Episode: 6 | T.D. Jakes MEGAfestation

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G.Craige Lewis and Tetaun Moffett discuss T.D. Jakes MegaFest, his partnership with the world, Oprah Winfrey and more.

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  1. Pastor Lewis, Thank you again for bringing light to a dark world. For showing us ( with proof may I add) The truth that gets covered up in show. My family has been changed by truth, and we pray God grants us many years to share the truth you have opened our eyes to, Glory be to the Most High and Only God.

  2. This message it’s on time and in season. My pastor just preached about this Sunday (7/14/13). Thank you for continuing to preach the truth! Obey God and I pray that there will be ears to hear.

  3. Amen, out of love for them I’ve been trying to tell others about Jakes long ago. They will not listen.

  4. I get so excited when I hear the truth being preached…my Spirit rejoices when I hear revelation that is from the bible!

    Please keep us informed of the abominations that are taking place inside and outside of the “church”…

    May Jesus Christ continue to use you as He is doing …powerfully.

    I will continue to pray for those who are misleading the saints because we don’t know if they can turn around and repent.

    Your sister in Christ,

  5. This is happening and has been for some years now.in our churches right here in Nairobi (Kenya). MANY pastors are applying the T.D Jakes Megafest formula to attract numbers in churches by having local celebrities making cameo appearances and entertaining people in the guise of worship during regular Sunday services. They’ve just recently formed a new church targeting local celebrities who avoid going to church so as not mingle with common folk! Preaching feel good messages is the norm, materialism and false hope sermons from televangelists; the true gospel is watered down and tailored to satisfy itching ears. We have gospel award shows now which is big business in Kenya sponsored by corporate companies. “Gospel” music shows on most if not all TV stations complete with “gospel” DJs and VJs, etc. The “gospel” music has now become more of entertainment and promotion of self and not God and His Word. This video clip is a reflection of what is currently happening in churches and the “gospel” music industry in Kenya.

  6. That was great teaching! Anyone that goes to Mega Fest after that doesn’t have the love of the Father in them.

  7. Do you think T.D. Jakes is born again, and if he is, that he knows he is openly in rebellion to God’s will ? I know Oprah is off center and is probably being misled by her spiritual guru. I ask because in order to pray it’s helpful to know what one should pray.

  8. hello
    brother how are you ,,,love in jesus keep stand for the gospol,,, you and your church are excistly right

  9. And the saints keep telling me to “just pray”…. for what?! “MegaMess”?! I’ve been unfriended on Facebook and shunned at my former ministry by some because I have told saints the truth about T.D. Jakes, Oprah, and others. The Devil is counting on the ignorance of the Church so that he can destroy it from within. We have inclusionist, homosexuals, New Age gurus, and outright freaks in the midst of our ministries being promoted by the leaders. One sister told me that Oprah helped her personally but she has never met Oprah personally, and got offended at me for saying something and also threatened me about being in trouble with God for speaking out about T.D. Jakes. We have ministers tuning into Oprah’s Life Classes and introducing that New Age doctrine into congregations all over the country. The “wheat and the tare” have grown up together and it appears to be “taring” up the wheat. I’ve never seen a day like this one where the sheep jump into the mouths of the wolves and season themselves for the feast to be eaten alive. Nope, I am not going to just pray, but I’m going to speak out for as long as I have a voice to wake up as many folks as possible and I pray and hope that others who truly love the LORD will do the same in this apostate age. I will be linking this to my blog.

  10. we are called out ones as christians not to blend in……….LETS HOLD TIGHT TO THE TRUTH COS END IS HERE….. THANK U PASTOR CRAIG/TATAUN…….MORE INSPIRATION

  11. T.D. Jakes is anti-Christ and the sooner people who follow his false teachings accept that, the sooner they can heal.

  12. This message is right on time…I have always know that MegaFest was a doorway to new age movement to creep in and get a foothold in the body of Christ.


  14. I love the show set-up, really on point. When I heard the Megafestation line-up, I also felt what was clearly expressed in this episode. Keep the truth coming!

  15. Great message Pastor Lewis. “I’m not even going to call him Bishop, Thomas Dexter” this line made me laugh. God bless you, your family and ministry.

  16. Thank you for being bold. Keep it going !! Through the sharing of your knowledge we have made major changes in our family which brought nothing but blessings and growth. You have our support !! Thank you !

  17. This is a blessing and is so true. Any one that teaches another gospel or doctrine should be a red flag to you. God please bless this ministry and please allow the eyes of the people to see the truth. I was going to a church for 6 years and towards the last couple of years the vision and doctrine start changing. I new I had to leave on that note because my relationship with God is more important then a relationship with the pastor or people. I just thank God for showing me and opening my eyes to the real truth. If you ask him he will show you.

  18. What a waste of time El Paso TX. We see you on North Mesa St. hiding behind a fake name. Stay off our blog please. Good Day!

  19. I have been following Elder/Pastor G. Craige Lewis since he he spoke at the NIYC in Baltimore, MD in December 2002 and I have enjoyed the EX Daily word, still have the Ex Daily Words from February 2005 until now. Many people I know go to hear people at Mega Fest and woman thou art loosed, but I can’t get with it. Thank you for speaking the truth and letting us know the truth and letting us know that we are all an EX of something once we become born again. I appreciate your work and your word. Continuous Blessings to you and your family.

  20. Heartbreaking. Oprah was just visiting John of god and his entities….now she is going to mega fest…where’s the accountability. My heart is sore for the millions of souls outside of USA who will think and learn this as normal…God help us all

  21. I would urge oprah to read the Word again. When Jesus met the woman with five husbands at the well, He was clear that whoever Seeketh him will never run out of the living water as He is the source of the everlasting water. God is love, no one can have love in their heart if they do not have a connection with our Father. Also When Jesus Encountered Nicodemus the jew, He told him, Jesus’s words per the account of the gospel of John, ” anyone who believes in the son of God will not be condemned, he who believes not in the Son of God has been condemned already”. I technically have no words to describe oprah.!! Ooh and I did I jst see iyanla. Ok I now I have no words. Really Jakes?. Remember the shepherd of the sheep will be severely judged.. Good day EX.. I salute you all IN THE NAME OF GOD.

  22. “I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: WHICH IS NOT ANOTHER; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.” – Galatians 1:6-7 Amen. I could truly walk with you brothers. God bless and love.

  23. Thanks EX for continuing to provide God’s people with the truth. The MegaFest garbage is indeed the Mega Mess. Thomas Dexter Jakes has an anti-christ spirit. I also believe that the TM incident is being over blown to take our focus off the things of God. So many are not even looking at this from a spiritual stand point. They are so caught up in the hype of bringing about confusion until they are missing the real message. We are losing our children because of the state of the Body of Christ. We have allowed satan to creep into our homes and taken over. And guess what? He is able to do this because we are in a slumber. We are drunk on foolishness. This Mega mess is only a continuation of the foolishness that have invaded the Body of Christ.
    Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come the falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition. 2 Thessalonian 2:3

  24. Thank God that exminstries keeps telling the truth because God needs preachers that will stand in the gap. Infestation, and people are having itching ears following this mess, and the bible says that as many as lead by the spirit of god for they are the sons of God. And it’s a dangerous time we live in America and in church. Man leading themselves to there own judgement because of Pride. Wanted to please men and not God. And now this Is just a setup to bring back those spirits into these churches. Like infestation of insects, and they’ve open a door which is flooding into the church. And bring these demons with them. It’s doesn’t take much to bring it, but those is a plain of the enemy. It’s a really!!!!! Scary time and people dont even know it! Families need to be delived and so that God can bless them the right way it’s called process. To get to progress gods way, and it started in the beinging.
    Love exminstries keep doing what your doing it’s a Blessing to those who need it!!! Like my family.

  25. Thank you for sharing the “truth”! I always send your words to those that are being blind by these apostate and there doctrine and pray they will come from among them. So many are in total blindness!! Blind because they are NOT in the word for themselves so they are being deceived because they don’t know what the “word” says!

  26. I thank God for His truth and the fact that there are bold vessels to spread it. Once truth is revealed and accepted life is NEVER the same. I’ve only known about EX ministries for a few months but I know the truth is coming forth. God is good like that. When you ask for truth He WILL reveal it. It definitely takes a renewing of the mind. We must be deprogrammed from all the lies we’ve adopted as truth. I pray God gives EVERY believer the boldness to stand for truth in this hour.

  27. I loved this video and agreed with everything except you comparing Td Jakes to David Wilkerson. Whattttttt? David Wilkerson DID NOT tickle ears, he preached that gospel!

    1. I did not compare T.D. Jakes to Davide Wilkerson. I made reference to a sermon Wilkerson preached from Ezekiel entitled the Pillow Prophet – Tetaun

  28. I’ve discerned something wrong about this man for several years.
    Visited churches where he was referred to in good terms and did not return
    because of sensing the compromise.

    I give God thanks for warning me about this man and held on to the truth that a wrong spirit was
    involved, in spite of being virtually alone in this discernment and enduring a subtle persecution
    (snobbery) because of it.

    By their fruits ye shall know them. What is in darkness will come to light.

  29. Good, sound doctrine, ex-ministries, total truth. Wow, the things that are happening in these last days is just shocking, and keep getting crazier and crazier. Jesus Christ is the only way, Amen.

  30. I attended his 1st Pastors and Leaders meeting and I knew there was error, It was all about money and progressing self. Who would believe me… Long behold here is the Proof! Thank you

  31. (baby honey child baby honey sweet sugar honey sugar baby, More Lispin) Hilarious!!! Thank you, this is some powerful deep teaching of the truth!

  32. Amen, praying that Gods church can be free from all this mixture and finally go on to perfection. A remnant will be saved and will truly represent Christ without spot or wrinkle in this last day. Narrow is the way. God bless EX Ministries, continue to pray, fast,exhort and be conformed to Christ’s image. Contending for the faith that was once delivered to the Saints, Love you in the Lord.

  33. I Corinthians 1:17 For Christ Sent me not to baptize,but to preach the gospel: NOT WITH WISDOM OF WORDS,LEST THE CROSS OF CHRIST SHOULD BE MADE OF NONE AFFECT.
    The cross of Christ our Lord is made of none affect with these hollywood preachers. They dont preach the cross of Christ. But it is another Jesus and another Gospel that they preach! of their own liking! The Cross is not mentioned and not the focus of their preaching. I believe that their are still people who are listening to this false Gospel who wants out. So please EX continue t o preach Christ to the nations! For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness: but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. GOD BLESS THANK YOU

  34. I wish I can discovered this site earlier. So many so-called Christian sites support these “prophets” of profit and it’s so difficult finding sites where Christians are doing as they are called. Thank you.

  35. Thankyou and may God continue to bless your family and minisrty for bringing us into the truth. From 2000- 2004, i belonged to a megachurch. It took me four years to realize the foolishness i was a member of. I have not found a church home since. I found exministries in 2009. My eyes have been open. Is there a Adament believers council in the state of Virginia that i may attend? If so please email me at the email address given, thankyou so much for TRUTH!!!!

  36. Great job brother Lewis.keep up the superb work.keep shedding light in darkness.keep exposing false teachers,preachers,and all alike.thanks again brother!

  37. I remember being a new saint in my 20s going to a Pentecostal church led by a bishop that resembled TD Jakes in many ways. Back then I yearned to go to conferences like MegaFest. So glad I did not waste my money. Now I do not go to any church. My personal relationship with God is too important.

  38. I agree with what’s being said here, it’s past time for us to stop bringing ‘everything’ into the church, but it seems to be about “money” (sadly) more than anything else.

  39. As a teenager in the late 90’s, I greatly benefited from Woman Thou Art Lose series. I wasn’t to go to the conferences, but I read the book and I listened to series. Although I was Preacher’s Kid and grew up in church, the women he had at these conference like Juanita Bynum back then, helped me to understand that I could go to God and bare all to him and he would talk to me, heal me and guide me. Today, I operate in a deliverance and evangelism ministry that is serious about salvation, loving God, loving people, spreading the gospel to hurting people and people in general. I volunteer helping children in Foster Care, mentoring young girls, I work in law and one day will be a Judge. I said all of that to say this, some of TD jakes sermons, books, conferences has touched all of lives is some way shape or form. But I understand what this show is saying and I think Oprah should not be there, the whole Mega Fest seem like a compromise. When I saw the line up, I thought…Why? When will the Church draw the line. There is no celebrity in Christ. There is no special treatment in Christ. Majority of these celebs know about Christ anyhow, but they refuse to give up the life. The love of the fame There are many hurting people out there or people who just need Jesus. Why oh why are pacifying celebrities. A friend to the world is enemy to God. Its not about the physical person, but their choices and decision will not agree with submission needed to serve God. If we want our young ladies and young men grow up to be of God then we must not let them be confused.

  40. I am dumbfounded. I have in he past, about 12 years ago attended a womens thou art loose event. No real change in me. I was bought up penecostal from the age of 19. I am now a member of a word of faith church and have issues with a few thiings, thus my finding my way somehow to your teaching. I seek truth, so much has been revealed to me through your teaching. My thing is now, where do I go from here. What body of Christ is there here in Michigan, Suburb of Detroit that is following God in Spirit and in Truth. I just threw out all my TD Jakes Books, Marilyn Hickey, Kenneth Hagin, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn books and now just read the Bible exclusively. I feel a little lost because I do not understand how I could be so deceived for 40 years,thinking I was worshiping God in the right place. I started to drift away when Henneth Kagin came for a conference and had one of those so called holy ghost laughter, being drunk in the spirit meetings and I felt I was the only one in the congregation that did not feel anything. I though something was wrong with me Who do I fellowship with, and now my husband caught part of this message and is upset with me. HELP!!!!!!!

  41. Hi folks without a church,

    Do not be discouraged. I know the lost feeling of not having any where to go just yet.

    Get closer than ever to Jesus, the Friend that sticks closer than a brother, and keep praying for a fellowship
    and a knowledgeable Pastor. Who knows God may choose Elder Lewis and you may be able to relocate.

    Let’s ask God for even more discernment in these end times. Never felt lead to follow Jakes, Hinn,
    etc. Used to have Tyler Perry DVDs and got convicted and got rid of them long before his contrary lifestyle was revealed years later. The Holy Ghost is our guide and counselor where ever we go.

    Thanks to EX Ministries, especially Elder Lewis I have expelled some compromising gospel music this

    Be encouraged all. God Bless!

  42. I’m here in the West Indies and believe me, if I lived in the U.S . with the Lord’s permission, I’d seriously relocate to Elder Lewis’ church. The Brother is for real, a man of God!

  43. Dear Lady,

    Pray for your husband. God can solve misunderstandings and heal relationships.
    He can bring unity in the faith.

    God Bless All

  44. There is not question, there is truly so much wrong with professing believers. Yet, there is nothing wrong with The Church, which is The Body of Christ. Yes, some have made into the mouth of Christ, yet they are not in His Body, they are not accepting Christ into their heart.

    The real problem is not only the so-called “Pastor, Bishops, etc” but the believes themselves who do not search the scriptures, but believe whatever is “preached or taught.” It is time believers do what they need to do, which is give themselves unto the LORD, mind, body, soul, and spirit. Too many professing “believers” are dedicated to men, not Christ. I pray the LORD open their eyes, heart and minds.

    P/T Doulos

  45. It is preacher who have set up people to be deceived, teaching that a relationship with God, is not a religion. Yet, Christ taught true Religion. One needs to understand what is a Religion? Religion is a state and way of living or life. So, is there such a thing with God? Is there a state and way of life a person must live by, which shows a true relationship with God. Yes. It is written of in James 1:26-27; This text is very clear, there is a Pure Religion; being Pure, it is From the Father Light, from whom every good and prefect comes from. What then is Pure Religion? It is a manifestation of a true relationship with God; pure religion is love that works by faith; Whose Love, whose Faith? The Love of God manifest and the Faith of Christ which works by love. As it is written “Faith without works is dead.”

    How can faith be without works? Faith is motivates works; faith is what causes you to act on what you believe. Therefore, what is “Faith without works is dead”? It your faith that doesn’t work by the Love of God, your faith is dead. I pray that all who call on the name of Yehshua (Jesus) will submit unto The lead of the Holy Spirit into all truth.


    P/T Doulos

  46. I was once a real supporter of TD Jakes’ ministry. Thanks guys for opening my eyes. It is incredible but one has to believe the truth. The information you gave about opening yourself up to seducing spirits is so true by partnering with these new age people. This Mega Fest is a big trap. Transference of spirits can take place. Be warned. For I myself have had a real visitation from a spirit posing as an angel of light trying to teach me against the bible. These people you are showing are spiritualists. They believe in using spirits for their gain. These people can be witches, pimps and prostitutes who have a so called anointing but their anointing is not of God and some of them have an agenda to use the anointing to deceive the people of God. I almost fell into the trap of partnering with these kinds of people who divulged their antichrist motives to me. They have strategically placed their people in all places of society. We need to pray for discernment and wisdom. The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. People- do not get caught up in the feeling. You shall know them by their fruit. Thank God for His mercy and grace and a lot of your videos that my eyes were opened to show me how the door was opened to the enemy and thanks be to God, the one and only God, that door to the enemy is now shut and I plan to serve the real Jesus the rest of my life.

  47. Thanks once again Pastor Lewis, as our Bishop “constantly” says, “It’s ALL about Jesus Christ” and if our church goes down to one person (we’ve lost many to the mega churches too), he’s going to preach the ‘unadulterated’ gospel with his last breath. Jakes came to our former church twice but it never really took because our Bishop says, “open your Bibles read and get to Know the Lord for yourself, because mankind lies”. Believe it or not Pastor Lewis, the Messianic Rabbi’s (John Lash, Kirt Schneider, Myles Weiss, etc.) preach More about the True Gospel than many t.v. preachers that I see today. Lord help us that so very many are being deceived. Knowing my Bishop, NO way would he have let Tyler put his hands on him in that way, prayer or not. Continue to pray folks, time is truly drawing to an end.

    1. I study with a messianic Jewish Rabbai and he is uncompromisingly commited to God’s Work and His Word. They keep the festivals of the Old Testament and today is Yom Kippur or the day of Atonement for our sins. I must say that it is certainly refreshing to be studying with them after the whirlpool of confusion I came out of in the Protestant evagelical faith. Just no nonsense “what does the Bible say? ” like what Pastor G. Craig Lewis does. Amen!!
      Search for God’s remnant they are still here. Ask God and He will lead. I was tired and fedup of image and watered down gospel. Followers of man rather than of Jesus (Yeshua ) so God has led me to a Rabbi who observes the Old and New TeTestaments.
      It is great to be in a learning environment! Praise Yashua!

  48. I can’t believe that someone is finally bringing some light to a very dark situation. Keep shining!

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