COUNTDOWN: The Truth Behind Hip Hop 9 Tactical Reprieve | Day 1 Prayer

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COUNTDOWN to The Truth Behind Hip Hop 9 Tactical Reprieve | Day 1 Prayer – Lord, with the authority you have granted me as your humble servant, I speak an abundance of blessings, spiritually and naturally on those that you have selected to pray for our ministry. Those that have forsaken their own needs to pray for me, my family, and the powerful work you will do for your kingdom this friday, bless them Lord! Fulfill every request that is in your will and let them be overtaken by abundant blessings. They are your people and I pray for their well being in Jesus Name! It shall be done! 


EX Ministries has been informing you of the plight of the enemy against our youth since the 90’s. This live DVD recording will be no different! In this powerful message, G. Craige Lewis will be covering the music of our culture’s youth and the plan of the enemy to make a powerful last stand against the Kingdom of God! You don’t want to miss it! The recording will take place Oct 31st 2014 at Jesus Tabernacle of Deliverance Church in Detroit, MI.
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8 Comments on “COUNTDOWN: The Truth Behind Hip Hop 9 Tactical Reprieve | Day 1 Prayer”

  1. I pray God’s anointing over you my brother and may God touch millions of our children through you who will be delivering the most powerful message from God. I pray for your family and that God will surround them with His love and care and bind you with a cord of love .
    I ask the blessing of God’s presence to always be with you and all those who work diligently with you to make this broadcast a success. All this in the powerful mighty name of Jesus.

    Martha Alexander
    Cape Town South Africa…

  2. please keep preaching holiness Minister Lewis. as the time changes, dont change your message (in fact, its His message). you have a charge to keep and a God to glorify! I pray the anointing fills the place and souls are saved and filled with the Holy Ghost

  3. Pray this prayer into full effect as you guys take on what God chose you to do at Ex Ministries TTBH 9, in Jesus name Amen…

  4. Keep on preaching ! May The Lord continue to strengthen and give you boldness to preach the truth. In Jesus name, Amen!!!

  5. The Lord bless you the Lord cause his face to shine upon you the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and be gracious unto you and give you peace. In Jesus Name. i thank God for the truth that is able to set men free.Keep speaking the truth Pastor Craig and Ex ministries

  6. We are blessed to have a true man of God in this day I age. Pastor Lewis is like a breath of fresh air. I am a pastor and I am spiritual warfare ready have been for over thirty years and the truth must be told and lived. Thank you man of God! Preach preacher!

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