Do the Obamas Major in Hypocrisy?

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Do the Obamas Major in Hypocrisy?

By Raynard Jackson | charisma

beyonceandmichelleobamaPresident Obama recently launched an initiative called My Brother’s Keeper. As a part of this initiative, he signed a presidential memorandum establishing the My Brother’s Keeper task force, chaired by Assistant to the President and Cabinet Secretary Broderick Johnson.

The task force will help determine what public and private efforts are working and how to expand upon them; how the federal government’s own policies and programs can better support these efforts; and how to better involve state and local officials, the private sector, and the philanthropic community in these efforts.

I fail to understand the logic of setting up this task force. You would think groups like the NAACP, the National Urban League and the National Council of La Raza would already have “shovel ready” projects that the administration could access immediately.

I can’t help but notice that Dave Steward and Bob Woodson were not invited to participate.  Steward is chairman of World Wide Technology in St. Louis, the largest black-owned business in the U.S. He has built a $6 billion company based on principles that highlight morals and values. He also supports these values and morals with his money in communities throughout the U.S.

Woodson, founder and president of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, has a 30-year track record of dealing with troubled youth. He has done a lot of work in the president’s adopted hometown of Chicago.barack-beyonce-600

It is impossible to adequately deal with our youth without incorporating the issue of values and morals. It means telling our kids that there is right and wrong, not saying to them, “Who are we to judge?” The president said, “I explained to them [the kids on stage with him] when I was their age, I was a lot like them. I didn’t have a dad in the house. And I was angry about it, even though I didn’t necessarily realize at the time. I made bad choices. I got high without always thinking about the harm that it could do. I didn’t always take school as seriously as I should have. I made excuses. Sometimes I sold myself short.”

Was this not the same president that said a week before in the White House that he supported legalizing marijuana? But then he tells kids, “I made bad choices. I got high without always thinking about the harm that it could do.” If it was a bad choice and it could cause harm, then why would you want to legalize marijuana?

As with the president, I am extremely confused and concerned with Michelle Obama’s fascination with people who promote values that are antithetical to creating a healthy environment for young girls to flourish in. Beyoncé is the personification of this.

Two years ago, Ms. Obama was asked by People magazine who she would choose to be other than herself. She replied with, “Gosh, if I had some gift, I’d be Beyoncé.” She and Beyoncé are purported to be very close personal friends, but is Beyoncé the person you really want your daughter to emulate?

Allow me to share a few lyrics from Beyoncé’s most recent CD, Drunk in Love: “I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking/I get filthy when that liquor get into me/I’ve been thinking, I’ve been thinking/Why can’t I keep my fingers off it, baby?”

On her song “Bow Down,” the lyrics include, “I know when you were little girls/You dreamt of being in my world/Don’t forget it, don’t forget it/Respect that/Bow down, b—-es/ … Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted/This is my sh–/Bow down, b—-es.”

There’s more. On the song “Partition,” the lyrics include, “Oh, he so horny/Yeah, he want to f—/He popped all my buttons, and he ripped my blouse/He Monica Lewinsky-ed all on my gown.”

And the first lady wants to be like that? Beyoncé has become the Howard Stern of music—vulgar simply for the sake of shocking the public. Her concerts border on pornography. Yet Mrs. Obama had no problem taking her two daughters—Malia, 13, and Sasha, 10, at the time—to watch Beyoncé perform two years ago in Atlantic City.

Here is a Twitter exchange between Beyoncé and Michelle Obama before the concert. Beyoncé tweeted, “Michelle, thank you so much for every single thing that you do for us. I am proud to have my daughter grow up in a world where she has people like you to look up to.” Mrs. Obama’s response? “@Beyoncé Thank you for the beautiful letter and for being a role model who kids everywhere can look up to. –mo.”

The president and his wife are sending out conflicting messages. Kids need to be told and shown how to behave. You can’t support legalizing marijuana and then tell kids not to use it. You can’t tell little girls to carry yourself like a young lady and then tell them you want to be Beyoncé.

That’s not “Drunk in Love.” You have to be plain drunk to think that Beyoncé should be anybody’s role model.


14 Comments on “Do the Obamas Major in Hypocrisy?”

  1. This , as usual, is a HOT mess…..HOT mess….are you serious ? As pastor Paul saids on YOUTUBE. Are you for real, this lady practically puts all men, n women in sexual trances, got them fornicating in their minds, just by watching and listening to her filthy music videos… And the illegal drugs, or legal Now….(.I can not keep up with all the blasphemous, anti-God laws that keep being put into place ) so you make it legal to smoke weed, but you admit with your own mouth, how you used it, and made bad choices really? Why would that be, maybe bc your were in a different state of mind… What does it say in the good book, calling evil good and good evil…if you do NOT believe that we are in the latter days, the end times, You are not paying attention to what The Lord is trying to tell us, to warn us…. Pray , be prepared. God bless

  2. I’m so glad Ex Ministries can acknowledge this foolishness people need to know, what’s good from bad, and it’s the same music santanic people destroying people, and leader of our country pushing demonic rights for people, pushing weed and abortion ect… Lord I pray all the true saints are ready as we preach the good news to the lost souls before you return. God bless Ex Ministries

  3. About the marijuana thing I’m not getting how it’s hypocritical. The dangers that come from marijuana usage almost solely reside in the fact that it is in fact illegal. Jail time, loss of a job, inability to receive life saving medication, etc. are because we made a plant that is actually a lot less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco illegal. I’m all for legalizing marijuana because the history behind it’s prohibition has nothing to do with keeping us all safe but rather to victimize and oppress minorities in this countries most notably Mexicans and Blacks. There used to be a ‘scientific’ report that said smoking marijuana would make black men go crazy and want to have relations with white women. I don’t smoke and I would tell my younger siblings not to either because of the dangers that come with the plant being illegal. I think it’s hypocritical for these rich white guys drinking their scotch, brandy, and exotic cigars to look down upon marijuana users and throw them in jail and ruin their lives all while they smoke and drink.

  4. Recently, I heard a man say that there is no heroes in Washington D.C., there use to be. Now with all due respect to the POTUS and his wife, I disagree about how they and most people, even myself at one time, can get blinded by pop culture and celebrities. We have to be careful about elevating and supporting some of these people when we should step back and look into what they do and what they represent. Good information EX-ministries.

  5. EX Ministries,

    God bless you for always being on point with exposing and bringing into focus the schemes of the devil and his worldly system.

    It’s sad but true. There are a few organizations and individuals where I live (Macon, GA) that are soliciting the help of so-called role models to curb the youth violence, gang activity and drug abuse. But, as Jesus said “How can Satan cast out Satan?” “A house divided against itself cannot stand!”

    These programs are being instituted by gang members who haven’t put down their guns while urging the young men and women to put down their guns. They are using basketball coaches who display fits of anger and openly cheat when it comes to rosters. All this in the young people’s view and ear range.

    The only thing that’s going to fix this mess we’re in is humility (volunteers are going to have humble themselves and step away from worldly practices to make a difference in young people’s lives.) It’s going to take prayer (unless a two way communication is developed with the Lord, we won’ t be able to discern the difference between the clean and unclean, the holy and unholy.). It’s going to take some seeking the Lord because only He has the solution and knows how to save to the utmost. And it’s going to take some turning away from the world’s unclean and unholy practices, and some listening for the voice of God in these matters.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. You are reaching many with the un-watered down version of what God wants us to know.

  6. It’s a sign of or times! They will call what is good bad and what is bad good, that’s what the word of God tells us.

  7. All I can say is it’s just another example of how anti-Christian these people are. They’re all in Freemasonry and OES (Order of the Eastern Star) together! Just another sign of the times.

    1. What is the church doing the world is taking over the things that we should be doing, and we sit back and complain when it happens right before our eyes. Some of the Body of Christ are also emulating these people, dressing up, buying their music, getting their money to support their churches, some are not against the marijuana issue so the enemy is having a field day. We are not in unity, and most of us are weak minded. The President has a team of Pastors praying with him and for him, and holds discussions with him…. so how comes the Godly influence is not rubbing off? Surely, there is something wrong somewhere because the power of the enemy should not be stronger than the power of God…. What say you?

      1. Great comment Paula, my thoughts exactly. And to answer your question, the church is basically doing nothing, at least most of it. There are a few that are speaking out, but to speak out nowadays results in getting silenced or labeled crazy.

  8. Yeah…..even Bill O’Reilly knows Beyoncé isn’t a good roll model. He recently addressed her behavior on his show to that godless Russell Simmons. ( Who tried to promote his foolish book on meditating to his false god. ) These people make me sick!

  9. The reason why the so-called blacks initiative groups like NAACP, Urban League don’t have a shovel in regards to these issues, because they don’t really have our best interest at hand. NAACP is basically bought off by their contributors who at best, have no interest in helping black people-just minorities (which can include anybody). The Urban League, sadly, promotes pro-choice abortion with the assistance of Planned Parenthood. President Obama is no different. This so-called ‘Brother’s Keeper Initiative” is just a disguise to seem like he has African American’s in particularly the males, best interest at heart. It’s because the mid-term elections are coming up and they want African Americans to continue to vote Democratic. I tell you, the tactics this guy uses is dishonorable, yet strategic. Anyways, awesome article and I will be sharing, thanks!

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