Episode 9: | The Gospel Music Industry

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G. Craige Lewis and Wendell Mosley discuss the state of the Gospel Music Industry.


33 Comments on “Episode 9: | The Gospel Music Industry”

  1. Is the is the same for Hosanna, Integrity Music? If so, can you share about that also. It seems like pure praise and worship but who owns that also. What advice would you give to a songwriter, singer who sings for Jesus Christ the Word of God what other avenues, routes and options do we have.

  2. That is really that is really sad that the Gospel industry is corrupt but we know the Devil comes as a angel of light.Thats what I like and respect about Pastor Craig because he plays his own music. I just pray for the gospel industry as a whole that they will open there eyes and see that what they are doing is not of God.

  3. Thank you again my brothers for the wisdom you’re bringing forth to those who really want to learn the “truth”! When you bring information like this to us, I make sure I tell others to listen, so that the “saints” can’t say the didn’t know. Praying for you always and may the Lord keep giving you the wisdom & knowledge to bring to the Body of Christ so that it can opening there minds to the “truth”. I too had to think when was the last time I purchased a gospel CD and it hasn’t been since the year 2000. I can barely stomach what I hear on the radio today. You had me laughing because it’s so true when you stated why should I buy a gospel CD that’s trying to sound like the secular. I might as well buy the secular! God bless you brother Craig & Ex Ministries!!

  4. I like how you mentioned why aren’t the churches making their own music. Christian Groups like Jesus Culture, which i love, are formed produced and make their music is through bethel in california! Their followers are huge thousands upon thousands of people purchase their music, me included. it’s time that we as a church, specifically african american church, take our music back!

  5. This was very informative. I have long dropped most gospel music artists especially the African-American ones. I catch flack for most the artist I listen are white. Even then I inspect the lyrics before I purchase their CD’s.
    With Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns and Hillsong being my favorites.

  6. The bottom line is we do not need them to worship God!

    If they choose to take their GOD given talent and sell it to the world they will have to answer for that. They however need the Christians to stay afloat!!!! The secular industry don’t really want or need them!!! The devil has got thousands of artist out there – A DIME A DOZEN!!

    If all the Pastors stop promoting this thing ..IT WILL DIE! And they will all have to crawl back…..

    But because the Church is so Laodicean ( lukewarm) they’re just gonna keep on targeting the weakness of the church. They need the lukewarm Christians to buy their records!!…if they can’t give satan a few Christians on a platter then satan will do away with them. That’s their role …to give the Christians to satan…through worship…they are in so deep they don’t even know what they are dealing with!!

    If we put to practice the power of consumerism AND STOP BUYING AND LISTENING TO THEIR WATERED DOWN WORSHIP!! I am SURE these secular gospel singers will FALL down.

    They NEED blind foolish wannabe Christian to BUY their stuff…that’s why they keep targeting the Christian masses.

    THEY NEED US !!…we do not need them…and if we put it to the test and really get rid of them…GOD will give us true worship in the church!!! I have never seen God fail to turn up at the needs of the congregation. NEVER!!


  7. I truly enjoyed this episode. As a young gospel singer/songwriter this particular episode spoke volumes to me and I thank God for you guys and for you all’s boldness to keep us enlightened and informed through the Word. God Bless

  8. I must say that this is true! I’m over the praise and worship at our church and we rarely sing the new music that is out there. I have literally gone back and look for the old school songs of zion that has Biblical meaning (power in the Blood, this is the day that the Lord has made, In the name of Jesus, etc). I told our members that we should boycott the industry! It’s good to hear people who have the Word of God at their best interest! Keep speaking the truth because there are a lot of carnal believers. We can’t sample from the world and say the spirit of God lay this on my heart! The devil is a liar! There are so many songs in glory that hasn’t been tapped. I look at these singers and I can tell by their music that they have no prayer life and no understanding of the word. For example Donald Lawrence’s “That Gift Looks Good on You” is awful because it’s biblical! I pray that many will see this and be inspired of God to write their own music!

  9. We should pay attention to the solutions Pastor Lewis mentions in this video.

    I pray that we that hear this message pray that God uses us to help change our churches and those involved in gospel.

    Thanks to all the EX ministries staff-God bless

  10. That’s the 1st time seeing that Mary Mary clip.. How in the world can Simone singing the “Gospel” think that was ok… And leading millions of women and “some men” to lust… Lukewarm at its finest

  11. I agree with everything that EX Ministries is teaching us! We stopped listening to the radio a long time and we are just not with the new stuff that has came out. My husband records and produces his own music and I know that he is a man of God. So therefore, I know exactly what I am listening too.

  12. So blessed once again by the truth revealed. Thank you. I believe the boycott is needed so that they can stop making money off of the ne of Jesus our Lord and the gospel. I do have one question i was pondering on as I watched the video. As I read Gods word and look at the lives of the saints before us, worshipping God was and overflow of their gratefulness to God it was natural like praying. There were those who were skilled in instruments and responsible for worship but it was for God and unto God. My question is Im hearing from ssints who may be gifted in playing instrument or singing asking what should they do? What should they do?i As I thought upon Gods purpose for us as a it was clear that these saints glorify God by waiting on him being lead by him and leading Gods people by his anointing to intimacy with and to declare the glory of God. I didnt see these gifts taken over the saints life only a part of their life. Is this correct? It seems like in this day we complicated things so much. We have to get back to the simplicity thats in Christ Jesus. Jesus Christ has to be focus of worship no matter in what form.

  13. is burning cds from online a bad thing.?? coz i have never really bought a cd in my adult life. if i needed a song in cd, i go online and burn it. now the bible should be a guiding light for the gospel artists. if they have chosen to be Godly singers, their lives and what they associate with should be blameless because they are taking on a role similar to a minister, the only difference is they are ministering through songs. men and women who have proffessed to work for God should truly lead by example. i’m a regular folk , and the more i have read about hollywood really scares me, i wouldnt even get within a mile of that place. so the fact that these gospel artists think that its okay to even work in that space really makes me question their veracity in regards to what they claim to be doing…….folks, google this lady called rebecca scott a.k.a hollyhood, who worked in that industry for years and she really sheds light on what goes on in their, she is saved now though….in order to affiliated by these giant labels you really gotta do alot. and for me it explains why folks like kirk, and mary mary behave as they do…………..dancing with the devil is dangerous.. lets do as Paul reminds us in galatians, lets identify with the cross of JESUS, for through it, our interest in this world will be crucified and by the cross, the world’s interest in us will be dead..GBU

  14. LOL…This was not only hilarious, but also, sooooo true!!(especially the part about Fred Hammond..ILMBO). My husband and I both take the praise and worship of God through song really serious.(with him being a musician and I a singer).So this EXTV really hit home for us.So, keep up the good work: this ministry is really helping us grow alot:-)

    God Bless you all,

    Rayvon L. N

  15. A couple of years ago, while listening to Sapp’s “You Are God Alone,” which was played at my dad’s home going celebration, I remember saying to my wife, “babe, why at the end of the song, did he start speaking in tongues.” I remember telling her and others afterward that, “the song is beautiful, right up to the point where he decides to put tongues on wax.” It was after that, I did the research on his ministry, his wife being a “pastor” and then her eventual lost battle with cancer. Then the Spirit lead me to read Deuteronomy 28. Keeping your ministry in my prayers. God bless and love.

  16. Awesome and I am so glad that I saw it. I pray many more that I know will see this as well. I know of many who will not accept it. We are so emotional, and that is what a lot of today’s music, very emotional and not transformational.

  17. It’s so funny that we call it GOSPEL music….but according to my bible, the Gospel is the good news of the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Christ. If the song isn’t about THAT, then it isn’t Gospel music. And the industry certainly isn’t gospel! We are sooooo good at using bits and pieces of scripture because it sounds good but if we look at the actual text itself (IF INDEED the lyrics are biblically based!) and study the Context, we might not be singing Enlarge My Territory so loudly….because the enlarging that God has for us has nothing to do with the physical but all to do with our spirits being enlarged through our personal and obedient relationship to Him. By the way, I thought MY bible said that our Gifts are to be used to edify the whole Body, and not to line our individual pockets???? So why do I have to sign a contract and pay a fee to hear a Word from Bishop BumpetyBump, a Word that is from God, or buy a ticket to hear from Psalmist Sista-Sookie??? Help me somebody, can anyone find me the scripture where Jesus or the apostles got paid before they shared The Good News????????

    Keep speaking the truth my brother 🙂 There is a remnant listening and holding on until the end!

  18. i already started my own boycott, i know what it is to play every time they was service and when a special service comes up, they went and got a secular guy to play. but thank God my identity is found in him.

  19. Its so sad because I grew up listening to Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, Fred Hammond, Dawkins and Dawkins and so on. Now all I can wonder is what happened? When did their hearts fall away from God? or were they ever In it for Jesus is the first place and I think that is where the real question lies. Thankyou Jesus for revealing your truth in these last days

  20. Truly accurate and truthful teaching on what is happening and has happened concerning music and the Church!
    I have often attempted to help those in this industry and those with aspirations to be in it, that they that are simply desiring and mixing the world with the things of God. They are so hooked on this world system and are deceived. If they would heed the warnings and voice of God they can recover themselves from the snare of the devil. The worse part is the so many Saints and even very well known spiritual leaders are just as deceived and hooked as well. We must walk ever so closely with the Lord Jesus in this day or we will be deceived. Do not be swayed and deceived by big names or amount of members that are in these places. Study the bible, Pray, Cultivate your relationship with Jesus Christ and Obey God in all that he directs you to do!!!! Love to All in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!!!! Your Brother In Christ, Xavier G. Bailey

  21. i am from ZIMBABWE and have been following the true teachings of Pstr Craig for years now. my eyes were opened from the first DVD of The Truth Behind Hip-hop and thank God for Pstr Craig i been able to shut my ears to profane stuff. I had always been skeptical about these “gospel” artists and as Brother Wendell rightly placed it, they sing inspirational music. thank you pstr Craig for adding the flesh to what i had been worrying about. the information from brother Wendell was really insightful. May God continue to guide and reveal the same to you…..GOD bless you all.

  22. It’s good to remember that before Satan fell from heaven he was Lucifer with built in music in
    his body. Now, he can also appear as an angel of light in the gospel industry.
    The devil is wicked but still a very intelligent being, and a mastermind of lies and deception.

    We have learnt from EX Ministries his creation of holy hip hop and it’s destructiveness; we have also been
    warned by Elder Lewis that the devil wants the church. If he could deceive in the perfect environment of
    Eden much more we need to be on the watch in this polluted end time atmosphere.

    Personally boycotted the local radio and the predominant showbiz music over a year ago, so I’m way okay with the boycott idea! I salute you Bro. Mosley and the one I regard as God’s General, Elder G. Craige-Lewis.

  23. I’m grateful that you always show the compromise of the gospel music, etc. I am given a platform by my Pastor to sing new songs, the Lord gives me in the my daily worship to Him. I did a remake the “Greatest Love of All” by George Benson & Whitney Houston. I rewrote it to be GOD is the Greatest Love of all and JESUS is our future, not self. But since it’s release I have been told that all my original songs have JESUS or GOD’S name in them and I need to rewrite them. I will not and refuse to denounce the name of JESUS that has all healing power. So I will continue to sing worship unto Abba Father as my priority. I pray the HOLY SPIRIT leads before I accept any engagements. I have stopped listening to radio, gospel music that has no anointing, especially a lot of the shows, for they dishonor GOD Almighty and they have comedians, who are totally foolish. I’m very disappointed with the gospel shows because they DO NOT promote the “GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST,” too many people are hurting and need the Saviour. We know GOD has a plan to turn this around because the very elect are being deceived and this notoriety is prideful. Pastor Lewis, your ministry continues to exposes and confirms we need to be wise and seek God with our whole heart. God’s riches blessings upon & all you do for JESUS CHRIST, forever!

  24. Great episode! I’m actually having an argument on YouTube with a “minister” about the Kirk Franklin “revolution” because it’s sampled from a Michael Jackson song. Imagine a minister telling me I’m too saved and there’s nothing wrong with mixing the songs, it’s about the message. He also said HipHop is the music of the youth and the church should use it (as well as other genres) I draw people outside the church. This is where the church is today when we have ministers like this okay with the HipHop culture. The “Gospel” Industry is a JOKE. We gotta stop supporting these artists (but pray for them) and we’ve got to support our own musicians. God bless you all

  25. I am just soooooooooooooo disappointed on how the gospel industry has become. I don’t even listen to much of it anymore. Been stopped buying new music CDs regardless of who it is now.

  26. Thank you for this truth! I recently sent this video to some friends and they refuse to watch it because it will expose them to truth. Thank you Pastor Lewis!

  27. This was a great and informative video…. Thank you Pastor for your continuous truth because I myself am a musician that actually live by the stance of just playing Gospel music for my church and not venturing out into the secular arena and I must say that Jehovah God has truly blessed my music ministry and just like the brother in this video he multiplied the talent that I possessed. I always have this debate with my wife concerning creating her own Christian songs instead of the popular songs being done for praise and worship in everyone’s church service. If it isn’t Israel Houghton or Shana Wilson or Tye Tribbett, the song is not being done in our services. This really encouraged me to stay on the path of righteousness for his name sake. I can’t wait for the video to be filmed and released so I can purchase it because its a subject that needs to be discussed in EVERY church. May The Lord bless your ministry.


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