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Does God pick our American Presidents? Is God using republican candidates but shunning democratic candidates? Will our new president elect work for God while in the White House? G. Craige Lewis answers these questions and more in this powerful audio visual sermon.

dummyEver wonder why all of the U.S. Presidents from Washington to even Obama are related? What ancient bloodline are secret society members tapping into for money, power, and fame? Better yet, how is the Illuminati using Hip Hop and the music industry to influence the masses for their demonic agenda? In this powerful and most-anticipated release, G. Craige Lewis boldly and clearly reveals, from a biblical perspective, not only the spiritual consequences of Hip Hop and secular music, but also backs up scientifically, deeper than ever, how the devil uses music to addict and “dumb down” a generation. Also, just about everything you wanted to know about the Illuminati and their agenda but were afraid to ask is in this powerful video! In “The Truth Behind Hip Hop Part 8: The Lords of Discord,” discover how to break free from Babylon’s demonic agenda through your identity in Christ and God’s creation role for your life. Click here to download or order your copy now. 


4 Comments on “Election Answers – By G. Craige Lewis”

  1. The honest way to balance the TRUTH is to teach both good and evil side by side. Trump broke political correctness that threatened to bring the beast out before it’s time. Revival is your job, not his. American Churches must build on this opportunity. Trump is a foot in the door, a stay of execution. He is an act of God to buy the church time to repent and return to her rightful role in American life. Morally corrupt Christians and lukewarm pastors don’t appreciate the miracle. Why would you expect a generation of believers raised on Pablum to know what to do with this miracle? They don’t read the Bible or Pray. They have never truly repented. They have no concept of sacrifice. There is no way they will stand in the heat of battle. Winning the lost is up to you, not Trump! your disunity is killing your cause. Petty differences have never looked so petty! You must shake off the disastrous apathy and complacency that is dulling many to their duty. Remember the words of the man who God told to make Israel great again and build the wall, “And I looked, and arose and said to the nobles, to the leaders, and to the rest of the people, ‘Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses.’” -Nehemiah 4:14

  2. I’m lost. If our votes do not count, then what’s the purpose of the elite and media shaping our opinions and thoughts? Does not voting in the election show God that we want his rule, if so, why doesn’t he just remove this anti-christ rulership from over his people? The biblical prophecies of this antichrist behavior such as lust, perversion, lgbt, fornication, turning from God, Herodian rulers like Obama…etc, were made thousands of years in advance, because that’s when the Bible was written…So why didn’t God just stop it like he did the Tower of Babel? The Church has been waiting on Christ to come back for a long time- I’m tired, frustrated and starting to wonder if he’s really coming back. Shouldn’t we be doing more than praying and living holy in the meantime? We are still on this earth as it continues to get worse and worse, are we as Christians to take this laying down, David killed Goliath didn’t he? The people of Israel formed an army didn’t they? And the people of the bible kept swords in the house didn’t they?

  3. No man directed by God, is going to teach evil. Believers praying is the reason it has not ended yet. Jesus should be our saviour, not any man. All we should do is obey the laws of the countries we find ourselves in, (as long as it doesn’t contradict God’s commands) tell others about Christ, and wait (contently) for his return. We have the right as American citizens not to vote. It’s our choice.

  4. No man directed by God, is going to teach evil?………Now where is that in the Bible?……..like many books in the Bible, You “MUST” as a Man of God Teach what is REAL and what is Faults – What is Good and what is Evil…..it’s called balance of “Divine TRUTH”…. The Bible makes it quite clear that sin is the root of all evil in the world (Matthew 15:19; Romans 5:12; James 1:15) and knowing good and evil was not a positive thing for Adam and Eve – it served as the entry of sin into humanity…..Now, all people sin and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23),and every human / all live under the twin curse of sin and death (Romans 6:23)…who will teach that? you?….all who believes that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to heaven!

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