Error of Man: Kindergartners Need More LGBT Books in School, Gay Agenda Argues

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images-1Children as young as five should have more school books featuring same-sex parents, a Westminster, U.K., conference is set to hear next week.

Academic Mark McGlashan wants to see more LGBT material made available for use in schools. And he says research shows it may be beneficial to target children “in early years education.” A conference in Westminster, due to be attended by the Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg, will discuss the issue next week.

Mark McGlashan, a researcher in the language, gender and sexuality group at Lancaster University, has been speaking ahead of the event. At the conference he intends to present work on current representations of same-sex-parent families in picture books.

He said the conference would “look at children’s literature as a means to challenge homophobic bullying and encourage inclusivity in schools. Part of that aim could include increasing the availability of LGBT literature to educators. The idea is that LGBT-inclusive literature could help schools address an issue that really is negatively impacting the lives of young people but the resources aren’t there—there just isn’t enough good literature available.”

Three teachers are understood to have faced disciplinary proceedings for raising objections to using gay activist material in schools. One teacher from South London is currently under investigation because she refused to teach a class that disagreeing with same-sex marriage is automatically homophobic.

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21 Comments on “Error of Man: Kindergartners Need More LGBT Books in School, Gay Agenda Argues”

  1. I meant to say that is why I’m not a classroom teacher who is affiliated with the NEA. This organization in the US is a big SSM and LGBTQ rights supporter who would surely do the same here. Lord help us teachers who are in the trenches teaching children what is right and what is wrong.

  2. 1)Homophobia is the hatred or fear of homosexuals – that is, lesbians and gay men – sometimes leading to acts of violence and expressions of hostility. Homophobia is not confined to any one segment of society, and can be found in people from all walks of life. Organized hate groups have viciously attacked homosexuals and have used especially violent language in attempting to persecute and intimidate them.
    2)ho·mo·pho·bi·a (h m -f b – ). n. 1. Fear of or contempt for lesbians and gay men. 2. Behavior based on such a feeling. [homo(sexual) + -phobia.] ho mo·phobe n.
    This term HOMOPHOBIC is untrue. It is not the people I hate, the gay men or lesbians, its is homosexuality that I hate. My hate for homosexuality is not irrational it is Scriptural.
    The term HOMOPHOBIC is no different than any other slur against any minority. I have the right to believe homosexuality is abhorrent and teach my children the truth of that.
    No one should be ridiculed or bullied because of their belief. So stop bullying people who believe that homosexuality is wrong by calling them a slur.

  3. The title of that woman’s company “Out for Our Children” takes on a sick meaning. They are out to permanently scar the children. Homeschooling is the only option these days. Watching that video saddened me and I don’t even have children yet.

  4. Homeschooling is the answer to all this nonsense. Little children do not need to know about adult sexual behavior.

  5. Insane!!!! This particular spirit is so domineering. I mean their agenda is moving so swiftly. My head is spinning. Why do people exercise so much authority when it comes to pushing along evil plans? And they are so unrepentant and hardened against God. It’s so apparent that the underlying intent is to mock God.

    I don’t care how many evil spirits entice me, I’m not foolish enough to promote evil and go against Almighty God. What!!??!! Oh their day is coming….

  6. So as in the day of noah & sodom so shall the Son of Man come… Its coming to a head & quickly! We must syand firm on the Word of God & never back down. We must keep our eyes fixed on Christ & keep looking 2 those eastern skies cuz He is coming back!!! Satan knows his time is short & he on a mission & he is working overtime right now!…… Christ is King becuz Christ is risen & He is getting ready to come back! Maranatha!

  7. wow these gays seem to be very desperate…very very sad and disgusting. Lord JesusJhave mercy on these children.

  8. I agree with Denise!
    Being Gay is a decision and Becoming a Believe is a decision as well. Four year old’s don’t know how to make real decisions they are to be taught by their parents. The school can’t make the decision for them. God gives us a choice over our lives, either choose him or your flesh. Now the choice in standing in the U.K. they have a choice to stand up for what is wrong!

  9. I was taught in a seminar that the young mind between 3 – 7 is the MOST absorptive in the lifespan of a person…that’s the stage when the brain cells multiply the most and what the children learn at that age plays a huge part in the formation of that person’s character for a lifetime…

    God made it that way…but He planned for the PARENTS ( man married to a woman ) to be the socializers of that child and that they would be getting good Holy lessons from the mother and father . He planned something totally different and satan messed it up. Now it’s a struggle to prevent the children from being abused mentally and it’s going to be a headache for parents to undo the damage that this new age thinking will cause . Can you imagine this society 20 years from now? Horror story!!!

    It’s possible to undo the learning but it will take a lot of effort by the individual or the parents and last but not lease the intervention of Jesus.

    satan knows that the children are sponges …so he headed for the education system..TV land was not enough…he now has to show openly that he is the prince of this world.

    Why do you think pedophiles look for younger children??..their brains are still in the formative stage. They can rape a young child and tell them it’s normal behaviour and the child would believe…it’s a trusting stage. Some people grow up and never tell about their abusers…especially when it comes from a figure of authority like a priest …and who is more believable that Miss So and So at school..she is the “mother” of the child when the biological mother is now the Kindergarten teacher is the one who will be LEGALLY raping the minds of the children.

    Obama on his recent trip to Senegal put forward the gay agenda to the president of Senegal and the president rebuked him. Thank God for some men in authority who still have some shred of decency.

    Pray for us to survive and remain faithful to Jesus Christ until He returns. And to give us boldness to uphold His world in the face of bullying from the LGBT community.

  10. in a lot of European countries homeschooling is banned. Homeschooling is not a right here in a America, there are parents still fighting to home school here. I believe it is a state to state issue. Teach your babies as much as you can. I must admit I home school my babies here in CA. This is a sad place because we had so many people fighting against the homosexual agenda but they voted for Obama. What do you do? You pray and preach the truth to all. I witnessed a homosexual slap an old lady during the voting time for Prop 8 on live television. They do not care about you, the next step to getting our children will be to make homeschooling unlawful. Beware saints and pray!

  11. Are these people so miserable that they can’t stand themselves? I think that they are wanting so much to be accepted, thinking that this will alleviate their emptiness and misery. They are searching from man what only God can give them. The misery/emptiness they feel is because of their sin and the need for the Savior (Jesus Christ). It is so sad that they are involving children in their filthiness. It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones (Luke 17:2).

  12. I would like to be able to say that sending your child to a parochial school is a suitable alternative, but it isn’t. Sent two children through 12 years of private school. My assessment: (1) Costs a lot of money, (2) Employed openly gay teachers, (3) Ended up teaching/tutoring my children myself anyway because the teachers knew less than I did (I’m a doctor), (4) Homosexual students given preferential treatment (sometimes to overcompensate/protect against homophobic allegations). The only advantages: (1) Almost no incidences of violence, less bullying, (2) more supervision of students, (3) easier access to colleges/universities, (4) school would lose students/funding if the homosexual agenda was forced into the curriculum, (5) students must adhere to dress code as condition of enrollment (no cross dressing, males wearing nail polish, girls in skirts, etc.) The best route is home schooling. Wished that my spouse would’ve supported me in that. The parent has the most influence when it comes to training up a child. Whatever your circumstance, do not forfeit your Godly influence to the schools or the state. Find a way to keep them rooted in Gods word and in His ways. Blessings to all.

  13. Well if they can get a gay book on the required reading list now, how about we demand the return of the bible back into schools!!!!

  14. The more homosexuals try to spread their message, the more I think they know what they are doing is wrong! Why do minor children need to be exposed with any sexual behavior? Homosexual is a behavior not a race! Even if the public approves this abominable, deadly behavior, it does not change the word of God.

    I like men but I am a single Christian woman so I am not having sex with anyone. Do I need to write a children’s book about abstinence? March on Washington? Tell my coworkers? Call the news? NO!!!! I don’t need man’s approval on my behavior. It’s between God and I!

    Public life and private life (what goes on behind closed doors) should not be mixed! What if masturbators/porn watchers, cheaters, fornicators, adulterers, people with festishes, etc…wanted special rights and were open at our jobs? We would not want to shake anyone’s hand, use the restroom at work let alone have a professional relationship with them! It is none of our business!

    This public stuff is designed to get to our children! It’s that simple.

    Pray pray pray. Be vocal and stand up for our children!

  15. Living a your life in Christ has been mocked by cartoons like the Simpsons and Southpark.
    Ned Flanders was portayed as the good Christian and subliminally taught a message that living in Christ is a “boring and undesirable” lifestyle.
    Southpark openly mocked Jesus on NUMEROUS occasions.

    Now the kids who grew up watching those shows are grown adults. The atmosphere is set. Add the music industry and you have one big funnel leading many to a MAINSTREAM of poison.

    Anything ANTI Christ is viewed as acceptable and cool these days. Especially Homosexuality.

    But I choose NOT to drink from the Mainstream. I will strive for the straight and narrow path!

    I’m glad ex ministries played a big role in allowing me to be delivered. I probably would have been relaxing in the mainstream.

    God Loves his children. He will never give us more than we can handle.

  16. Josh and jazz have three moms? It’s bad enough to have two I mean how did three even happen?! The world is going down and it’s going down FAST.

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