Episode: 7 | Black Greek Letter Organizations

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G.Craige Lewis and Will Ford III discuss BGLO, Free Masonry, Trayvon Martin case and more.


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  1. My question is, Why is so many spiritual leaders in organizations that goes against God? I was under a spiritual leader / gospel artist where I grew spiritually, the whole 3 years I never knew he was in a fraternity, I would have never guessed that he was a frat because his preaching was so strong. So my question is, How can you become a preacher leading so many to God while worshiping another God, who are they leading us to? I moved back to Dallas, Tx and is in search of another church home but I am so curious to know how can so many wonderful people not see this, I’m not a leader and I saw this years ago..Please help me understand, thanks

  2. A Note to the Video: NC’s 2013 Republican lead Legislature has included compensation for the Victims of State’s Eugenics program into the new budget. The amount of compensation is still undecided but the victims will be paid this year as it appears. This program targeted kids as long as 10. Tragic.

    Excellent work on all your videos EX.


  3. Greetings in the name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for the wonderful presentation. So full of God given truth. I have a friend whom I have been praying for and he is a member of the Freemasons. He even wears the ring that has the compass and the trovel etc . I see they are selling it for 799 USD on ebay!!! Wow !! ignorance is expensive!!!

    I am praying for him as I have tried talking to him and showing him scripture but the problem is that belonging to these organisation has a lot of benefits for them. They are able to rise in their field and profession because of their association to it. It’s a difficult spirit but never to difficult for Jesus .

    I told him that they are not linked to the God that we serve and he challenged me saying that they even recite the 113th Psalm of the bible at the beginning and end of every meeting!! WOW!! satan really has them duped!!

    Anyway I sent him the link for this video and hope that he watches it and that the God we serve – the Omnipotent Jesus will free him of this satanic tie.

    As always thank you for sharing . And one question why do you think they would use the 113th Psalm. I have read it and don’t see why this particular Psalm.

    God be with you all always.



  4. First off I would like to say happy belated birthday to Brother Craige. We share the same birthday. My family and I were blessed enough to come and worship with you all a few months ago(the family from Mississippi). EXTV is a wonderful thing. I can’t wait to watch the new episode. I have many family and friends involved in these organizations. Keep doing what you do brother.

  5. This was so eye opening for me. I almost pledged back in the day. I remember it was the one time I went into deep prayer in college and clearly understood God as saying no. So sad to see many tricked into believing that they can serve both God Almighty and these secret societies. I also have issues with so-called Christian groups that mimic them.

  6. Just learned about Greek frats….I try to tell people about them but they don’t listen they it’s ok. They serve to another god by pledging themselves. Jesus say you can’t serve to masters. I just remember when I was little I was in a boy scouts, thought that was false god worship at first.

  7. Just found out that Greek frats is false god worship…..I try to tell people about it but they say it’s ok or Im being judgmental. Once thought boy scouts was false god worship….I was in boy scouts when I was little.

  8. Great message. Thanks Ex. I was actually in a Christian bookstore not long ago and there was a young man in the store. This man had been branded. He was actually bragging about being branded by his fraternity. It was very disturbing. I thought to myself, my God this is just sickening. A lot of people on this earth desires to have power that they will sell their souls to the devil. So many people have sold their souls to the devil. It is real sad, because there is nothing like the power of God. Any other power causes you to enter into a bondage stronger than any physical bondage (slavery and racism). This is spiritual warfare. Satan is playing these people like a fiddle. We the Body of Christ needs to realize what the enemy is trying to do. I believe he is trying to divide the Body of Christ more than it already is. When we as people began to separate ourselves according to the color of our skin…then that’s a big problem.

  9. I lost a great friend because I would not join a particular sorority she was leading. Previously I told her I wanted to join, but after going away on a study abroad trip, I came back and talked to her again about it, saying that I didn’t understand the process really because of the rumors. Interestingly enough, they decided not to have a line that year, and soon thereafter God led me to not become a part of it.

    I used to desire to be a part of it when I was younger because most of the women I admired (most who were also in my church) are a part of these organizations. Even though I wanted to be in it as a youth, I thought this situation where two women (one was AKA and the other was DST) were arguing over which group I was to join. I was thinking to myself initially as I heard the two women argue (the DST one was my elementary school grade teacher) that it was my choice. I thought that was odd but did not associate it with the spirits behinds these organizations until a conversation I had with a college friend. He said that he was going to pledge too (KAY) but then attended a step show where he literally felt the atmosphere shift as each group presented their shows. God then told him that these shifts were indeed the different false gods associated with this program. Then my mom was in a prayer group with some of her friends and one of the ladies’ chain with the sorority fell off her neck. It was then revealed to her that she could not serve both God and mammon. I have seen these organizations turn people around for the worst, while some of them seem to excel in the world’s eyes. My determination is to see as many saved as will be, and to hear Him say well done, thou good and faithful servant, not depart from me you worker of iniquity because I never knew you.

  10. Hello Brothers,

    I am a former “Delta.” I pledged Delta Sigma Theta back in 1986 and I was very much a Believer when I pledged, but one that was very limited in my knowledge of the Word of God, and had no significant foreknowledge of Greek letter organizations prior to pledging. I even went on to become chapter president before graduating college. But Praise our God! He delivered me from the demonic consequences of pledging before I even knew I needed delivering, which allowed me to be able to hear, grow, & see by His Spirit – and eventually renounce DST altogether years later.

    I am writing to say that this video is very well done and it is a blessing that you all are teaching to bring those who have “ears to hear” to the Truth.
    I’m also writing to add that, if you have not done so already, it may be even more powerful to include in and on your teachings, the testimonies and first-hand accounts from some of the many Saints who “were” members of these Greek letter organizations but aren’t anymore because of the enduring mercy and powerful hand of our Great God, and the cleansing power of the blood of His Lamb and our Savior Jesus.
    It may give more insight to those who may still be members of these organizations but the Spirit of God has been gently nudging them to move away, yet they are confused and may not know “how” to let go. Moreover, it would also probably be very encouraging to them, knowing that there are many who’ve (T’shuvah’ d) or Repented and renounced these renowned Greek letter organizations.

    Once again, you may have already had a teaching similar to what I’m describing, but if not, it’s just a suggestion.

    Many More Blessings to your ministry,

    C. L. Thomas

  11. Words cant express my gratefulness for the truth and for brothers and sisters who will give all to serve the true in living God. I pray that these brothers and sisters of this ministry will remain steadfast and unmovable always abounding in the Lord. I know this cant be easy but the Lord never said it would be. Thank God he has already told us the end Christ Jesus has given us the Victory through him. Only a small remnant in the end will take head to such truth an be conformed to his image. I pray that we would be true seekers of truth (Jesus) in this last day and be not deceived but all the falsehood. If we yield our lives to Jesus in Spirit in truth he will in no wise turn us away. Praise God Please keep Fighting the good fight .


  13. I also was goimg to pledge dst in college but was tapped by zetas and sigma gamma rhos cause my college room mate pledged. I am so glad I didnt and I even have friends who are eastern stars who say that they worship god and jesus even though they submit themselves to rituals. Thanks ex ministries for exposing everything that you do. God bless

  14. I went to the deta sigma theta open house my sophomore year in college bc my biggest role model, my auntie, Ida delta. Glad I didn’t pledge. Thank you God I didn’t pledge!!!! This has been so wonderful & I’m very grateful that we have EX TV now!!!

  15. I wonder if Trayvon Martin’s dad sacrificed him. If I am wrong, I apologize but, it is something to think about.

    1. He did it in the ritual for freemasonry. All men that pledge freemasonry have death in their families.

  16. What he said at 30:05 or so was ON POINT! Remember how our predecessors PRAYED, fasted and interceded NOT reacting in violence (or so my grandmother told me). Prayer is the answer. The voice of God and reverence to Christ and His sacrifice is the only way to get past this.

  17. FYI all: All Black Fraternities that are pledged as part of the U.S college systems have large portions of thier rituals derived directly from freemasonry; There is one black fraternity that is not talked about: SIGMA PHI PHI (BOULE).
    This frat is made up of 32nd degree masons; it is the OLDEST college fraternity in college existence. The protestant churches have conducted studies on freemasonry and have concluded that freemasonry is INCOMPATIBLE with true christianity. One of their greatest freemasons (Albert Pike) specifically stated in his MORALS and DOGMA that the GOD of FREEMASONRY IS NOT the GOD of christianity! So who or what GOD do they worship? It is critically important to know this information! (Most of the SECULAR churches are operating under the spirit of freemasonry.)

    FREEMASONRY teaches a FALSE salvation; does NOT recognize CHRIST! CHRIST in never mentioned in the masonic prayers (Opening and Closing).

    FREEMASONRY teaches a FALSE salvation by good works (This is part of the GNOSTIC Gospels)

    FREEMASONRY teaches/believes in the power of LUCIFER (They are totally misguided-Lucifer is now SATAN-The enemy of GOD!)

    Strongly urge all readers to go to this website: EPHESIANS 5:11 (website started by a former Master Mason, who repented and turned back to CHRIST)

    Read John Ankerberg’s book: The secret teachings of the Masonic lodge
    Read Bill Schoenblen’s book about the Masonic lodge – He also has a good website that has all types of information on FREEMASONRY and other apostate religions)

    The thing that is so beautiful and strange is this is talked about in the NEW TESTAMENT (Only the fraternal advesary was mainly jewish – Herodians, Pharisees, Saducees).

    This thing may have OLD TESTAMENT references as well: (CAIN’s Mark, building of cities in the east).

  18. Hi fellow believers! Brothers Lewis, Moffett, and Ford thank you for keeping us inspired! I have an uncle who just ‘ crossed’ as a Mason.And found out my grandfather was a Mason and my dad wore his ring. All I see is a history of whoring, laziness, and my grandfather is note deceased. All I see the Eastern, Mason, Heroines doing is whoring around. Thank You Lord for me mouth wanting to pledge.

  19. I joined a fraternity around a decade ago. I pledged for several weeks, enduring paddling, beatings, calisthenics, and memorizing facts, history, and information. I wanted to leave but I did not. I was told that it was a Christian organization based on Christian principles. Ask any member of BGLOs and they will tell you XYZ is a non-pledging fraternity or sorority. It is a lie. The organization may not support pledging, but many of the members do. I became a high ranking member in the organization. I helped throw parties and serve alcohol, all while claiming to be a believer.

    Last year, I decided to be inactive and to renounce the rituals I participated in. A lot of the members are not aware of the idolatry involved in these organizations. They “chant,” sing “hymns,” and despite what they say, they have closely-held secrets.

    I can attest to the fact that the organization I was a part of has false gods as part of its “mythology.” The BGLOs have a high regard for Egyptian pagan practices, and Egyptian influences that go against bibilical teaching.

    You may ask, why do saved & sanctified believers and preachers still participate? Some of them do not know the deeper secrets yet. Some of them stopped after college. For some of them many years have passed, and they do not remember what they participated in. But they remember the fellowship.

  20. Thank you EX for continuing to expose the truth about BGLOs. Also I believe the woman responsible for Tonya Reaves death is a woman named Mandy Gittler. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  21. As far as the Zimmerman/Martin trial goes………..I whole heartedly believe the jury got it right! We as a people really need to stop putting color before everything else. Especially if we call ourselves Believers. Black people jumped to an immediate conclusion ( concerning Zimmerman) when they first heard about the shooting. I believe the majority of human beings will profile an individual based on how they act and dress regardless of race. I personally will hold on to my purse if a teenager came on the same elevator as myself and he was wearing a hoody, saggy pants, and a gold grill in his mouth! Is this profiling? Call it what you like, but I like to call it…….”Discernment”. All this protesting is ridiculous!

  22. I am heavily involved in prison ministry and I have the opportunity of ministering the Word of God to ladies in search of a “fresh start”. What is so amazing is how many of these people were “in” church and yet ended up leaving the church in search of love and acceptance!

    There are many people from Sororities incarcerated because they were “programmed” to seek God’s hand and not his face… all at the hands of masonic, “church-mafia” connected ministries. They use the church as a form of socializing – country club atmosphere, and when there wasn’t a fitting in, they digressed to “other” methods of getting money.

    If I begin to tell you how the Hip-Hop culture has hurt these women and their children, I would have to post 20 more times!

    I began some work at a facility in Lake Providence, LA only to discover that town was under one of the worst curses I have ever witnessed. There were so many masonic – BGLO ties in the area, it was absolutely unbelievable. The area is poverty stricken in the physical and spiritual. I never witnessed so many murders in 2008&2009 of people who were SECURITY STAFF in my life.

    IT IS IMPERATIVE, that parents stop being brainwashed by these organizations and ministries and begin to pursue the TRUTH. Furthermore, we must support ministries in every way possible, such as EX Ministries because with the delusion is happening right before our eyes and we must begin to pull away from foolishness in the church and society in order for our family and friends to be set free.

    I personally do not attend church in my area and I consider this ministry as my place of “fellowship”. Thank God for Brother Lewis and his team of “TRUTH-BEARERS”. It adds fuel to my fire every time I hear or watch programs/services connected to this ministry. May the Lord bless us all according to Psalm 133.

  23. from all the way in South Africa i thank the Lord for the EXministries and keeping us informed. God bless you guys

  24. The whole segment about America’s Founding Fathers’ involvement in masonry is HUGELY MISSED in modern Christianity, regardless of denominations. The bedrock of American culture needs to be examined through the lense of Christiantiy as the Bible establsihes it. Living in a military environment, you get a lot of patriotic, non-minority Christians who love to spout out rhetoric from Foundiing Father’s, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence and their (Founding Father’s) Chritisanity. Being Black, it kinda burns me because of the apparent hypocrisy in what they wrote about and then epitomized in the reality of slavery, a STARK CONTRADICTION but looking deeper than that, HOW are we to consider them legit to the faith when they involved themselves in such organizations as masonry, and not just a few, but many? WHY WHY WHY should we be shocked at the state of America’s morality today? We were established only upon the guise of Christianity, a diabloical trick that has infiltrated the culture we see today, and THIS is WHY America is falling apart at the seems. God help us all.The cover is going to come off, and what many have accepted as truth will be proven a lie. The very core of this nation will be rocked. The devil is is the details. This info is not shared enough.

  25. This video was AMAZING! Point blank, I’m a young person in college and I actually thought about joining a sorority but I thank God for allowing you to make this video. I believe that this generation has NO FEAR OF GOD and his power and what he is truly capable of. Its so sad that the church is scared to talk about it they would rather stay main stream because most of them are involved in it and don’t want to give it up. I pray that everyone’s eyes are open to the truth and that young people and old people are delivered and STAY DELIVERED. Those that are content with what they do are controlled by a force deeper than what we know. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. It’s really time for the church to wake up and get it together. We’d rather march and protest and wear hoodies but we don’t even go this hard when we lose one of our own to black on black crime!!! Where is the standard? As someone that’s young I can honestly say I respect EX Ministries and G. Craige Lewis for his authenticity and his confidence in God. Like I respect what you do cause you don’t care who doesn’t like it or who gets offended your on assignment and I give you respect for what you do for us young people and older people as well. This was definitely beneficial and I wish you could come to my church and teach them a thing or two!

  26. So sad how many Church leaders and believers are a part of these BGLO’s, and I remember just reading about Dr. King Jr and his father, both of them were part of a BGLO. What does it mean for them? Do you think they knew they were pledging to a false god?

    1. Marlon B. by the time most of the members of BGLO’s reach their time to “cross the burning sands,” they are so exhausted and indoctrinated that they will do any thing just to reach the finish line and claim their rightful (in their mind) place in their BGLO chapter. That was how I felt when I joined a BGLO.

      Many people go through 6 weeks – 2 years of pledging, memorizing poems, memorizing history, learning steps and dances for probate shows, enduring hours of calisthenics and paddling, before they reach their Membership Intake weekend(s). Especially back in the ’60s or before, it would have been a long, sometimes even above ground process.

      It starts off innocent enough, with an emphasis on friendship, comraderie, and community. Before long, the aspiring members are Scrollers, Sphinxmen, Dogs, Ivies, or one of several other process names, moving through a grueling pledging process. The ones who do not pledge are known as “paper” or “skaters” and they can receive harsh treatment from the ones who call themselves “made.”

      Hope this helps.

  27. Nasia and others who’ve said the ‘chuches’ won’t talk about “frates/soros”, my Bishop is most assuredly NOT one of them as he’s been letting our church know “for several years” what they’re really all about, but sadly too many Christians will do “what they think best” instead. My nephew and one other person in his group, decided years ago when they went to college, NOT to become a part of this mess and I congratulate them on a very ‘wise’ decision (now might I ask that you pray earnestly for those who are ‘differently-abled’ who also need to hear and see this important message too? My nephew with Aspergers is in college and was approached, but we’ve let him know the “real deal” when it comes to these organizations). NOT enough people, especially in the black ‘Christian’ community, know that these organizations are NOTHING to play with. Kudos for another wonderful, eye-opening read.

  28. At what point do you begin to share this with others? Are there certain folk we share it with? Because my desire is that if I know something that can help a believer, I will share it. I expect the same for myself.

    1. To Reesy:

      I am waiting for the right time to share the information I know with people. When it does come out, I want to do it out of love and through the working of the Holy Spirit. Right now I am still dealing with my own rejection of my fraternity. Pray for former members of fraternities and sororities that they will have the courage to speak out.

      I want to speak out more on it. I Pray God gives me the platform.

      To Cammie:

      Some of the preachers/spiritual leaders are spiritually confused. Look at Matthew 24:24. Some of the preachers joined these organizations a long time ago and they either do not remember or choose to turn the other cheek on the idolatry and lasciviousness that was involved in their fraternity/sorority experience.

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