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  1. you have been a blessing to me and how I view things alot different, I grew up in the times when hip hop was at its peak, with run dmc, public enemy, etc the research that you guys do is incredible but it is needed. I thank you for ans the LORD to tackle such a topic as this because we need to know. once again thank you for bringing the truth out and GOD bless.

  2. I grew up on hip hop. Now I realize what I was doing to my mind and soulcorrupting it. Praise God for your dedication to telling the truth! Amen.

  3. It shouldn’t take Ex Ministries 15 years to show our churches that hip hop is from the devil. Anything that promotes rebellion against authority, money and bling, no responsibility, looking and sounding ignorant,, crime and violence, demoralizes women, and promotes alcohol and drug use cannot possibly be from God.

    I pray that our people wake up!

  4. Thank you for continuously informing God’s people and those who are in need of a Savior! God bless you, your family, your ministry and everyone involved in making the ministry that God blessed you with possible. 🙂

  5. EX ministries is truly as the ole saints would say “holding up the blood stained banner. I remember growing up in a home where we could not listen to any music that was not Christian. Pastor G. Craige and Brother Tetatun are preaching God’s word in a relevant time.

    Thank God for EX ministries and let’s pray that this message is spread to those around us!

  6. A note on 5 percenters: Myself growing up in a Housing (project) Developement, I was around 5 percenters daily, as well a EARTHS (the female 5 Percenter) The females wore long skirts and head wraps.

    The stairwells where we lived were filled with piss, people smoked crack and abused females in the stairways all the time. The guys would hang out in the lobby and smoke weed while mothers walk through the lobby on their way home from work.

    The 5 Percenters would form a circle around the flagpole and “Build” (Basically talking useless trash call “Mathematics” or “Science” The had names like Dubar, Mathematics, Young God, and Shatiek, the females had names like C-Azia, they called their mothers “MY OLD EARTH” Most 5 Percenter’s were in jail or EX-convicts.

    My one Question has always been: If you are God, than why can’t you get yourself out of this Pissy Projects? Why would God be locked up in a prison taking prison pictures?

    Just a note on 5 Percenters.

    Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour !

  7. thanks ex and . where do i start. watching at KRS1 talk, i couldnt help but laugh at him. does he not know how foolish he sounds by comparing himself with John the Baptist. The enemy does not only come to destroy, and devour but also make people act a fool…….I jst cant with these grown men who think, phrases such as” word up, whatever boy stance, peace, are great words that hold water. for anyone to be influenced by rakim then they have serious major problems that would require a sacrifice to get rid off.. i’m a person who wishes that everyone be saved and makes it to heaven, however these men are sounding soo stupid that i cant even wish that for them. they gotta first get rid of the demonic possession holding them captive. if this is how african american men behave, then the bastard curse will remain effective for a very looooonng period…THE ENEMY IS A LIAR, all he is doing is laughing at how these grown baby men are acting fools. the enemy gets a hold of information and twists it like there us no tommorrow, Do you guys notice how KRS1’s mind is twisted to the left….. well i have a few words for these folks. Tell satan to depart from your souls. tell him to leave, get it right with God, and then come to church. and for my fellow christian family.. LETS KEEP HIP,HOP OUT OF CHURCH PLEASE!!!!!!! smh

  8. Great episode! I shared Bro, Moffet’s article from last Friday about Jay-Z “A Thief of Sacred Things…” with a close friend of mine, who is still deeply rooted in Hip-Hop, after he posted a picture on FB of he and his wife at the Jay-z/JT concert. He sent me a long email reply, where he defends Jay-Z’s lyrics and says its merely an expression of life experiences rather than promoting anti-Christ beliefs and ideologies. My friend’s email read to me, like someone sympathetic to an alcoholic that is trying to justify drinking and driving. I continue to pray for that friend, but I realize he has been programmed for so long, only the chastisement of the Father would break him free. God willing. I know this to be true, because that’s how Satan’s bond was broken in my own life. (I’m pretty much an ex-everything that is bad.) Thanks for allowing me to share. – Byron Paul Culp, the prisoner of Jesus Christ for my wife, my children, my family, my friends and all those The Lord puts in my path.

  9. Good Stuff EX Ministries! Just wanted to know if i COULD share this on FB….wasn’t really sure about how u guys may have felt about ppl sharing the EXTV Episodes….Thanx

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