End Of Days: The Media Continues To Discredit God’s Words

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In my video End Of Days, I discussed how, as the end draws near, the world would discredit God’s word through mockery and false interpretations. Bogus theories like September 23rd Doomsday, Flat Earth Theory, Racial Supremacy, Pre Tribulation Rapture Theories, etc. are all being pushed by Google’s tainted video service Youtube! So many Christians today are being misled by the lies of youtube speakers that were planted there by the illuminati to speak against the illuminati to confuse those that are in search of truth. One of the illuminati’s greatest schemes is controlled opposition. They control those that are with them and they attempt to control those that are against them by planting true and false informative videos on youtube. Youtube is their video service people. It’s not owned by God or the church. It’s just like their news outlets and their movie studios. They use them for the devil’s agenda. Sure there are some good things on youtube and some good videos, but in order to truly know the bible and God’s agenda, you must read the word and hear it rightly divided from your pastor. That’s God’s plan!
The bible has been pushed aside and modern day Christians are pastoring themselves. They trust what they see and they believe what the hear from people they do not know! The bible says we should know those that labor among us, meaning that we should be lead by people we know and have gained our trust by us being among them and spending time studying their works. Watching a video from a stranger on a website that is owned by the illuminati (google) is very dangerous. Pastors are suppose to rightly divide the word and teach God’s people. But in this age, people feel they do not need to be led by a man, but instead they are led by men that they do not even know. Either way, you are led by men!

This doomsday prophecy is no different. It was publicized by the media to discredit the bible and make Christians look stupid. Like the flat earth theory, many Christians started using the bible to decode NASA’s “lies” and once again they failed! People please, leave science to the scientist and let the word speak for itself. There is no such thing as a Christian numerologist and believers do not use the Zodiac to decode God’s plans. The signs in the moon, stars and sun will be visible! And when Christ returns, you won’t need youtube to tell you whether it was really Him. You will know instantly, but unfortunately for many, it will be too late!

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End of DaysWho is Antichrist? This question has baffled believers for many centuries and yet the answer is simple to obtain. The Scriptures reveal that in the end times there will be many antichrists. Because the church has been so focused on one global leader for so long, the spirit of antichrist has crept into the Christian church unawares. In this dynamic 6-part series, G. Craige Lewis unveils the spirit of antichrist and those men that promote it. False prophets, false doctrines, and Catholic-based hierarchies of the modern day church have distorted the true end times message of the bible. G. Craige Lewis deals with many of these falsehoods in this series and provides hope and instruction for our journey into the End of Days.

One Comment on “End Of Days: The Media Continues To Discredit God’s Words”

  1. Hi Pastor Craig, I really need to speak to someone. The Lord has shown me a lot that you have confirmed for me in your videos. I’ve been following your ministry since I was a teen and The Lord has recently been showing me how to expose this to the youth. However, I began and am still under a lot demonic attacks. My life is in extreme disorder. I’m very confused and have lost a lot of boldness to move forward. I desperately need prayer and some guidance. The Lord gave me a mission to do with a poetry event to expose this stuff to my city. However, I am so encumbered with other thoughts that keep side tracking me. For instance, my church is a bit legalistic but I do learn a lot there. Everytine I go to church I hear if a lot of people dying and whenever I go I keep seeing funeral signs. I know you mentioned we shouldn’t concerned with numerology but I keep seeing 4’s and 7’s everywhere this year. I know the Lord said in this time He would pour out His Spirit so and cause us to see dreams and visions. But, I m not sure if some of this is an attack from the enemy to keep me away from others to study directly with Him or to leave my church. I’m very confused please contact me. The enemy is truly raging war against the saints. I don’t have many people I can talk to about this. But, the Lord keeps directing me to you. Thank you and have a blessed day. My contact number is 2158289498

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