Error of Man 2 "Pharmakos" DVD update

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“For those of you that have made advanced purchases of Error of Man 2: “Pharmakos”, we appreciate your support, and patience.

pharmakosIn 14 years of doing EX Ministries, and producing over 20 DVDs, we have never seen the issues and circumstances that have come about with the release of a project, like we have this one.  We know there are system glitches, mechanical failures, etc., but we also know there is a devil, who doesn’t want this message to get out. We will be shipping your order in the next few days and we are soliciting your prayers during this time, as our technicians work towards completing this project.

Pray that everything that is blocking and hindering this most important message be removed, so that lives would be transformed and Jesus would be glorified.”

G. Craige Lewis






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  1. Sorry to hear for the delay. I was really anticipating looking at it tonight. I have become enlightened to much due to your videos. Thanks for taking the time to bring to light what’s going on. There are many who say that you are wrong for exposing, but I believe that God gives us all a level of understanding. That which we understand, we are accountable for sharing. Keep up the good work and I pray that the glitches will soon be worked out.

  2. Our Father’s sovereign will be done on earth as it is is heaven. He is El Shadai and there is none above Him. Glory to Him

    1. Since there is no weapon formed against you to prosper, cast this care upon Jesus, for he cares for you. Be anxious for nothing brother. God’s got reminded that he protects us from things seen and unseen. Everything Good that comes is because of His Grace, any “hold-ups”….It’s because of His Protection.

      Rest in that protection… be Still..God’s got it.

      Praying for you and your team.

      Jesus is Lord!

  3. I pray that the Ruach Kodesh(Set Apart Spirit) Reveals Truth to us all daily & lead us when & where to share Truth. I pray that the witchcraft etc and traditions of man esp (Pharmakos) are repented of & we start unlearning all this traditional mess that has made the Torah of Yah of no effect. Restore us & lead us to not return to our vomitt. Thankyou Father Yah for rebuking the Devourer for our sake. WE NEED YOU, were up against demonic forces , only w/ you will we win & endure til the end Thankyou in Yashayah(Salvation of Yah) name, So be it, HalleluYAH. Shalom

  4. Hi there,
    I would so desperately like to know if I am able to have EX Ministries DVD’s shipped to me in New Zealand Please ??


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