Detained for Entry: Hollywood Celebrates The Demise Of African American Men!

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In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop 6 – Detained for Entry, I discussed how entertainment means being detained while something enters into you. It’s impossible for us to continue to watch and enjoy things without eventually being effected by them. The same goes with LGBT imagery.  The more you see it, the less it will bother you. This is the case with the Academy Award winning movie Moonlight. This movie depicts the journey of a gay black man. We all know that one of the main reasons why the African American culture is in so much trouble is because of the lack of fathers in the home. Strong black males are rare and becoming almost extinct. This movie should not be celebrated but it should be evaded. Homosexuality and lesbianism is a major problem in our community!

According to GLAAD, Moonlight’s win makes it the first-ever LGBTQ film to earn Best Picture.

“Congratulations to Moonlight on its well-deserved win for Best Picture,” GLAAD president and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said in a statement. “Film is our largest cultural export and must represent the full diversity of the people who make up this country. This sends a strong message to the film industry that it needs to embrace inclusive stories if it wants to remain competitive and relevant.”

The homosexual agenda is destroying us as a people and causing many of our homes to lack male leadership. Weak and absentee fathers are causing young black men and women to explore homosexual lifestyles in search of the purpose and validation that they should be getting from their fathers. Consequently, selfishness and chronic narcissism continues to cause black men to avoid leading their homes and their families!  This leads to an identity crisis in the home which leads to children trying to identify as other genders.

People please wake up and see what Hollywood is doing. When they give “us” an award, it’s usually for lewd, explicit language, violent behavior, and now, homosexual lifestyles. Almost every African American TV show has some kind of LGBT ploy in it.  Until we address these issues in our homes and keep strong fathers in the lives of our children, we will continue to be at a disadvantage!


The Truth Behind Hip Hop 6 – Detained for Entry is a message that picks up where Part 5 left off. Many questions that may have been raised in your minds from viewing Part 5 are answered in this powerful video. From Gnosticism to Magic and Aliens, G. Craige Lewis lays it out plain and simple so that all can see the deception that is forthcoming to our nation. As you are entertained by gnostic producers and movie makers, you are being detained while “something” enters into you. G. Craige Lewis shows you exactly what that “something” is! Get your copy now!

2 Comments on “Detained for Entry: Hollywood Celebrates The Demise Of African American Men!”

  1. Wow , I want to thanks Brother G. Craige for being so true in his message and videos. I have just read the above article before I started work yesterday. I have been on my new job since mid December I truly enjoy what I do. But I work with a few whom live this HGBT lifestyle. I go to work daily have no problem. Then after reading the article we have a new person and he practice this lifestyle also. So he tried to drop some madigras beads off to me. I told the person I don’t support madigras ;but been to it while I was in the military one year . The point is if I disagree with a certain things why can’t it just be. Like the article states it’s in your face and aggressive if I would mention something about my Lord and Saviour doesn’t approve of the Homosexuals lifestyle I’ll be in trouble for my belief. My name came up few times because I wouldn’t expect those items that represents madigras. It’s sad that we have to raise kids in this environment that is so in your face, and the media support it like never before . I thank God for Minister like G. Craige Lewis. May our God continue to smile upon you and your ministry.

  2. Very sadly this is occurring just as the Bible said it would in the book of Romans (1:18-32) as we draw ever closer to the end. Mixed and messed up mankind would rather believe lies (John 8:44-45) and trash, rather than the ONLY TRUE and Living God which WILL rescue them from their Ultimate destruction. PLEASE keep the children especially in prayer?

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