Episode: 4 | The LGBT Agenda ( Homosexual Manifesto)

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In this final LGBT Month episode during G Craige Lewis and Tetaun Moffett discuss the Homosexual Manifesto.

26 Comments on “Episode: 4 | The LGBT Agenda ( Homosexual Manifesto)”

  1. Hi

    Was really inspired by this video.discuss great work. Could you please furnish me with information on 501c3 churches.particularly the conditions imposed on them.

  2. Enjoyed the discussion and your having the Word of God to validate why you said what you said. What is your chance of getting on main stream media?

  3. The things done by the world has been done , there is nothing new. It will get worse day by day as we see the day approaching for our Lord to return. Keep the faith.

  4. is it a possibly that some of these people such as film stars, athletes are afraid of be blacklslisted or what the Government will do to them because I remember I read somewhere someone asked this actress who she was afraid of and she said politians. or it just simply mind control?

  5. wow, shocking. its crazy. all at exministries, watch your backs you guys are really exposing the truth and some peope my not like it. you guys are always in my prayers. my wish is that all parents to remain vigilant and watch over their kids. quite frankly, i think morals will be no more in the near future. however if we protect and teach the little ones whats right. then their morality will be secure.

  6. thanks so much EXTV you have just enlight me and my family on homosexual and areas we didn’t know about…

  7. Pastor Craig……preach preach preach with the strength and the grace and authority that God provides:). I live in London- thanks for helping me to wake up: God bless you and the ex ministries church and the work you are doing for Christ

  8. Yes we are to judge rightful judge, some people want to live in their sinful life style so they will use this slogan “YOU ARE JUDGING, YOU ARE JUDGING, YOU ARE JUDGING” because you told them what they are doing is wrong and to prevent us from saying it. God bless you guys keep up the good work.

  9. Thanks Pastor Craige and Tetaun for being willing and brave as men who stand for the truth of God’s word to make this information available to us who are of like mind as you. It is so sad that there are not other ministers of the gospel that will stand with you on not only this issue, but on the issues of hip-hop and gospel artist in league with secular music artist; as well as some of the other things that you do.

    Thanks again, and I pray the Lords strength and continual boldness upon you both and God’s protection around you and your families!


  10. I really enjoyed this message; informative and eye-opening. I remember back in the 90’s during my senior year having a discussion about gays in the military and the gay movement was compared to the Civil Rights Movement of Blacks in America. I remember feeling so disrespected by the comparison. Blacks fought for the right to looked upon and treated as a genuine human being, but LBGT wants the right do abominable things and those things to be “morally” right. Thank God for you Pastor Lewis and T. Moffett. This message has also made me realize I need to become stronger in my faith and walk with the Lord and really STUDY the Word of God. God Bless!!!

  11. I am so disheartened to know that our Government system is has fallen to the powers of darkness. I repent for voting in this last election, I didn’t want to but I allowed those around me to convince me to vote. Well I don’t care anymore about the government since it doesn’t value the things of God. The United States will suffer the judgement of God as no other country has because it knows the will of God and is foolishly scoffing at His righteousness. My only hope is that there is a place for His remnant His true believers to live, a place where we can come together and stand with singleness for His Righteousness.

  12. Good morning G. Craige Lewis, Thank you and Tetaun for speaking the truth according to the word of God. You talked about the church being for believers. What I have been hearing across the pulpit it that the church is the hospital for sick people, but what I’m seeing is a lot of the people are still sick and haven’t changed inside or out. People in position are committing sin and are not being set down. I can’t even enjoy church with knowing these type of things are going on. Pastors are using secular music as an example when preaching. I’ve never believed in bringing the world in to the church. I would appreciate your comment.

  13. I really really really LOVE EXTV this would be the only show I know that isn’t afraid to speak ABSOLUTE TRUTH! God bless you Pastor G. Craige Lewis and Tetaun Moffet for exposing this to the believers and especially the ones who are asleep and need to be awakened at this very critical time.. the last days are here and Jesus is getting ready to make his return, the church and body of Christ needs to WAKE UP and be ready! The devil is coming hard because he KNOWS he has a short time he knows he will be revealed soon! WAKE UP CHURCH! This stuff is serious it’s going on right under our noses but we need to get our spiritual eyes opened to this wickedness.. God give us to strength to face the wickedness and stand strong when the devil wants to tear us down! Lord have mercy!!!

  14. Good Morning. I’m writing because I simply loved this video. I feel very blessed to have seen it. I believe in the truth of God’s word and I’m not for splitting hairs when it comes to it but rather I think it is important that we understand the word and study it diligently. So often I hear “Obama’s not your spiritual leader” which is often church folk’s justification of their being enamored with Obama. I didn’t vote for him as I see him speaking with a forked tongue. Yet you said something intriguing to that I am unable to find the information on and hope you will be kind enough to share it. You mentioned something to the effect of Obama being for or lowering the age of consent. Please direct me as to where this information may publicly be found. Thanks much!!

  15. We need to declare a time of fasting & prayer against this spirit of the anti-Christ. Let the God of Elijah, he that answers by fire appear and manifest himself.

    Personally, all those doing this nastiness in the House of God without repentance deserve the hand of God upon them. God is to be feared and respected. I pray the God of the old testament will arise and judge these sons & daughters of perdition. Enough is enough!


    Praying for New Orleans, Louisiana, because they have opened up their doors to allow ungodly practices to take place for 6 days during the Labor Day weekend. This is my first time hearing about this 6 day event that has been going on “annually” called South Decadence… I looked up the word “decadence” and was amazed of the meaning! I am baffled what I saw…the name “decadence” in itself should be wake up call, but I understand that when a person is blinded, they can’t see…

    Decadence means a period of decline; a process of civilization’s decline; a process of decline or decay in a society, especially in its morals; a state of decline: the condition of a civilization in decline; immorality: a state of uninhibited immoral self-indulgence.

    Here are synonyms to decadence: corruption, debauchery (sin and wickedness), depravity (evil), dissolution (termination), self-indulgence, and profligacy (wastefulness and recklessness).

    Decadence is often used to describe a decline due to an erosion of moral, ethical, or sexual traditions. That is exactly what is happening at this event, as well as around the world.

    Deliverance, salvation, and healing in every aspect of the lives of everyone partaking in these actions and this event is needed. Pray for the state and city officials, government officials, voters, residents, businesses and etc… People are making money off of this demonic “so called” celebration. People think that this is a celebration, but it’s not, it’s the complete opposite. This is sad! It’s time to pray in the name of Jesus!!!

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