republican Study Committee Chairperson.

NRB President Dr. Johnson disagrees with Scalise because he believes “long-standing carriage rules ensure that viewers can access the important and edifying programming their local Christian broadcasters offer free-of-charge.”

12 Comments on “Congress Seeking to pass Bill to Cancel Faith Based Television”

  1. Not surprised at all. Smh! Saints we’ve got work to do!! Or should I say, we better be working!! (kingdom building, edifying, encouraging, trusting in, walking in righteousness, living a Holy life). Heavenly Father, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

  2. Oh wow and wow. The devil has truly made his move against the bride of Jesus Christ. Let’s see who will still be on the fence after these things come to past.

  3. We are to pray with out ceasing. If we as the church have been taking our place in the world rather than trying to be the world’s friend the fear of God would still be in place.

  4. It’s not like there’s much truth on the television already! I think it would be great to ban all this apostasy… to really find Jesus is to find Him yourself by reading the Word and going to a real non-commercialized church that’s going to keep it real. TV preachers just aiding the anti-christ… I hope Joel Osteen is the first to go… but none of his messages are Christian so I bet he will stay on air somehow lol.

  5. How devastating it was to take prayer out of our schools! Now we want to take Christian Programming off the air.
    Let us not make the mistake of taking away our Christian Programs.

  6. That’s right J Anthony, half these people on tv have sold their soul’s to the devil and just deceiving people for pay. They need to read deeper into thing’s cause soon this will be the least of you’re worries. Everyone cries out oh the last days are spoken of in the bible of course how many times have it’s been rewritten? So we don’t know who written it for all we know could be the persons that’s trying to get this one world government going, still deceiving people so you can let Down you’re guard so we can argue against each other while they start bombing and killing off people.

  7. If it means TV preachers like TD Jakes are off my screen, I’m not complaining, however, it’s sad for those very few preachers who actually preach the True Gospel and not some remix.

  8. Alarming but not surprising. @ Real Woman of God : you are completely right sister, we have some SERIOUS work to do . . . moer than half of the main programming that they had on Christian television is sad enough . . . so it makes it so easy to deem it irrelevant . . . . it will be interesting to see what happens next. But the church is responsible for how much we let the devil in . . . . prayerfully watching.

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