Error of Man: Technology Tattooed On Human Skin

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Electronic Sensor Tattoos Can Now Be Printed Directly Onto Human Skin

By Ashley Feinberg |
ku-xlargeAt least for now, it seems like the sensors will be mainly used for medical purposes; they’ll be able to monitor skin hydration, temperature, and any electric signals from muscle and brain activity. And unlike their stick-on precursor, these skin-printed tattoos don’t use the easily-washed-off polymer backing, which as it turns out, wasn’t even necessary in the first place.

Instead, the Rogers research group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that, by printing the electronic mesh directly onto skin, the sensor (which is held together and remains flexible thanks to special serpentine wires) becomes 1/30 the size and even conforms better to that body’s natural bumps and curves. With the help of a “very robust” spray-on bandage, that sucker has a good two weeks before it begins to flake off. Of course, a longer shelf-life would require embedding the device underneath the top layer of skin, just like a real tattoo. In which case—uh oh—I’m pretty sure I know how that movie ends.

Still, with these advances and the current massive interest in wearable, body-monitoring tech, it’s only a matter of time before health-tracking diehards demand taking wearable to within. What’s more, these sensors could even be hooked up to interact with any number of external devices. The possibilities are truly exciting, and in a certain light, mildly terrifying. But whether we’re ready for it not, the future, it seems, is here. [Extreme Tech]


Motorola Wants to Patent a Neck Tattoo That’s Also a Microphone

By Adam Clark Estes |

ku-xlarge-1Do you ever get tired of holding your phone to your face? How about trying to chat in loud, crowded places?

No need to fuss. Motorola’s got you covered with its latest patent application: a smartphone microphone that’s tattooed onto your neck. Just think, you could have a little piece of Google embedded right into your body.

According to the patent application, said neck tattoo would pick up sound by reading the “fluctuations of muscle or tissue in the throat” and sending it to a smartphone or other device wirelessly. It’ll be equipped with Bluetooth and NFC technology and “may or may not be rechargeable.” The application is a little bit cagey about whether this “electronic skin tattoo” is permanent (read: stabbed into your skin with needles) or something you can just stick on. Either way, what a fun and subtle way to become a cyborg.

Thanks to the same people that brought us the stick-on electric tattoo and stretchable battery, we’re now looking at a future of electronic sensors that can be printed directly onto human skin.


9 Comments on “Error of Man: Technology Tattooed On Human Skin”

  1. I remember when EX Ministries called this out a while back……the “mark” techniques are fast approaching.
    Is it getting real for those who still don’t believe yet?
    Stay encouraged my brothers and sisters in Christ 🙂

  2. Dan 12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

  3. wow… these floks will do what they want… this is not good for them. they are going to get cancer of the skin if God wanted us to have that mess in us He would of made us with that mess on our skin.

  4. Amen to all the comments! Surely all of this technology (Google, Apple, all social media, etc) is forming a major conglomerate to destroy the masses who don’t have a clue to what’s in store for this world. I sincerely pray for all to get saved and establish a relationship with Jesus Christ. God’s blessngs to you EX Ministries for keeping us informed!

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