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G.Craige Lewis and Tetaun Moffett discuss Error of Man 2 – Pharmakos DVD.

16 Comments on “Episode: 5 | Error of Man 2 – Pharmakos”

  1. This dvd is so true. When I said I could not sleep they gave me a mind altering drug and it open me up to spirits that were attacking me. Then the side effects was me depending on this drug to sleep. I made up in my mind that I was going to stop taking it , was making my sugar level real high, I could not sleep for days and my body began to hurt due to lack of sleep. He is telling the truth and with all things we must pray. Not all medication is bad but we must pray because they are trying to put everyone on mind altering drugs.

  2. I have Pharmakos and love it! I still have 30 pounds to lose and this DVD confirms what I have known about food and vaccinations all along. We are overmedicating when most of the problem is what we eat. I recommend this DVD because it will truly change what you eat and what you shouldn’t have.

  3. This is right on the money. My body has almost always been sensitive to I was prescribed back in college Lamictal and Seroquel for insomnia and anxiety/depression/mood disorders and was told by a Christian psychiatrist that this is something that I had to do for the rest of my life. He also said that because I was a woman, by taking these drugs it will lessen the effects that the symptoms of these things on my children (my mother had depression and my father was a schizo). Of course, no one wants their child going through those instances, so I took the medicine with the assurance of clinically trained professionals. I was overweight at the time, but I started feeling okay for a while. However, during that time I started attending what turned out to be a cult church and lost all control of my senses. I even woke up one morning in my pajamas and started randomly walking around campus. My best friend called me and I was just in a bit of my mind to get out of the dorm and walk to hers. She and another girl prayed for me continuously until that medicine came up. I was freed from it at last, and then that was when I started having visions and dreams about how I was in a cult church and needed to disassociate myself from it and from people who weren’t willing to come out of it (basically those satisfied with how they were manipulating people out of money–particularly college students). However, I went through a cycle of depression again, and my mother convinced me that I needed to take the medication again. For a while, it seemed to work, but then the same tormenting symptoms happened again. I also noticed my once perfect vision was now getting worse. I almost walked off the edge of the waterfront until my fiance (now husband) called as I was walking out the door with a suitcase packed with my clothes. I moved up to Maryland to get a new start and I stopped taking the medications again. I was doing better until I became pregnant, but they started giving me even more medication. For my lack of knowledge, I took one dose of those pills and it gave me the worst physical reaction in my life. I stopped taking those pills and sought out a great Christian counselor. She showed me that through various assessments I took how I was on the edge of having a mental breakdown and a whole host of disorders ranging from OCD to depression to DID to borderline personality disorder to generalized anxiety disorder (etc.). Oddly, the only thing that I did not test high on was the schizophrenia testing. She said to me that these things are preventable but that it would require some painful investigation into the issues I never faced in my past. For a year (and some time after that), God used her to show me the error of my thought life and patterns, and how the past bound me to its sin. She also said that the medicine I took never aided the symptoms, but made it worse. I agreed and no matter what, I know God has given us a sound (sober) mind. I am glad to say that I am standing in God’s promises and am working to retrain my mind not to worry or be anxious through the Word and by becoming more aware of what my mind is thinking. Thanks be to God for a supportive husband and church who teaches the truth about these matters. A lot of the issues we see are the result of what Pastor Lewis said in his video. Our churches must become places where they deal with the real (and whole person) and not just try to make you feel “good” about your mess or sins.

  4. Some good points. The extreme example of how meds can block one’s spirituality was seen in the movie based on a true story called ” The Exorcism of Emily Rose”. That’s a movie I will never forget. You can research the documentation of it. However the testimony of the anthropologist was the most revealing when she said how the girls exorcism didn’t work because she was on heavy psychiatric medications for delusions and that interfered with the spiritual exorcism.
    Yes we all must ask God to bless our food for protection as most of us don’t have the means to eat non GMO foods. Making better choices when possible is helpful as God helps those who help themselves. He wants us to be aware. I have my own opinion of some imbalances and medications but I get the main point of the topic. and agree for the most part. We cannot be active in our spirituality if we are unaware of the damage certain medications can cause when it alters our awareness. We must be able to function but it must be in a non zombie like way. Amen

  5. This is a great message. I will get this for my youth ministry. I can remember taking flexiril (a muscle relaxer) and it had me hallucinating. I refused to take it again. The only meds I take now is Synthroid and I don’t want to take it. It smells like it can kill a horse. It is really strong. The word even has syn in it.

  6. I am so thankful for this i knew what i eat and some medicines that cause side affects, played a part in how i was feeling. Thank God for Truth. God Bless you Exministries.

  7. Thank you for this video pastor Lewis. I’m trying to get to the bottom of why do I cramp even when I’m not menstruating. I did have an ultra sound and it showed that I have a cyst being squeezed by a fibroid on the right ovary. I’ve been seeking for natural remedies to either flush or make it disappear. I also have a kidney stone on the left kidney. Pains appear to be getting worse. I don’t know if it’s caused by the fibroids or the stone. I don’t take meds because they cause severe stomach pains and don’t take the pain that I’m actually experiencing away. However, because of the info you have shared, I will continue to refuse prescriptions given by the doctor. God bless.
    PS. if you have any info on what I’m experiencing please share. I’ve found how to flush the stone out by drinking more fluids with lemon and olive oil, but have no idea how to diminish the cramps and get rid off the fibroid and cyst.

  8. Right now, I have made a decision to choose the very low carb route and see what comes about. Can anybody give me any advice or convey to me why this has happened. I’ve under no circumstances had problems shedding meizitang just before.

  9. I watched “Food, Inc.” so I know the food is processed and genetically modified. My BFF holds a biology degree and calls high fructose corn syrup “the devil”. My mother says we all need to live on farms to eat food we have grown and slaughtered ourselves. I am a registered nurse and avoid pharmaceuticals like the plague. My doctor wants to treat fibroids with birth control pills. I don’t think so; let nature take its course, menopause is on the horizon. Folks think I’m crazy to spend money on fluoride-petrolatum-paraben-sulfate free products. Pray for me, I want to repent from “creamy crack” aka hair relaxer (perm) but my husband demands a European standard.

  10. I just watched this video and it’s making me consider getting the dvd. I know it’s nigh 3 in the am and all but part of my being up this late is due to listening and looking up stuff to confirm this…. and remembering some secular rock songs that hint at this going on. It lines up with what some of my friends say about psych meds.

    So thank you again for this video.

  11. Hey Brother,

    This discourse was fantastic, I am adventist I love what you have set forth. I love that you share truth as you learn it. This is a beautiful message and a message that Jesus has given to help us overcome sin in the latter days especially. I will be sharing this discourse as soon as I buy it and hope you continue to help us escape the deceptive win of Babylon that still has in remnants in our churches.

    God bless and enjoy your freedom in Christ.

    Brother King.

  12. Being a Biomedical Scientist student, this episode is very interesting. I remember the first time hearing about GMO Foods, I actually done a presentation on it. I thought it was a good thing so we will be able to feed people in “third world” countries food, however, when I found out that GMO food lacking the right nutrition, I can to the conclusion that those in “third world” countries would barely benefit from eating it. I’m definitely going to purchase this DVD and show it to those studying the same or similar course as me and also the lecturers.

  13. This is an issue that leading alternative healthcare providers have been teaching and saying for more than 100 years. We as African Americans tend not to seek out care with “unconventional” Doctors that don’t utilize prescriptions, toxins, or poisions to correct our health until we are at our last hope and hanging on by a thread. But as mentioned in this video, christians now turn to medicine and MDs before they turn to God for healing, because our society has been programmed to do so. If you’ve never tried an alternative to conventional medicine, I urge you to watch this video “Health and healing God’s Way” on Youtube.
    As stated by some very wise sources:

    “The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
    -Thomas Edison

    “The person who takes medicine must recover twice, once from the disease and once from the medicine.” – William Osler, M.D. (Father of Modern Medicine)

    “The nervous system controls and coordinates all of the organs and structures of the human body.” -Gray’s Anatomy

    “Have you more faith in a spoonful of medicine than in the power that animates the living world?” -BJ Palmer


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