Episode: 12 | Megafest Revisited

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 Episode: 12 | Megafest Revisited

     G Craige Lewis and Tetaun Moffett discuss the aftermath of Megafest


81 Comments on “Episode: 12 | Megafest Revisited”

  1. These are indeed the perilous times. It’s like soo many in the Body of Christ just cannot see..

  2. I am at work right now, trying to hold back the tears. Yes I am angry, but more so, we all know alot of friends and family members, caught up in this magic side show. I feel like crying, because just watching this video shows that there are alot of hurting people out there, trying to get their solutions from wicked men, who care nothing about them, and they are so lost and drunken by the lure of these celebreties.

    This video has really humbled me, brought me to another place in my own walk, I don’t follow behind these clown acts, but it really shows you how dark the world really is. We all know the movie the “Matrix”, we are in it, and this ministry is trying to “Unplug” as many people as you can, before it is too late.

    People the time is dark, and is winding down, this video shows you how strong the human will is, they want their entertainment, their singers, and dancers, and they want GOD too, you can’t have both.

    I will pray for the people that went to Megafest last weekend, and pray for a laborer of truth to come into the midst of their path, and show them the light.

    GOD please have mercy!!!!

  3. Wonderful job EX Ministries! The part that stood out to me was that pastor who brought Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams on stage to apologize on behalf of the church.
    That guy’s Christian/biblical IQ puts him in the “imbecile” range! What a fool! I’m so angry right now (righteous indignation). That Mega Mess conference is a joke and I can’t believe all the people who continue to flock to it every year. This merge with the celebs and secular artists is bringing such confusion and the devil is loving it. This is why I pray for Pastor Lewis, Tetaun Moffit and EX Ministries. The truth of God’s word is dying off. Thank God for the few who continue to stand!!

  4. Man this chick KiKi Sheard is really caught up in this world badly…She likes “thugs”…what in the world…smoke a little weed…What? Just silly young woman…I’m with Pastor Lewis she’s grown and un-equipped and her parents are to blame they didn’t do their job properly and now it’s manifesting into her music and how she talks…Prayer is truly needed in this day and time…

  5. Are not the people who associate themselves and have had the hands of those who are accursed also now accursed? Didn’t the Lord also say that we are to call no one Father except God?

  6. Wow…I’m speechless. When I first saw the Tyler Perry video, first me and my brother laughed at it, but then as we sat there we felt sorry for the people sitting there witnessing it. I mean “in order for you to be blessed, your haters got to be present” (roughly what he said) it sounds like some Ghetto bible lol. We are really in the Perilous Times.

  7. What an eye-opening video. G Craige, I thought about you when MegaFest was going on and I wondered what you thought about all that took place there. I know what the Bible says about all of the mess that took place, it’s good to know that you intrepret things so well. I am appauled at some of the video footage that I saw during this broadcast and I’m wondering where is God in all of this. The Bible says, “there is a way that seemeth right to a man, but in the end is destruction.” MegaFest may “seem” right, but I believe that there is more damage done to folks then help. How do I know? I went to MegaFest back in 2006 and I vowed to NEVER go back. Juanita Bynum was preaching the session that I attended. When she finished “preaching,” she asked for folks to bring her money (I can’t remember the amount). Folks who did not have the money was yelled at, embarrassed in front of the crowd, and told to get back to their seats. WHAT? How is God in any of that? I have to take on my mother’s philosphy when she says, “I don’t believe in these conferences like Woman Thou Art Loosed. God loosed me at my bedside years ago with no fanfare and no Bishop Jakes. I believe that women who go to these conferences come back with more demonic spirits.” It’s sad that medium size churches like my parent’s church who is struggling for finances and losing members because we teach the TRUTH of the word of God and don’t water down the gospel has to struggle while Jakes gets a check for $1 million dollars. It’s okay though. God sees all and knows all. I would rather be broke then to preach or sit under false doctrine, period. Keep on speaking truth, Ex ministries. You are helping alot of folks.

  8. All I can say is that altho we know that Jesus and the Apostles prophesied about this happening, it still breaks your heart at what is being done to the church. But also what keeps my faith is that everyone who cries Lord Lord,is not of the Lord and that the false prophets if possible will try to deceive the very elect of Christ, If possible but whose names are written in that book of life shall not be deceived praise God. Truly sad these dogs committing harlotry and prostitution with the devil and saying they love Jesus……… Smh…….

  9. During the watching of this Extv which by the way I always look forward to on Monday when the video showed the audience of people I felt the Spirit of the Lord say they desire to be deceived and the so called pastors desire gold more than God.I dont consider these the church but a body of people who use the name of God for their own reasons. I pray to God they come into the truth of God”s word.

  10. God bless you preachers of the Gospel. So much was exposed; I thank God for all that EX Ministries is doing. I learned so much more in this show. I’m applying what I am learning and sharing with my family the truth. I am always praying for you all and that God will continue lead you in all that you are doing to preach an uncompromised message as always. I am fed up with denominationalism and it makes me sick to my stomach.
    Folks don’t want to show up to hear a real biblical message. I’m am disheartened that no one shows up at the 8:00 am service only at 11:00 am to hear the main pastor sing and preach. What is a young preacher to do? Should I start my own worship service? Should i come to Adamant Belivers Council. I don’t want to start a ministry out of hurt because I think that would be wrong. I labour to bring the message that God has laid on my heart and minimal people shows up to hear. I know I have to keep preaching and living the Gospel.

  11. 15 -20 minutes into this, my heart was broken! I didn’t want to watch anymore, but I knew I had to. Just as it was difficult for you guys to do the show, it was as equally difficult to watch the adulterous church to continue go a whoring after the 3 G’s (Gold, Glory and Guys(Girls). Our ministry has broken the mold, for this area, and we have established House Churches in North and South Carolina, Miami, Dallas, New Jersey, and Costa Rica. A lot of us show these shows in our churches because of the new believers and the unbelieving believers that know that there is more!
    Thank you for the work you are doing. We show these to let the young ones know up front, so it doesn’t stick out the back; and let the old ones know whats really going on and what they have been really been dedicated to for years. At my House Church, denouncing and deliverance(aka “Bucket Time”) follows after your show. You keep doing your part and we will keep doing ours!
    By the way, I notice you stayed away from the fact that when Tyler Perry got “caught up”, he slipped into his “Madea” voice! As someone that has been doing deliverance for years, that manifestation became obvious. Just as Madea will mess up a scripture for effect, so did he! The Nephilim High Priest laid hands on the new Nephilim High Priest and completely indoctrinated him into the world or realm of Nephalia.

  12. Man…I’m so messed up I can’t even go to class today. My head is swimming! Time to go into intercession. I am literally heartbroken!

  13. But for him to say ” Im gonna apologize on BEHALF of the church..I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO DO SO CAUSE IM A PASTOR”!! Really, lol.. Wow… That Angel That struck down king Herod down is on Stand By!! Ridiculous..

  14. “Why go to church when the church is just like the world?” – great point G Craige.

    I was amazed to see how far TD Jakes and some other pastors have gone to be accepted by the world. It seems that EVERYBODY even so called christians take up for and overlook the indiscretions of any one that has Money, Fame and can Entertain them. That is why many ppl cant see their sin….or do but don’t care. Many ppl seem spiritually blind. Alot of this stuff only takes common sense to know it is not right!

    I am looking for a church/organization that is different, set apart, a niche experience from the old. I love to get knowledge/wisdom; not just be entertained. I, myself want to experience the supernatural things that God has to offer – that only comes through holiness with Him – not merging with the world.

  15. I’m getting resistance in my own household over this issue. It’s amazing to see people that call themselves Christian go out of their way to defend a lie. Especially when it’s someone close to you. It’s disheartening.

  16. Thank God for conviction! I admit I streamed MegaFest but there were several things I found disturbing. I already stopped watching Jakes sermons because I felt all he preached about was “prosperity” messages, but now I will never stream MegaFest again. I am not even going to get started with Tyler laying hands on Jakes. I agree with Craig that it was staged. It was a complete spectacle and all about money.

    It saddens me that these anointed preachers are being strayed away. They have a big audience. If they would preach on salvation and conviction so many lives would be set free like Christ intended it to be.

    Thank you Craig for speaking the truth.

  17. if Jesus walked up to them and said stop all of this and go with me today they’d jump off a bridge. what if they had to face life without stardom, fame and money? they would not know what to do. not saying God wants us to be broke. let’s not be extreme. God said that He wants our SOUL to prosper meaning other areas of life will prosper with it. if they had to walk away they’d go mad. the ones who walk away to serve God always have good fruit. look at kirk Cameron and fireproof.

  18. I could not even listen to the so called pastor that was apologising to the girls from destiny’s child. I could not take it. What has the church become. God help us. Please Lord save these people as they are on their way to hell.

    God Bless you Pastor G and Brother Tetaun.

  19. I am so sad and disappointed. How can we be so blinded? It is written y’all…it is written… so, so sad…

  20. What could a non-believing new ager possibly teach people about life? Jesus said I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. One who doesn’t believe Christ is leading people to a spiritual slaughterhouse.

  21. I felt so many emotions about this. It made me angry and this made me sad. My spirit is grieved by this foolishness. At one point I thought about the book of Jonah…when Jonah was sent to Nineveh. This is some evil stuff. False prophets, anitichrist and hireling. Where are the true pastors? I don’t think they were at MegaMess. So many Pharisee like spirits. The Pharisees didn’t know Jesus…because they didn’t know God. HYPOCRITS…so many. I have said on occasions that the Body of Christ is broken. The Body of Christ is not broken. That is a big deception. The true church exists. We have a whole bunch of folks that is playing church just to further their agenda. This is prophecy coming forth. I know this…but it still makes me angry and sad. I wanted heaps of coal to come upon their heads.

    I actually muted some of the clips…because I just could not stand them. It was just so disgusting. There is no mixture of profane with holiness here…that was just pure garbage from the pits of hell. TD Jakes work so well with the world because he is of the world. Okay, I guess this is a instant of even the elite being deceived? Wow!! Just wow!!!

  22. Although we knew things would get worse, actually seeing the falling away of the church before your very eyes is a hard thing to grasp. I can’t really put into words how I feel after watching that video; sadness, disgust, disheartened are all complete understatements.

    I truly thank you exministries for your obedience to God, you have helped me and my husband so much. I know God is pleased with your service. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  23. Am trying not to laugh at the foolishness of KeKe… When I lived in Detroit Pastor Mavin Winans was speaking out against strip clubs not to close them down because he stated they needed to work and they have kids but he was speaking out to have the stage put up higher…As well his died brother Ron had molested so many boys at Mavins church a group of boys at one point pipe bomb the church remind yourself all these people hang out together… really sad

  24. I feel the same way Pastor Craige feels for that woman that stated that she’d prefer a man who smokes a little weed and that she is a hood rat. The Hood rat is one of the very things destroying the black community and yet she gives an endorsement that she is one? If your eyes are still closed that is because you want them to be. As for Tyler Perry and T.D. Jakes, I saw that a few days ago and was happy as a believer at the outrage. It was hands down the biggest bunch of foolishness I’ve seen all year. I didn’t find it funny and it’s sad that these people are looked upon to speak on behalf of the black community from a “spiritual” perspective when all they care about is taking your money while telling you that it is acceptable to live in chaos. Sad.

  25. My brothers I too was just grieved as to the support of such foolishness, but yet not surprised. We are seeing exactly what Luke 17:26-30 “And as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man: They ate, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. Likewise as it was also in the days of Lot: They ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; but on the day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. Even so will it be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed. Deception is so ramp-ted in the church that people who are in the word will only be able to see the deception. What we see here again is deception at it’s highest and if these people can be so easily deceived by this “man” they will be putty in the hands of the main anti-Christ! I’m screaming from the roof tops to those that claim to be Christians: NO THE WORD (THE BIBLE) FOR YOURSELF & NOW HIS VOICE!!!! We have been warned: Philippians 3:18-21 “For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ: whose end is destruction, whose god is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame—who set their mind on earthly things. For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body that it may be conformed to His glorious body, according to the working by which He is able even to subdue all things to Himself. THANK YOU AGAIN MY BROTHERS!! Your work is NOT in vain!!

  26. Thanks EX Ministries for addressing this. This mess just makes me sick to my stomach. It was very difficult to watch. How can so many people that are suppose to be Christians be misled like this? TD Jakes is being exalted as if he is God. It is very disturbing to say the least. I was wondering did any one else notice how Tyler Perry voice began to change. I could not view all of it, so I missed the part with the woman that looked like a man saying push.

  27. Sad, sad. Pastor G. Craige Lewis you said it best “disheartening”. I’ve been DONE for some years now!!! I thank God for EX ministries and what you do. Thank you for sharing the moment of truth with us, the research, the Word, dvd’s, etc. I didn’t grow up in a COGIC church, but I thank God for surrounding me with young Christians at that time in other denominations whose desire was to live holy and please God. It’s hard finding Christians with that same desire who refuse to compromise. I guess I shouldn’t be, but I’m simply shocked at those who say they are Christians. Thank you again and God bless EX Ministries!

  28. ok so I do realize I have come a very long way and I definitely live in right standing with God in spite of some of my emotional and mental challenges occasionally but megafest reminds me of women of faith. some of these events start out good with good intentions and then… BAM! things are off slightly but u can not place it. or your desire for it to be Biblical becomes strong even though you see the indiscretion. I think of the financial impact. you get a bunch of broken, raggedy people (women) together and exploit their issues. I wonder how many of the attendees will still be paying for this trip when they sign up for the next one. at women of faith they have the nerve to be partnered with the dream church and mark burnettte. clearly they are inside the engine of the Hollywood machine. the bible mini-series on cable was not biblical. nor was it if God. the heresies, made up stories. it almost seemed like a friggin fairy tale that you would read to a child back in the 70s. sadness for the Body. we are one Church. the Church of Jesus and i hope we really take a hard look at ourselves because we will have to give an account.

  29. a few years go I was attending a church where a new pastor was “installed”. one a particular anniversary or special event people lined up to give him gifts. I stood patiently in line. as a single woman of a small income I had nothing material to give but I was still happy about supporting him. people gave suits, gator shoes, money. when it was my turn I went up and hugged him and told him and his family that I loved them dearly. the rolling eyes and daggers of stares was overwhelming. I was so hurt. it took me a while to get over that. they ended up giving him a benz and shortly after he sold the building. what a mega-mess that was.

  30. Thank you EX Ministries for this video and your ministry to the body of Christ. There are many of us who reject Megamess because we refuse to have our faith turned into a golden calf Worship.

  31. I was also too stunned and not surprised by what I have seen today. Today’s Church really needs to stop quenching the Fire of Holy Spirit and God’s Message for Personal and Financial Gain. Have they not realize that Friendship with the world is enmity with God? Or have they not fully open their eyes and hearts to the truth of God is seriously telling them that this is not what he wants from us. There is no Glory to Man in His Kingdom. All the glory,praise and worship belongs to God and only God. This is a spiritual showdown between Heaven and Hell. We should refuse to worship idols that are false and a disgrace is God’s eyes. They will have to stand before God on the day of his judgment.

  32. Sad, sad times ladies and gentlemen when churches (particularly our predominately Black non-denominational churches) are saturated in foolishness! First off, that pastor doesn’t speak for me let alone apologize on my behalf for the CHOICE that the ex Destiny Child members made to sing secular music and straddle the fence in their own lives off the stage. As members of the body of Christ, we are our brother’s keeper so we should go to our family member in love and let them know that the way they are going is not the way God wants them to go so they can turn from that and turn to Jesus! Also, don’t get me started on MegaFooleryfest! So many things going on that was out of order it’s pathetic! Mixing the sacred with the profane, taking scripture totally out of context, speaking in tongues without interpretation, worshiping money and lust of the flesh and the pride of life, I can go on but you understand. Amazing that dog and pony show basically robbed many unsuspecting, devoid of discernment silly folk out of millions of dollars of their money just so they can get fired up for a weekend thinking they got delivered from their problems yet are right back at it come Monday! Um….I’ll think I’ll pass. That’s valuable time I’ll never get back and my money comes entirely too hard to be seduced into giving to false teachers and prophets to finance their secular movies and expensive retreats on exclusive private islands!

    I’m to the point where I’m praying to the Lord to increase the numbers of believers who not just need/want to get saved but really want to live in truth! Because the more I analyze society, the more I’m convinced that there are more folks out there that are reprobate than there are true believers. I really think we are outnumbered and that is sad.

  33. Thank you brothers G. Craige Lewis & Tetaun Moffet! This made me wanna cry, but more than that, it made me mad & very concerned. I used to love T.D. Jakes ministry, when I was a new believer, now I can’t stand what the enemy has done & is doing through these churches! I pray that our Lord Jesus continues to use EX Ministry to shine the light on & expose this lie that the church & the world can be together as one. Not On My Watch!!!!! The devil is a liar!!!!!

  34. Just plain old foolishness! The more and more I see mess like this the more it drives me to the word of God and what God’s word says. The problem is that people are so blinded by these celebrities they cant hear when they misquote scripture or when they twist scripture. Its sad when you see pastor’s promoting this mess instead of promoting Jesus! Pastor’s worrying about money and what kind of celebrity they can bring in to fill the seats. Souls are being lost for this foolishness!! Thank God for remnants God raises up to speak against this mess. Another great show from ex ministries! I look forward to viewing these episodes each week. Thank you for preaching the True Gospel and keeping us informed.

  35. Where do you even begin on this? There is SOOOOO much foolery in this that it’s hard to pinpoint any of it as more foolish than the other. I must admit, there was a time that I would have embraced all of this, but I thank God for truth. I thank God for leading me to EX ministries and opening my eyes to this type of mess right in the church. I agree wholeheartedly with G. Craig, it will get worse. We aint seen nothing yet. Most of us can’t imagine it getting any worse than this, sad to say, it will. All these folks ever talk about is themselves. I want to tell the people who feed into this to run, run as far away as you can from these wolves, run for your lives, run for your children’s lives, run to the arms of JESUS, but the sad part is they see nothing wrong. It’s like a battered woman defending her abuser. I’m sad that so many people who “think” they are doing the right thing with a sincere heart are really worshiping a false god. I’m also grateful that God would think enough of me to share His truth. I don’t deserve it, but because of His grace and mercy, He’s shown me. I thank Him for it. EX ministries keep shining the light of God on the dark places of the world, including the apostate church. Jesus told us the world would hate us and that’s exactly what they do.

  36. @HB. No offense, but they were at it when they were there at that foolishness. It is sad that some folks get a kick out of playing with God. God was nowhere near that mess. The real saints weren’t there. And if there were real saints there then they really need to take inventory of their lives. I am just wandering how long God is going to allow that foolishness to go on. When it end…it want end pretty. T.D. Jakes is really trying God. Talk about REPROBATE. Folks always want to try God…and I don’t mean in a good way. I feel sorry for him.

  37. Ex ministries keep bringing the light of Jesus to show the work of enemy. cry aloud spare not lift up your voice like a trumpet and show my people their transgressions thus said the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

  38. WOW like if you don’t know the WORD, you would be misled by each of the speakers they showed clips of.

  39. God am I sad. Even though I am saddened by this, I still know there is a hope and there is a remnant.

  40. My goodness WIDE is the broad road to destruction! This really puts it into perspective how wide it has been and will be. Thank you Lord for lifting the veil off my eyes. This is truth EX Ministries! God Bless You! Don’t get weary, fight the good fight! TD Jakes is too loved by the world, if he were preaching the true Gospel of Jesus Christ he would not be surrounded by all these celebrities chinnin’ and grinnin’. Repent!

  41. Kiki really told on herself in her interview. When I was in the world, I was attracted to a.certain kind of guy cause I wanted them to share like interests. Now I am a Christian, those.kinds of men don’t turn my head bc that is not what I do any longer. If she likes dope smokers………well. need I finish.that? The truly sad thing is all the young people who idolize her have been told by their idol, you can get high and God will still smile on you. Lord help.

  42. This was one of the most infuriating things I have have sat through in my life. I’ve been calling a lot of church folk sheep since my teens and now as a grown woman, I fully see how right I was in my infancy in Christ. It’s a sad thing when a mature believer calls you out if you run game but it’s shameful when a baby can do it.

    This has gone on long enough and the time is here when we truly have to choose who we belong with. Christians of the world are calling us naysayers. We need to study that word and take a look at whom we fellowship with.

  43. I thank God for exministries, I have seen very few ministries that will tell the truth and not care what anyone have to say, I will continue to support this ministry no matter what. The megafest is like a three ring circus with Tyler,Oprah and Jakes as the ring leader. I know it’s sad but I have to admit I laughed, because it’s utterly unbelievable what people will believe. I was never a fan of destiny child, but who does this pastor think he is apologizing to these ungodly women on behalf of the saints, They should be appologizing for leading so many people astray. The wrath of God will come and destroy all this wickedness once and for all, I thank God my eyes are not blind to this horrible atrocity, no wonder why the world laugh and mock God daily, you have these weak back, double minded,flimsy, lying leaders making people think the way to God is through living a perverted lifestyle and money they lie and tell people “God know my heart only he can judge” I Think Not! Woe unto all those who lead people astray by your fancy words and riches, you will probably wish you were never born.

  44. “stars” like Kelly and Michelle have SOULS that need to be saved. What is really sad is that the place where they should be introduced and persuaded to follow Jesus, is the place that affirmed them and kept them bound in sin. May God have mercy on all of their souls!

  45. ” It’s not Bible class, it’s Life class” But I thought that the Bible was ALL ABOUT LIFE! So HOW can I learn about life as a Christian OUTSIDE the Bible? From OPRAH???? Since when does the church have comedy shows?? What is there to laugh about?? There are so many errors I think it’s better to stop here. Sometimes I think that if the Lord Jesus personally showed up and said that this was not of Him, they would tell Him not to judge, but to love, because if God could use a donkey to speak, He can use anyone. Thanks for the information and may God continue to guide you in truth and love.

  46. WoW, I was truly upset and angry, sadden by what I saw and heard and more. Last night I got sick to my stomach and it hurted throughtout the night and I prayed and wondered how disgusted God must feel, but anyway, whoever that Pastor was up talking to Destiny child it doesnt take discernment or a rocket scientist to see this guy had his own greedy agenda. He must be in DESPERATE need in his ministry to get secular artists to come with the money to have sold himself openly to the world like this! Like Pastor Craige said they have TDfakes to look up too to emmulate after. After all look who their following to be like with dollars signs for eyeballs!! What the heck is that!!!

  47. The whole thing seems to be about worldly recognition, fame, and fortune. (The pride of Life)
    It’s really sad there’s no converting souls or leading these individuals to Christ just trying to gain notoriety from these people. The preacher didn’t make the former singers from Destiny Child accountable for the sexual explicit music they have sung for years which has sent the wrong messages to the youth of this generation but embracing it and justifying their music. Unbelievable… and disheartening.

  48. Kept sounding the alarm,reproving,rebuking&exhorting EX Ministries!!!! Let the Holy Written Word be the only instructions for his people to live by and anyone or anything that does not line with up it EXPOSE IT 24/7!!! We pray for God’s continual Power,Grace and Mercy be upon the work. God Bless you and to all who are about our Father’s Business!!!!!!!

  49. First off, love the work you guys are doing and the very informative news and biblical correctness you share. This by far was the best show due to the upfront, out front, mess that you exposed in regards to Jakes and his wizard of Oz festival, if I can call it that. I was angered, no I was baffled, no I was speechless at the whole side show! All of it was a mess but the one’s that really got me heated were Kiki, the apologizing clown of a so called pastor, and the gay transfer of laying on of hands by Perry and Jakes. Now after seeing this you think folk will believe us now about Jakes the magic dragon and his band of merry men, and I mean that in the most gayest way?

  50. Been thinking and sharing this video all day. I want to really THANK you brothers for really coming forth with the TRUTH! What is happening is so disheartening! Hubby and I felt ALONE for so many years because we couldn’t find a man of God preaching the WORD anymore.

    A few years back my Pastor took his staff from Orlando, Fl to Houston for a conference for another BIG TIME preacher there in the city. His church was massive. I will never forget what I saw that night. IN THE MIDDLE OF SERVICE, during the announcements, ushers came through the congregation SELLING BOOKS and CD products as if they were at the circus selling popcorn and peanuts. I NEVER seen anything like this and IMMEDIATELY thought about the Jesus turning over the money tables…..It was so blatant and AGAINST scripture! I sat there in shock that NO ONE ELSE was outraged. Thousands of dollars was made in a matter of minutes.

    In that same service churches from all over came and gave money to the “Bishop” for whatever the reasons. Some wanted their ministries to grow, others wanted their careers to grow, etc..etc… That night I WILL NEVER FORGET they raised 3 MILLION DOLLARS as a GIFT to the Bishop! I was SCARRED for life! I went back to my home church and was REBUKED for commenting that what we witnessed was NOT of God. I was shunned and treated WORSE than a sinner. I was demoted from all of by “assignments” …It was a very painful time.

    It wasn’t 2 months later…my husband (who never participated in the church sideshows)”dragged” me out of that ministry and said GOD SAID, WE ARE TO LEAVE and NEVER LOOK BACK!


  51. This was tragic, especially to see and hear so many Christians try to justify giving a platform to secular people at a “Christian” event. It make me wonder what are they being taught in their churches. Then to the pastor who claims he was apologizing to Destiny’s Child on behalf of the “church”. He must be talking about some other church than the Body of Christ! When he spoke, I got the distinct impression that he was a member of some fraternity who was paying homage to some false entertainment god. I might be wrong but that was what I saw when he spoke. Thanks again to Pastor Lewis and the ExMinistries team showing the truth. God bless you all. Peace.

  52. Exodus 34:14 (ESV) tells us that our Lord’s name is Jealous. God will not share his glory with the vanity of Mega Fest.
    Pastor G. Craige Lewis reminds us continually that when you have Jesus and the world, you simply just have the world.

    Continue to preach the truth EX Ministries and I thank God for you!

  53. Exodus 34:14 lets us know our God’s name is Jealous. So he won’t share the stage with carnality, selfishness, or Mega Fest.

    The proof is in the lives of the people who are show cased at this event. If you Google the names of KiKi Sheard, T.D. Jakes, Baby Face, the Braxton Sisters no of them are above reproach or scandal none the less bearing the fruit of salvation.

    If Jesus is the way then He is the only way and man’s philosophy and pride are not alternatives.

  54. Truth is amazing. I once asked the Lord, how does one become a false prophet? He said that he or she once followed the truth but are led astray by the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. 1 John 2:16 clearly says this is not of God, our Father. So yes, it’s sad to see someone who was once hot and powerful become lukewarm, diluted and pathetic. He is truly operating from a deep deficit that has never been healed only camouflaged BEHIND the gift and calling upon his life. His need to be affirmed and approved by man is greater than his need to minister truth – the gospel of Jesus Christ unto other people. Like Lucifer, he is intercepting, self absorbing and heaping all of God’s praise and glory upon himself through the counterfeit love of man, not of Christ. Keep all leaders and believers in prayer but do not fret for the day is near when all such evil will self destruct in a grave and terrible way. Truth is never mixed, it stands on its own. We must stay true. To God be the glory for Ex Ministries. This is excellence at its best.

  55. Not surprised.Continues to be Sad. But To the True Church. God said I will restore so lets Let God deal with us and truly humble us so that we may be prepared and ready to receive restoration from our Lord That we may be a people made ready for the Lord And by the life that Christ gives us some may see,hear and believe.Lets study to show ourselves. Approved. Rightly diving the word of Truth.I ThankGod for his word and Spirit that helps us see. God bless be encouraged this could be the true church’s finest hour. Take Heart God bless

  56. I want to simply say God bless you EXTV…and am so ashamed on all this stuff…apologizing on behalf of we preachers? tha’ts shocking ! …What comes to my mind when I see all this preacher is the words of Issac in scripture when he said, The hand is the hand of Jacob but the voice(message ) is that of Esau….

  57. Watching the video and reading through the comments, I know i wasn’t the only one Taken Aback, Angry and Heart Broken at the Same time. I had to pause the Video at so many places. It’s like watching a whole lot of one-eyed people being led to a place to be completely blinded, ad-midst the shouts and cries of Christ telling them “don’t go if you love me, please don’t go”. This same Christ will return as a Judge

  58. Time and time again, the Word tells us that without Christ, our LORD GOD, we are nothing. So by that standard, these people are Nothing because they may say out of the mouths (and some don’t even Say It!) that they are christians (yes, I used a small “c” on purpose) but deny His Power. Jesus said He came to those who are sick. He never said that WE can heal ourselves or that we are capable of healing others. It is only HIS POWER that works through us.

    The Body has become blinded by the god of this world and are happy with this blindness. I pray the scales fall from their eyes before they stand before Father God.

    Oh and I nearly came out of my seat when T.P. put his hand on T.D.’s head. My bible tells me to RUN when someone comes at me like that!! How come T.D.J. doesn’t know that??? OHHHH right, I forgot, it’s all about him………and that million buckaroos that was coming his way. So sad.

  59. Watching this episode brung tears to my eyes. I am very grieved by all this. This is truly the Laodicean church and its happening right before our eyes. I appreciate your ministry G. Craige and T. Moffett, please keep bringing us the truth because in these last days its only going to get darker and people need to know where they can go to receive the true light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Wake up church, Jesus is coming.

  60. I am so sad. I made the huge mistake of sharing this episode with my bible study group boy oh boy did I get rebuked…now do I just leave…I am heartbroken by the judgment given to Ps lewis and none to e Bishop sad sad day….saints please pray…

    1. I must ask you, why did they rebuke you about this video? Where they afraid of hearing the truth or did they not want to receive? No one is saying or talking about the ministry, what I am saying is that we have to look at the reality of things and see those things which have “spun” this world into falling away from God! A bible study should be one that is open for questions and possibly answers, it is no place for rebuking! I am sadden that people who “think” they are “real” Christians can’t be open minded about things that affect all of us. I don’t know this Pastor Lewis and I cannot condemn him, he knows in his heart right from wrong, however, I had tried to watch Jakes but the Holy Spirit would not allow me to listen and as far as Perry is concerned, he has talent, writing abilities and acting abilities, but what is his gift to the Body of Christ? I am so sorry that your bible study group could not be objective and listened and learn from the scriptures. JESUS wants all of us to love one another, in which I do, but we cannot go along sinful ways. We pray for each and every person and ask God to help them find JESUS, this is all we can do, aside from preaching, teaching, evangelizing and being truthful about the Word of God. Know this, that the blood if not on your hands and you should not be sad or ashamed because it is apparent that God wanted you to show this to the bible study group and see what their reaction would be. Now you know, what do you do about this moving forward in advancing the Kingdom of GOD?

  61. Watching that Bishop Jakes and Tyler Perry Clip sent me crawling to my prayer closet. Jesus have mercy! I just pray for forgiveness and mercy for these men. God bless you Pastor Craig, keep up the great work.

  62. I have followed your ministry on FB for a while, but this is the first full-episode I have watched. Tetaun & G Craige, keep bringing the truth and stay strong. In due season you shall reap if you do not lose heart. Thanks for standing strong against the culture, which is not a popular thing to do, but it is the RIGHT thing to do.

    Appreciate your ministry, and keep it comin’.

  63. Cmon now Kiki forreal, Thugs with black lips, what possesed her to say that?? I know heathens that wouldnt even talk to a thug. How do we call ourselves children of the Most High, redeemed by Jesus Christ and we are attracted to the most godless of people… I didnt even believe it when she said it. This is sad. To me what makes everything worse is seeing how many people, thousands and thousands possibly millions are being led away by a (multiple) false prophet(s). Lord help us, and bless EX ministries for not being ashamed of the gospel.

  64. This is an awesome video.im very surprised at Kiki Sheard saying that crap.what is wrong with her?i thought she was saved but when I found out she wa doing a ‘reality’ tv show I knew she’s was backslidden.all jakes wants is money and numbers to maintain homes,cars,and a very large income he does not need.we need preachers of the gospel with BACKBONE that will not sell out or filthy lucre.God bless brother G.craig Lewis and tetaun moffet.keep them comin!

  65. The time of the falling away is here.

    Personally, I feel vindicated that my suspicions on Jakes and Perry have proved true and
    that I am no longer alone in discerning what these men are really about.

    Thank you EX Ministries for giving me a show to share with skeptics who made me feel like
    a lone voice in the wilderness.

    Please do not be discouraged nor distressed Pastor Lewis; It’s tough for us end time
    Christians to bear all this deception around us. Do keep up the fight which
    helps to encourage us, the Body of Christ.

  66. The Word of God stands true about regarding these wicked leaders and their Evil Fest.!!!

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink: Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him! Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the law of the LORD of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel. (Isaiah 5:20-24)

    “But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows’ houses, and for a pretence make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves. – Matthew 23: 13-15

    Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess. Thou blind Pharisee, cleanse first that which is within the cup and platter, that the outside of them may be clean also. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.” – Matthew 23:25-28

    Keep blowing the trumpet and sounding the alarm Ex Ministries.

  67. This truly woke me up to what was going on in the world. I thank God for bringing me to this awesome man of God cant wait to order his DVD’s and learn more about God. The churches need to WAKE UP…..

  68. @Sean and Sheila
    Yes and Amen! For the word of God reveals truth!! Its so good reading these comments to know that there are still REAL Christians out there!! So many people are being led astray by wolves in sheep clothing. Thanks again to EX Ministries!!

  69. So we have a Gospel artist calling her self and quote on quote “hood rat”, tyler perry laying hands on a so called bishop, oprah and this new age foolishness..Wow..

  70. You know what… I think the reason why God is exposing all these gospel artists is because we look soooooo much IP to them and we idolise them sooooooo much…God is jealous God..He did say He won’t share His glory with ANYONE..no matter how big or anointed you are…

  71. All the prophets saw the end times and prophesied of the gathering of a
    separated, holy people who would have great understanding in the Word of the
    Lord. Daniel heard great things from God but “understood not” (Daniel 12:8).
    However, he saw a day coming when a purified, tried and tested remnant would
    understand; there would be a last-day company full of wisdom and discernment in
    the things of God. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the
    wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise
    shall understand (Daniel 12:10).

    Isaiah deplored the spiritual blindness of backslidden Israel. He said, “They
    err in vision, they stumble in judgment” (Isaiah 28:7). The little discernment
    they once had was destroyed by their lusts. But Isaiah prophesied of a day in
    which “the deaf [shall] hear the words . . . the eyes of the blind shall see
    out of obscurity, and out of darkness. . . . They shall sanctify my name . . .
    and shall fear the God of Israel. They also that erred in spirit shall come to
    understanding, and they that murmured shall learn doctrine” (Isaiah 29:18,

    I believe the last-day revival so many preach about is a revival of cleansing.
    If the work of the Holy Spirit is to convict the world of sin, righteousness
    and judgment, then it is certain that in a great Holy Ghost outpouring there
    will be powerful waves of conviction, and a careless, indulgent Church will be
    shaken and forced to face her sins.

    While multitudes of Christians chase after signs and miracles and flock to
    teachers of success and prosperity, God has been calling out a “wilderness
    people” who are consumed with hunger for more of Christ.

    Right now a glorious company is coming forth! One day God began to stir their
    hearts and they became disillusioned with all the hypocrisy and shame. They got
    into the Word of God and saw for themselves what His ultimate purposes are. They
    put on Christ’s robe of righteousness by faith, submitted to the claims of
    Christ, and decided to walk alone, if necessary, to be wholly obedient to Him.
    They set themselves to hear and understand the Lord’s will. They began to see
    things in the Spirit and were made to understand that the end of all things is
    at hand. To these, the Word of the Lord has come!

    “Christ is coming! Repent, for the day of the Lord is near! Lay aside every
    besetting sin and set your affection on things above! Do not partake in the
    empires and dreams of men. Forsake it all and go out to meet Him.” That word is
    being proclaimed loud and clear!
    by: Bro. David Wilkerson April 2011

  72. A black lipped thug? how can this statement be so foolish, ignorant, and hilarious at the same time? I was flipping channels the other day I stopped when I saw Jakes on Ophra’s life class, He said “When all else fails there’s the Word of God.” Sad there are so many deceived, The Lord Jesus Christ is not a part of this Megamess!

  73. p.s. The church is suppose to apologize to the world for their immorality? Huh? What cereal box did this pastor get his credentials from?

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