Error of Man: Doritos Makes Rainbow Chips

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989743_630x354Doritos unveiled bags of rainbow-colored corn chips on Thursday in support of the It Gets Better Project, an organization started to encourage gay and lesbian teenagers who’ve been bullied.
Bags of “Doritos Rainbows,” inspired by the LGBT pride flag, will be mailed to people who donate at least $10 to the organization through a special website. Frito-Lay, a division of PepsiCo based in Plano, Texas, said all of the donations will go to the It Gets Better Project.

Ram Krishnan, Frito Lay’s chief marketing officer, said the chips “show our commitment toward equal rights for the LGBT community and celebrate humanity without exception.”
The announcement was made just days ahead of this Sunday’s Dallas Pride event, which counts Doritos among its corporate sponsors.




The Homosexual agenda has taken the world by storm. However, what most people believe to be an agenda of man, has actually been part of the age-old agenda of Satan to war against the woman, and her seed. (Genesis 3:15) Ever wonder how this movement has gone unchecked, and has been able to enact laws, against the wishes of the masses, for the past 30 years? How has the enemy been able usher in “gender confusion,” upon our girls and feminize of a generation of boys, before our very eyes? What occult and demonic philosophies are fueling the silence regarding the AIDS epidemic? In this eye-opening DVD, “The Error of Man,” Elder G. Craige Lewis rips the veil off the LGBT movement, revealing its major influence over the next generation chemically, naturally and spiritually! This teaching dares to go where few in the church have gone before, and will equip you in how to address this culture war. This DVD not only gives solid answers through biblical insight, but also offers healing and freedom for those bound by homosexuality. From parents, to leaders and students, “The Error of Man” is a must see for everyone! (Order Now)

6 Comments on “Error of Man: Doritos Makes Rainbow Chips”

  1. I tell ya, if we try to boycott , we will just starve. I’ve already discovered that the major food companies use aborted babies, to put in our food as a sacrifice, don’t know how true cause haven’t done a lot of research, but saw enough to know it’s probably true, now we got sissy chips. I think Doritos were in the sacrifice category so been stopped eating, but now they are gay chips too!! They just wont stop. God help us all!!!

      1. I heard about McDonald’s doing that as a sacrifice years ago, but kraft and pepsi product I heard a while ago to, so I looked up, I believe they do that stuff , but as to why idk, so please don’t quote me, I hope I’m wrong about all of it, ! If feel
        Something not right and don’t know why , I just ask God and then years later, the expert gc Lewis does dvd on it, that’s how I usually find out i was correct, if i am. So when he mentions it, then I will know it was true .

  2. What, is there no Satan Salsa, and Sodomy sour cream to go with those chips?
    are you serious? I can see this spreading like wildfire, and being sold in public school cafeteria’s vending machines.Good grief!!!
    I CAN’T BELIEVE the things we are witnessing…

  3. Satan must be so proud of his powerful move of sin. He has inspired a host of people to slap God in the face. It does not matter if it’s out of ignorance or not people are being tricked into Hell. Satan knows this and laughs at how easy it is to get mankind in his grasps. People are thinking they’re having fun, enjoying themselves, but that’s not the case at all!. Because major companies are on board with the devil many believe it’s okay to live against the word of God. Unfortunately many will slip into Eternity without Christ and that’s the real tragedy. We that love the Lord’s Holy Word must spread the truth no matter what the cost!!!

    Pastor Ca’ren Faulk (the outspoken Lady4Christ!

  4. Aww man…not Doritos. Can’t eat food sacrificed unto idols so it looks like their out. What is the world coming to?

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