Error of Man: Gay families cripple children in school

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Study: Growing up in gay families hamstrings kids in school

By Kiley Crossland |

gay-parentsA new Canadian study challenges the mainstream insistence that children living with same-sex couples are “no different” than children living with married, heterosexual couples. Using a large, nationally representative dataset, Canadian economist Douglas Allen found that young adult children of same-sex couples are 35 percent less likely to graduate from high school as young adult children of heterosexual married couples.

The study, published this month in the Review of the Economics of the Household, looked at a 20 percent sample of the 2006 Canadian census, which asked respondents to note whether they were raised by a lesbian couple, a gay couple, a married opposite-sex couple, a common law couple, a single mother, or a single father. The Canadian data is easier to interpret than similar U.S.-based studies because Canadian respondents self-report the information. Allen then compared high school graduation rates of male and female young adults raised in each of those households The study revealed striking differences.

When compared to other groups, the children of lesbian couples have the lowest graduation rates, followed by children of common law couples, gay couples, single mothers, and single fathers, whose rates were all similar.
Children of married opposite-sex couples had higher graduation rates than any other group. In looking at the child’s gender, Allen found that girls from same-sex households have particularly low graduation rates, with girls from a gay households 85 percent less likely to graduate from high school as girls from heterosexual married households.

In the past 15 years, researchers have published more than 50 empirical studies looking at the effects of same-sex parenting on children, with most concluding that there is “no difference” in outcomes. But Allen decried much of the research as biased and unscientific.

He applauded Mark Regnerus, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, for his 2012 study, published in the Social Science Journal, which found differences between children who grow up in same-sex and traditional households. The study caused controversy with gay activist groups because it revealed that children of same-sex couples are more likely to be on public assistance, commit a crime, report being forced to have sex, and struggle with depression than children of intact biological families.

“It took almost 40 years for academics to figure out the effect of no-fault divorce on divorce rates (not to mention all the other areas of life no-fault divorce influenced),” Allen wrote in an article supporting Regnerus. “With same-sex marriage and parenting, the issues are much more profound and more difficult to measure. Rushing the work or, worse, pushing research claims beyond what the studies justify, is bad social policy.”

Allen’s recent study does what many studies before it have not been unable to do. It takes a large, random, nationally representative dataset and compares very specific factors across each category. His conclusions may encourage a new wave of sociological research defending traditional parenting as the best option for kids.

10 Comments on “Error of Man: Gay families cripple children in school”

  1. Oh no, we don’t want to say something like this. It just messes up the politically correct agenda that we are trying to suffocate a nation with. Please don’t say these things. Feelings may get hurt. Well if the truth hurts, say ouch.

  2. This doesn’t suprise me. It shows that God’s system will always work better than that of a inferior human being.

  3. So very sad but once again our crazy mixed and messed up society thinks there’s nothing wrong with this, which just goes to show us just how close the return of Christ is really getting. The ‘spirit of delusion’ is growing like a weed and that’s just what satan wants to happen, in order for him to take as many as he can with him, when he’s cast into the lake of fire. Keep spreading the Word no matter what tactics are used because the souls of too many are on the line. God help and have mercy on us all.

  4. “….I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for the harvest.” (John 4:35) Let us get to work and reap what we have not sown. Let’s get excited as we see for ourselves that The Rapture is soon coming. We must do our best to gather as many of the lost as we can and help them to know Jesus – be born again – while there is still time!!

  5. These countries that accept same-sex couple are so BACKWARD! Just like when they mass produced everything to accommodate the growing population and opening up these big box stores, years from now they are going to regret all of the things that they are settling for today with same-sex marriage. Sad, then they will try to go back and semi-fix things but what is done is done. I constantly continue to pray for the children that are caught in these horrible situations. Jeremiah 29:11 sum it up, God has a plan for everyone even them.

  6. Folks wonder why they have the problems they have. The Enemy has done this and because some refuse to believe that God ordained that children should have a mother and a father. Children need to be “mothered and fathered”. No woman will ever be able to “father” there children. As long as a child has no father in their life; they will struggle with identity. It is already proven in statistics. The current administration continues to applaud same-sex unions why the family suffers. Instead of our children having an identity they have a deficit. I understand and believe God can fix anything, but there is a part that we must do as fathers. Most fathers don’t know how to be fathers because they either a bad example or no example to follow at all.
    Thank The Lord I had a Christian god-father whom I was able to watch father his kids. The three years I watched, he gave his kids their identity, walked with them in their Christian walk and when they messed up he disciplined them and told them how to correct their shortcomings. I thank God for him. That is what fathers need to do. We need to pray that missing fathers return to help the children they had a part in creating and that the people that grew up without their father would seek them out and a have a relationship with them if they are still living.

    1. @Min.Robert Murrell that was VERY well said and true. As an adult child who happens to be a woman and has not yet bonded with my father, you are absolutely correct that I struggle with issues that would not be had my father been in my life. God has given the man the responsibility to oversee society. When he is out of place in the home causing a disruption in the family then ALL of society is affected. I don’t need a statistic to explain my life and the lives of people I see around me that had/have missing fathers. You were so correct stating that “No woman will ever be able to father their children” The sad part is most women especially us sisters “think” that we can be both the mom and dad. God opened up my eyes to that truth and now I will be the first to admit that it is NOT possible! A mother can only be that, A MOTHER! Most of us have bought into the lie that we don’t need a man,blah blah blah. The bottom line is if women would start respecting themselves then men would start respecting us. If having a “baby daddy” was recognized for the shameful title that it really is, then society would be totally turned around. I have recently felt a nudge to reach out to my father and let him know that I am not mad at him and I forgive him for not being around and am willing to make amends and start a solid relationship. Your post may be confirmation. Thanks!!

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