Error of Man: Legendary Gay Designers Oppose Gay Marriage, Gay Parenting, Surrogacy

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Legendary Gay Designers Oppose Gay Marriage, Gay Parenting, Surrogacy

By Austin Ruse |

Domenico-Dolce-Stefano-Gabbana-ap-640x480Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, founders of the eponymous fashion house, have come out strongly against gay marriage, the notion of gay families, and the use of surrogacy to procreate.

The billionaire pair, who used to be romantically linked, gave an interview with the Italian magazine Panorama, in which they said, “The only family is the traditional one. No chemical offspring and rented uterus. Life has a natural flow; there are things that cannot be changed.”

They also said, “Procreation must be an act of love.”

“I call children of chemistry, synthetic children. Uteri for rent, semen chosen from a catalogue,” Dolce stated.

Gabanna said, “The family is not a fad. In it there is a supernatural sense of belonging.”

The pair have long been outspoken about gay marriage. In 2013, when the LondonTelegraph asked them if they had ever considered getting married, they answered, “What? Never!” Dolce said, “I’m a practicing Catholic.”

Gabbana told the Daily Mail in 2006, “I am opposed to the idea of a child growing up with two gay parents.”

LGBTNews in Italy is already calling for a boycott of Dolce and Gabbana.

It is not unusual for gay men in Europe to oppose gay marriage. In fact, a group of gay men in France, calling themselves Les Hommen, have been an ongoing feature of traditional marriage protests in France. Les Hommen invaded the French Open, stripped to the waist, with pro-marriage slogans written on their chests. Gay Star News suggested it was “the most homoerotic anti-gay protest ever.”

15 Comments on “Error of Man: Legendary Gay Designers Oppose Gay Marriage, Gay Parenting, Surrogacy”

  1. What? If this ain’t confusion idk what is? So they shouldn’t get married, N not have kids or have special order kids, but can they still live/ sleep, with each other? One i thing i will agree with is that no, they shouldn’t married, nor should the traditional family be changed, one man, one woman, and their children… Like God established it to be.

  2. Interesting take from two gay men. They have the good sense not to argue against the principles of God. It is however sad that they love their lifestyle more than repenting and being changed. At least they have retained common sense. If more gays at least respected the standards of the Church, and didn’t try to have influence over it, their would be less compromise within the leadership.

  3. I will say this is the best post I read on gays… Thank goodness some gays understand traditional marriage and family. But unfortunately America is so wicked they won’t listen!

  4. Truly interesting to see two homosexual males AGAINST same sex marriage. But why continue your lifestyle that way? Very interesting article. Thank you for sharing.

  5. This is going to be interesting to see how the LGBT respond to statements like this. And did one of the gentleman say he would never live in a gay marriage because he is catholic. If I didn’t know any better I would be confused trying to make sense of their position on gay marriage. I know what the bible says and this is just way off the mark.

  6. Okay. So they don’t oppose homosexuality but are against gay marriage. They are still being used as a force to obstruct and pervert God’s creation plan. What they’re doing is worse (yes it’s possible); they’re making marriage insignificant. Fornication (bisexuality/pansexuality especially) is on the rise just like it was in babylon. This is all still a tactic to destroy God’s image. Satan is using universalism to “unite” sexual orientations so that they aren’t even recognized. This will decrease martial bonds.

    This is more extreme than gay-marriage advocacy or protest. They think they’re clever. So if they say traditional marriage is right and homosexual marriage is error, will they also oppose homosexuality entirely which is the issue of gay marriage? No. See, all of their claims are appealing to opposers of gay marriage and synthetic procreation in order to effectively push extreme liberties. Everyone who even thinks they’re aware of diversion and population control agendas will be deluded if they aren’t steadfast in righteousness. This is definetly a ” darkness can disguise itself as light” situation. Satan is mastering his art of confusion on another level right here, wow. Thank God for his Spirit.

    1. Rachel I love your take on this! Their tactics are very clever and yet STILL CONFUSING! God is NOT a God of confusion! Thank you for adding your observation! I was almost convinced.

    2. Wow, Rachel, that’s deep. I was kind of thinking the same thing, but it’s great to hear it from someone else. The devil is pretty tricky, but the Lord has given his children discernment so we can know better.

  7. Wow! Bravo to the two designers for being honest. They may be deceived about their sexuality but they are honest about the true family. Most homosexuals will not admit the loose (and I use that word for lack of a more expressive one, respectfully) behavior of the community. May they both come to know the redeeming power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  8. Sorry one last comment! And no you ain’t gotta read it all, i’ll understand! But I just translated the web page of the Panorama interview into English and I wasn’t surprised to find that Gabana admits his disbelief in marital relationships , saying that commitment is a promise you simply can’t keep. They admit that children are something gay couples just have to deprive themselves of. So basically, they want everybody to just quit trippin about marriage by opposing gay marriage (because really they are anti-marriage) and just let the heterosexual “acts of love” do the reproducing (bring in more brilliant minds to advance and “decorate” our world without strain and suggle). This is what they mean by a “natural flow”. They also claim in the interview that homosexuality is also natural. Wicked and twisted, huh?

    And about Dolce’s catholic practice, doesn’t Catholicism esteem singleness more highly than marriage? Doesn’t this imbalance increase fornication according to precedent? Okay, add THAT error to Catholcism’s worship of Satan and you get the original and overt worship of baphomet or pan.

    Oh we thought they would stop at gay marriage. Nope. Fornication will protect homosexual behavior. Satan doesn’t need gay marriage he needs gay rights. The gay rights movement was successful in giving gays sympathy and acceptance on a massive scale. Commit to your gay partner? No need really! Commit to Satan (is what he wants). A gay “family” is still slightly retaining the idea of God’s image. If Satan can get people to be uninterested in marriage then we will increasingly love ourselves on a more extreme level, rendering him power to control our desires. Marriage period, is like a dead end for the work of darkness. The politics will change as the people change when it comes to the universal movement, not the other way around. D&G are the gay elite, they don’t need politics. They’re outspoken because they’re giving gays the true identity of where their own behavior really stems from: Lucifer/Luciferia who doesn’t care if you commit to anyone.

  9. There’s so many questions to be answered about these guys and their lifestyle. I agree that children should be raised in a living home with a mom and dad as God has designed. I wish that they were heterosexuals. The one who stated that he was a practicing Catholic is the one who really caught my attention because he has a sense of righteousness but it’s skewed due to his lifestyle choices. I will continue to pray for the both of them to come out from underneath the influence of the Catholic church and out of homosexuality.

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