Episode: 11 | Thieves in the Temple

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 Episode: 11 | Thieves in the Temple

     G Craige Lewis and Tetaun Moffett discuss the making of Thieves in the Temple DVD


32 Comments on “Episode: 11 | Thieves in the Temple”

  1. A friend lent me her “Thieves In The Temple” dvd, and I must say, I was shocked. The shaking and twitching of these people were frightening! And the dancing! I see that kind of 2stepping in the curch all the time. You all are vey thorough in your research; I am impressed. I do have a question. Does all movement constitute ungodly spirits? I mean, if you move or shout in church, does that mean some kind of demonic spirit has taken over? Please explain. And thanks for the enlightenment. All of your dvds I have watched leaves an enormous impression on me!

  2. Thank you again EX ministries for another dose of TRUTH! I imagine this will be a hard episode for many to acceptbased on the subject. Most of us especially in black american churches grew up looking and accepting these things as the norm. I can say that before coming into the knowledge of truth, I even desired to be “touched” by the spirit in this manner. I didn’t understand until after God showed me what spirit was actually doing the “touching”. I can tell you that the “Theives in the Temple” helped open my eyes ALOT!! Many will not accept this because of tradition, because their mothers and grandmothers lived this and taught /accepted this. People don’t want to think of their loved ones being in error, but God is opening the eyes of His people in this hour. There’s so much deception in the church we MUST follow the Word and the Word ONLY!! What I love about this ministry is they compare everything to the Word. EX Ministries keep doing what your doing!

    1. Do you think kundalini was used in the old churches of our grandmothers and great grandmothers? Where did the laying of the hands come from?

  3. Great show. I’ve seen Kundalini at work since I was young, I remember going to Church with my aunt, uncle and two cousins and the minister was doing some sort of a deliverance service. Everyone that wanted to be “delivered” were in a queue, he said (in French) “Fire of the Holy Spirit” (makes sense in French lol) and every single person in that queue dropped as if they were dominos. That same minister was arrested for child cruelty, accusing a woman’s unborn child was a witch in 2006 in the UK. In my view, in African Churches when you see people jumping around, screaming etc. people think it’s the power of God, but it’s far from it.

  4. My husband and I watched this DVD and were amazed at what we saw. I know when we first came on the church scene, we would travel to different conferences and people would lay hands on us. There were times we didn’t feel like falling, but because everyone around us was, we felt obliged to fall. About 10 months ago a church invited a minister from Michigan who is affiliated with the Word of Faith Church and he preached an ok message, but before closing out he began to imitate Benny Hinn and stood at the front of the church; he yelled “fire all over this place”. At the time everyone was standing up and people suddenly started falling in their seats and I felt something come over me and I began to get very very weak. I don’t know what happened. Even before this time I have prayed that nobody lay hands on me and transfer no wicked spirit. I know this young man was just a show off, it was obvious he was more interested in leaving people feeling like they were in the company of a “high priest” anointed with the power – but I know I show when I see one. I have prayed that if something was transferred over me that it be removed in Jesus name. Keep up the great work and research you all do and keep coming with the boldness and firm messages.

  5. Powerful message! I have been goin to church for many years, and I would always be suspicious of people getting prayed for and then falling out on the floor. I used to think maybe something was wrong with me because during the times I would go to the alter for prayer I never felt the need to fall out on the floor! At times the person praying for me was seriously attempting to get me to fall out too!

  6. How can we know it’s so-called Kudalini spirit when none of us have contact with East Indian Religions. Unless the preacher practiced New Age and Eastern Religion. I find that spiritual practices are very similar everywhere around the world, with people who are African, US. Do More Research!!!!! I know that it is not of God, but I believe that this spirit may have been here in America all the time. Just saying.

  7. Great DVD, I grew up in a Pentecostal church and seen a lot of people who would act like that in church. I was taught the only way to feel a move from God was to go to the alter and speak in tongues, I left a lot of times feeling disappointed and unchanged. This DVD has really been a blessing, one of my many favorites thank God for EX Ministries keep up the good work!

  8. God bless you EX-Ministries!! I’ve been following you guys for about 2 years now; although I first heard about you guys back in 2003. I appreciate your boldness to teach the uncompromising word of God! I bought i’ve purchased the dvd already and I will continue to support this ministry as long as the Lord allows me to do so!

    God Bless,


  9. Great video as usual! I find it very disheartening that so much foolishness is going on in many churches around the world because of the lies that are being spread like wild fire by false teachers and prophets. I’ve experienced it myself firsthand and I thank God that He removed me from that situation. It’s a blessing to be able to relate to the messages being taught on your videos, because now I know what to look out for and I know that what you guys have been teaching for years is very true.

    Unfortunately, after leaving the Army on a medical discharge in 2007, I was broken spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I was extremely vulnerable and was just trying to receive healing from Jesus, but because I was so desperate I decided to start attending my parents church. At first everything seemed to be going well, although many of the female members (particularly ushers and ministers) were very standoffish, but I tried to pay them no mind. Well, after being there for about six months God delivered me from an alcohol addiction, but I’d mistaken the healing as being due to the prophet of the house. I didn’t realize my mistake then, but I looked up to him and his wife as another set of parents (my childhood with my parents was not good), I bought gifts for them and gave large amounts of money that I DID NOT have. Mainly because the Bishop or “so-called” prophet started to take me under his wing or so it seemed. He suggested that I joined the choir although I wasn’t a singer, then suggested bible college and then on to the different ministries in the church, where the ministries became more important than me earning money to survive. He would even call me the next Juanita Bynum, even though God had never told me that.

    Well, during my second year there, devoted people started dropping out of the church like flies and the Bishop would preach about them and curse them, also telling the remaining members to pray them back into the church, because they were rebelling. Things didn’t seem right, so I started to read the bible more for myself, especially after he said that eventually we wouldn’t need to read the bible any longer because God had given him everything we needed to know. God started revealing things to me in His Word, which were much different than what the Bishop was preaching. One day I was singing in the choir and God showed me that mostly everybody was living a lie; they were being slayed by a familiar spirit, jumping up and down, running around the church, some screaming like they were dying, so I stopped singing and started repenting and asking God to forgive me for being a part of the lie and to forgive everyone else, but I still didn’t leave because of fear.

    My third year there, the Bishop got worse and worse; he became more and more arrogant, high-minded and offensive. I tried asking questions using the bible as a reference, but he became offended and things really went down hill from there. I became the enemy and he started to ignore me and even told me that a new member was doing more than me in the church and that I needed to be like her (although I was close to burn-out). God told me as loud as He could to leave and move to another city that I was unfamiliar with and when I told the church, elders and ministers and the Bishop stopped talking to me, but the Bishop did say that I just needed a husband as if I had seen him as being my husband, so arrogant.

    The last Sunday that I was there the Bishop talked about me and everyone else who left previously, calling us “wimps” and that we were scared to do the work of the Lord, so we were running away from God. So sad, it broke me down hard and God revealed to me that the Bishop was consulting familiar spirits and that he prayed witchcraft prayers over me and that I needed to pray against them. Thank God that today I am doing so much better and enjoying life as I allow Yahweh to be the father and God of my life! Thank you again for all that you guys do! God bless!!!

    P.S. I know this message is long and you probably won’t show it all, but I’m just glad that I got it off my chest! 🙂

  10. Well, there is one question that is burning in my heart based on this episode: Are you preaching and teaching that there is zero manifestation of the Holy Spirit (Mark 9:14-27)? Yes, there are so many manipulations for false manifestations in the church today but yet we can not deny the true manifestation of the POWER of God.

    1. That is not what we are stating in this video nor on Thieve in Temple. We made that very clear.

  11. To God be the glory. This was a timely word. I often felt like I was missing something when I did not experience falling out, running etc. Some years ago, I was broken spiritually and vulnerable. My friend invited me to her church one Sunday. When I entered the church…I felt something that I had never felt before. I was drawn into that church. And that was because of the spiritual state I was in. I actually ended up joining that church. However, as time went on God began to reveal things to me about that church. God revealed to me that there were familiar and seducing spirits in that church. I still didn’t want to leave. I really wanted to have a church family. One Sunday while at this church…I saw the freakiest thing I have ever seen. The musicians started to play this loud weird music and people just started running around in the church screaming. The screams were literally hurting my ears. I could not stand it. I had seen the foaming at the mouth and falling out. But I had never seen this before. I still didn’t leave. I was hesitant in going but I still wouldn’t leave, I finally left when I got called out in church. The Lord had already shown me that there was a spirit of witchcraft in that church. But I was so caught up in what I thought was going on and so desperate to have a church family. I finally left that church and have not been back. I had never in my life seen anything like it. I mistaken a seducing spirit for the Holy Spirit. I am looking forward to getting this DVD.

    I also wanted to say that I have been pretty much pushed down on several occasions when I wouldn’t fall on my on. Thanks Ex Ministries for allowing God to use you all.

  12. Oh yes, I forgot to ask. Does a certain kind of music assist them in calling up the Kundalini spirit?

  13. I’m not sure if EX ministries answered your question (TOYWA) on here but there is nothing wrong with people dancing or worshiping God in a CONTROLLED manner, within the house of God. One of the fruits of the spirit is SELF-CONTROL (Galatians 5:23). If there is no self control in someone’s actions or they are acting as if they have no self-control then its a false move.

  14. I am so happy your touching on this stuff, this is what I’ve always hated about the black church (this is where i saw it the most at as a youth). Everything has always looked so fake and ritualistic to me, although I didn’t know these things that your bringing out in this video this stuff never set well with me. Im being developed as a minister now and I praise God for not allowing me to get sucked in to this. So again thank you for the time spent on educating yourself and putting this message together it will be a blessing to God’s true church.

  15. Thank you Ex Ministries for this awesome truth.

    We watched Thieves in the Temple, and did relate to everything that was said and seen in it because we saw it growing up and even as adults in the Baptist church.

    I finally understood after watching that dvd why people in the church would say at the end of service “I/she/he/they/we caught the Holy Ghost and was slain in the spirit.” It was totally out of ignorance and lack of knowledge of what was really going on and what evil spirit was in control.

    Even as a child I knew something was scary and wrong about people jerkin, rolling on the floor, foaming and make weird sounds. It is still being done in a lot of churches here because of ignorance – and maybe even knowingly. People do get joyous in worshipping God (jump for joy, lift up hands, etc.) but what I seen over the years I believe was truly controlled by seducing spirits.

    Keep blowing the trumpet and sounding the alarm Ex Ministries.

  16. This is something I questioned even as a little girl. I grew up in a church where this was unheard of it was only when I started playing the piano for other denominations where I saw these things occur. As a musician in church I didn’t grow up playing the fast music for people to start shouting on it’s just wasn’t heard of. In some of the churches I played for I saw this happen. Out of ignorance a lot of people said, ” He or She caught the spirit”. Most of the preachers would make you feel as if you didn’t have the Holy Spirit if you didn’t shout, cry, or move. We never questioned but we knew something wasn’t quite right it seems as if folks would compete with each other on who did the most shouting. I knew a lady who would shout in church but then it became annoying because members complained that they could not hear the sermon because she would constantly speak loudly . (Amen, repeating what’s been said) Another incident was she was crying in the middle of the aisle and shouting for a long time. No one would take her out I decided to take her out. My point is many were so accustomed to her that they didn’t want to be bother. I witnessed a man who supposedly caught the spirit jump from pew to another only physically hurting a lady who was injured from his standing on top Another incident is when I went to a well known preacher’s conference and she said that we should have a “prayer language”, and told everyone to speak their language…Well my husband and I felt very uncomfortable and left the conference. Thank you for exposing the lies EX Ministries.

  17. Watching her shake her head uncontrollably, yea that was a demon. That freaked me out. And what’s with the wild elephant?

  18. This is really good information and confirms a lot for me personally. I’ve witnessed and experienced these same things down through the years coming from a similar background, but when you learn better then you can do better. No matter how long we’ve done something or how right it may have seemed if we discover what we experienced was not of God then we should thank God for revelation of the truth and make the necessary changes beginning with repentance. We are to follow that up with educating ourselves on these very things and communing with the LORD in prayer for guidance by the Holy Scriptures. Not all that we’ve seen was wrong but neither was all that we seen right. Many times for the sake of the “sheep” (us) the Lord will bless “in spite” of and not “because of”.

    God is not winking at our ignorance and misinformation anymore though he is very gracious and merciful to us in spite of it. Not knowing is no excuse and what you don’t know will do far more than just hurt you but it will enslave you and can even cause you to go to the lake of fire as judgment for all eternity. Many will say unto the Lord on judgment day “Lord, Lord…” and go on to tell of the great things they did in his name. Christ never denied that they did them but he said to them nonetheless that he NEVER knew them; which means he wasn’t in what they were doing and they weren’t authorized by him. I want to be right with God in ALL things. Thank you Craige and Tetaun for your service to us concerning these “biblically correct” truths and not “politically correct” half-truths. A half-truth is still a “whole lie”. I want the “whole truth” and nothing but the truth. Thank you and God bless you.

  19. To think that all of this time I thought I was just containing the spirit in me when if fact I was actually not engaging in demonic behavior. I remember this happened a lot in my old church and tried my best to ignore it as I found it annoying and distracting. I am glad to now learn something about this. It makes me wonder how big of a mess we’re in if many of us have been mistakenly taught that this is alright. What else is there to be tested since we have adopted so many practices that are not of God?

  20. Thank you again my brother for opening our eyes & ears!! Just ordered the DVD so that our family can watch and grab the knowledge the Lord shared through you for us!! I’m telling anyone I know that was raised in these type of churches to get the DVD ASAP!! My family and I was taught in the COGIC & Word of Faith denomination so we saw and participated in all this foolishness!! Our family have been seeking the Lord to reveal to us anything we have been taught and are currently believing that is NOT of His word. Thank you and your team for doing the research and making the truth be known to those who are seeking the TRUTH of HIS WORD!

  21. You know it’s funny that this is the topic of your latest dvd. A friend of mine loves to tell me that church was so good, that she got slain in the spirit. (red flag for me!) I asked what did that mean and she replied that she was filled with the Holy Ghost and she fell out.

    Now excuse my dumbness, but I believe the scriptures tells us time and time again, that when Jesus touched someone, the Power of the Spirit caused folk to GET UP and walk. Even it says that when Peter’s shadow was cast, that folk GOT UP. Soooooo if the bible says she should’ve stayed standing, what power did she submit herself to??? You know we had an argument about that.

    Because my mother’s side of the family are Pentecostal and my father’s is Baptist, you KNOW I grew up confused but God is sooo good that He gave me time to discover for myself the TRUTH. As a result, I don’t, and I tell my friends, don’t let anyone lay hands on you who is untested, i.e. all the things you referred to in this piece (how is the man/woman of god living their life) True, we are not perfect and we all sin, but the Man of God who prays for me does not Have to place his hand on me. The Power of God is released from INSIDE of me, not from someone else’s hand. We are made in God’s image and likeness thus the power of the Spirit of God resides in us. We only need to submit to His Will for that same power to be released.

    This only confirms all that we teach in my bible study classes. The Fruit of the Spirit is more than enough to give evidence that the Spirit is alive and doing well, in the Obedient 🙂

  22. I’ve been so educated through EX Ministries and I thank the Lord for them. We really do need to question why we have some of the antics that go in the church in America. I was ignorant of this as well until now. I will never forget when I served as an associate pastor, people would fall all on the floor. I would make them get up. I used to think that was normal because of the way I grew up in the COGIC. I remeber seeing a man do cartwheels down the aisle at about 9 years old. Pastor Craige will know exactly who I am talking about, because we attended the same COGIC church in Fort Worth, Texas chuduring the late 80’s and early 90s before he left. I used to ask my mother why was he doing cartwheels, she would say he was praising God and she would always tell me not to look at people shouting. I never understood why she said this. I was always disturbed by such erratic non-biblical behavior. I beleive the Lord was preparing me early with the gift of discernment at 13 after the I got saved. I thank God for understanding at 34 years old now. Even today, I see this foolishness going on today and if you preach against it, folks look at you as if you’re crazy. I’m going to keep preaching against it. I know that is the reason that some churches never progress. They have no real revelation of the Holy Spirit. People just need to live right, study their bible, believe God and follow His will.

  23. God Bless, My husband and I gave our lives to God maybe a year and a half ago. We have been attending a Pentecostal church and my family comes from a very pentecostal background. I could never really understand the whole not wearing pants thing ( but I should be obedient onto my pastor ) but that’s besides the point. I can say from what I noticed is that God is truly present in the church. The video clips I have never seen any of that in the church we attend. However, I do remember the 1st time I was baptized in the spirit there was way to many people telling me “Just open your mouth and praise God he will pour out his spirit on to you and you will speck in others tongues”. It is a “oneness” church so I am more then sure you know that you have to speak in tongues, you have to be baptized in the name of Jesus (God forbid it be in the Father Son and the holy ghost). They also believe on the laying of hands and many times I have kind of shoulder brushed off some ones hand (from my shoulder) to avoid contact with them, since I was unable to see the fruits. I feel that people can get stuck into traditions and when the tradition is being tested by the word of God many people will ignore the word for the acceptance of man. I don’t agree with some of my church’s beliefs (not wearing of pants, only being baptized in Jesus name, the having to speak in tongues to prove you have been baptized in Spirit) but I believe in the word of GOD and pray to be wise about the choices I make. I guess what I am trying to say is EX Ministries has been such a blessing for me and my husband to see people believe in the word of God, is so refreshing in this day and age. I knew was baptized in his wonderful Spirit not by the outward expression (so many pentecostal believe in) but by the way my heart completely changed, I was not longer a prisoner to anger or this world, I was set free and that’s how you know God has given you his wonderful promise by the life you live (by the fruits). God Bless!!

  24. A Pentecostal Church brought down Benny Hinn to hold a service in a Stadium in Trinidad.
    Since that DVD thieves in the temple I am even more convinced that it is actually protecting
    your spiritual and perhaps physical self by staying away from these manifestations.

    It’s amazing how many believers are mesmerized by these men and women
    A lot of women are calling themselves Reverend and laying hands all over the place, including on men.
    The witchcraft is affecting nations and believers stubbornly would not test the spirits.

    I know some people will want to blow me away if I try to expose the truth of these spell casters to them.
    Please pray for those still spellbound

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