Error of Man: Norwegian government proposes extending trans protections to children

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Norway to let 7-yr-olds change gender

By The Local |

Children as young as seven would be allowed to change their legal gender under a bill proposed by Norway’s government on Thursday, bringing it one of the lowest ages for transgender rights anywhere in the world.


“This is an important area where Norway has lagged far behind many other countries for many years,” Health Minister Bent Høie  said as he announced the plan during the Oslo Pride festival. “Now we can be proud that we are implementing this law.”
According to the Norwegian Health Ministry, most European countriesonly allow citizens to change the gender assigned to them at birth after they turn 18.
However, Richard Köhler, of the Transgender Europe lobby group, told Reuters that the “gold standard” was to have no formal limit, as in Malta.
“Generally it is very good to allow very young transpersons to have their gender identity respected,” he said.
Until April this year, Norway insisted that those seeking to change their legal gender undergo surgery, a practice which transgender activists argued was a violation of human rights.
According to Høie, children between seven and 16 would need to consult with their parents before changing their legal gender, after which they would be able to decide for themselves, without the need for a psychiatric or medical evaluation.
They would then be able to reverse the decision to change gender at will.
“The proposal is historic in that it will no longer be the health servicebut the individual who decides if he or she has changed sex,” Hoie said in a statement on the plan.


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4 Comments on “Error of Man: Norwegian government proposes extending trans protections to children”

  1. We are truly in the days of Noah. Keep these babies on prayer. Things are really ramping up now.

  2. Well Beloved the Word says that in the last days men will be lovers of themselves. This trans gender issue is a god complex. Men and Women are perishing due to their ignorance. There is one CREATOR AND THAT IS ALMIGHTY GOD THE FATHER OF THE 1ST BEGOTTEN OF THE DEAD CHRIST JESUS!!! We need to keep them in prayer. Pray that the Lord has not turned them over to their lust to the point that their minds are reprobate. If they repent of their sins and change back to the way God created them. they might be scarred and mutilated here in this life but they will receive new bodies in HEAVEN. Amen. Lets pray for the parents of theses children and for the safety of these children. Things aren’t going to get better Beloved it’s all going to get worst. We need to Love the Lord with all our Hearts, Souls, and Minds so we can Love our neighbors as ourselves. The Gospel has to be spread Beloved there is a World confused and bound in sin. Today Norway tomorrow The United States “Transgender Operations after Birth”!!! Jesus is coming soon The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

  3. Thank for another great post, I would never find these articles on my own. 7 yr old kids can’t make that decision, any sane person knows this, and that the decision is made in the womb, by God. You think the guy in the video would stop at a 5 yr old? God bless you guys at EX, keep the sirens going.

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