Error of Man: Transgender sues BET for being told to dress like a man

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B. Scott, Gender-Nonconforming Host, Sues BET After Being ‘Forced’ To Wear Men’s Clothes

By Cavan Sieczkowski | The Huffington Post

2013 BET Awards - P&G Red Carpet Style StageEditor’s note: B. Scott is biologically a male and identifies as gender-nonconforming. In the story below, we have used male pronouns but have been told that B. Scott does not object to female pronouns either.

Gender-nonconforming media personality B. Scott, who is openly gay, is suing Black Entertainment Television (BET) for discrimination after the network reportedly forced him to change into men’s clothing during a red carpet segment.

B. Scott was hired as a Style Stage Correspondent for the Ford Red Carpet before the 2013 BET Awards in Los Angeles in June. Shortly after the show aired, he revealed on his blog that BET “forced” him to pull back his hair, take off his makeup, change his clothes and not wear a high heel. The entertainment network later apologized in a statement to the press, calling the whole incident mere “miscommunication,” but Scott dubbed it a “non-apology.”

On Wednesday, Scott announced on his website that he is suing BET and parent company Viacom for discrimination on the basis of gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation.

TMZ obtained a copy of the lawsuit filed against BET. In it, the plaintiff claims he was dressed in a pre-approved black tunic and pants. After the first segment, however, he was allegedly pulled backstage, told his outfit was unacceptable and asked to change. He was later replaced by singer Adrienne Bailon, even though he changed into men’s clothing.

He explained in a statement on his website that he accepts the term “transgender” and he feels his spirit lies somewhere “in between.” He feels it is because of that very identity he faced discrimination.

“It is also by that definition that BET and Viacom willingly and wrongfully discriminated against my gender identity during the 2013 BET Awards Pre-Show,” he wrote. “Let’s be clear — I’m suing BET and Viacom for a true public apology and to be fairly remunerated for the time lost, humiliation and emotional distress this entire situation has put me through.”

Scott said his reputation was damaged and is asking for $2.5 million in damages, according to TMZ.

A spokesperson for BET declined to comment.

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21 Comments on “Error of Man: Transgender sues BET for being told to dress like a man”

  1. Foolishness. Just foolishness. I want to sue BET as well, for always showing nothing but “BOOTY SHAKIN’ “!

    1. I’m not susprised. . . We ain’t seen nothing yet! By allowing this foolishness to go on and refusing to stand up for the true word of God then ultimately we, as a society, will reap the repercussions. BET was well aware of
      this individual’s sexual orientation when they hired him. Why else would they have hired him besides trying to compete with the other networks that cater towards homosexual correspondent’s? There are those who say they are not one to judge. . .and to a certain extent I myself am one . . but not because I’m blind to what is going on but because I feel those who choose alternative lifestyles have been given ample opportunity for change. Now what you do with your soul shall be your business and you will have to give an account and not myself. Heck, I have my own soul to worry about. What I still can’t seem to fathom is why would a blatant sinner of any manner would want to worship a God who has explicitly stated in His word that such a lifestyle is an considered an abomination in His sight? If you were truly a worshipper of Christ when you heard his word being truthfully recited you wouldn’t become so overly offensive as many do. I’ll be the first to admit that times I have become salty when someone presented me with my shortcomings but the God that I serve wants me to feel that way and now that I’m older I can understand and truly respect this. I pray that man will soon have a heart of repentance and desire to want to be closer to the Lord because truly the direction that were headed is only going to lead to our souls demise. I thank God for the Elder Craige’s as well as my pastor who has never been afraid to stand up and speak the truth. He could care less if he lost the entire congregation. .he’s never been moved by the size of a congregation he is only concerned with saving the souls!

  2. Wow. I didn’t know this was a man. This stuff is really disturbing. Like seriously disturbing and very very very sad to know the times we are heading in.

  3. First, I am not really sure what a tunic is so excuse my ignorance. Secondly, he said he felt they humiliated him. So as a man wearing women’s clothing is not humiliating to you, but being asked to dress like a man is humiliating. OK, got it. You have to excuse my public school education. Thirdly, What did BET think they were getting when they hired him? BET, you knew what you were dealing with, don’t act surprised when it pops out and bites you.

  4. Be-a-man Scott like God made him is simply MAD and dellusional because he wants the recognition as a real woman and that can never be in God’s eyes nor my eyes either inspite him maybe looking better than I do. On his youtube channel he really believes he is a christian, anywho dont be surprised when many Christians support his and alot of other anti-christ madness.

  5. I have a message for the “transgender” … If you were born a man, I don’t care how feminine you feel, you will stand before God as a man, and give account for all you said and did during your life… Accept who you are… your a man and you should be proud of that…

  6. jesus please please come soon. i cant handle this dechaury of a man re-assembling your creation as aman to be a man and vice versa. g craig you prophiside this in 2004. its scary that I 10 YEARS NOBODY LISTENED . i feel for the body of christ

  7. This dude set up BET for money and 15 minutes of fame, BET deserves it for supporting these types of people

    1. amen couldn’t agree more .looks like Romans is true God turning them over to reprobate minds , they wouldn’t know the truth if came down and smacked them from on high.

  8. Memo to BET: Don’t ever hire a “confused man” again. We need to pray for this young, confused man. We need to pray BET changes its programming. I personally don’t watch BET, because it’s a vulgar network.

  9. I am absolutely shocked at how much like a woman that man looks! I would be beyond pissed if I were a man interested in dating that only to find out the truth! That is beyond confusion and just makes me terribly angry because it’s just wrong on so many levels. It darn near looks like Michelle Williams! Plays mind games with you.

  10. How can he say that he feels like a man, a women, both, or neither. He is REALLY confused! God help him!!

  11. Wow! That was extremely painful to watch/hear. I couldn’t make it through the entire clip. It’s so very sad how deceived all the homosexuals really are. And BET stinks!!!

  12. Of course he wants a public apology. Let me translate what he is really saying, ” bow down to Baal!”

  13. You can’t be serious!! This guy said people have it confused in what being transgender really is or means? It’s a combination of both? So basically, you can feel how you want to feel on any given day. Then turn around and use this as an excuse for your knowingly ‘confused’ sexual desires? Talk about men becoming ‘lovers’ of their own selves!! So it’s cool to be ‘confused’ about one’s sexuality, personality and MENTALITY?!

  14. Ey family, I believe just like all the other foolish issues the world and the church is facing today, this is pretty much another indication of disobedience. The reason why I say this is because first, I have two sons and i tell them all the time not to look to pple to be genuinely forth coming in these last and evil days. Just like the vicky secrets situation where there is a man who had a sex change and is now a vicky secrets model, it is hard to say who is who and what is what. So I explain to them that you two as men have to be prayerful and careful now and in times to come, and to not look at the flesh because with all the tech and the imagination of fallen pple you have to be on guard. Secondly, I rem some years ago when I used to go to church off and on and didn’t have a clue what saved was or meant (because no one mentioned it). I knew of fornicators to homos who went to church regularly and never mentioned being in a battle (flesh against spirit) or how God said these things were wrong except one. Even until this very day I still wonder why that was. Because when I finally surrendered my life to Christ (and I know this is just me and it isn’t necessarily the same for all) but i am troubled how pple don’t take the word of God or His Spirit seriously to the point that they truly fear God and turn from their wicked ways. Some don’t even try. But hey there are a few kinds of Christians out there the Bible tells us this clearly( the 10 brides w/ and w/out oil, how the sower sows and some receive the word gladly”’, and the 10 lepers but only one came back. So all i can say is pls encourage those you love to lay hold of God and his word because he is not changing not matter what mess this world comes up with to go against the laws of nature and most importantly against The Creator of All Living Things! Grace and peace to you all.

  15. This is just nasty, disturbing, confusing, and perversion all wrapped in one( Which makes this a hot mess) The sad part is this guy doesn’t even know who he is:-(

  16. I guess I’m in shock too because BET didn’t let him go on. They promote all other vulgar and perverse behavior on the network, why not a sodomite host? To even have 2 sodomites sit side by side on public television one dressed as a woman and one an attorney would have been totally unheard of 20-30 years ago. It is a testament of where this world is headed. There is truly a perverse spirit sweeping over this nation. Saints we are in WARFARE we can’t fight this by only turning off the t.v. and blogging about how horrible “those” people are. WE MUST DO MORE!!! How many of us are praying, fasting, crying out to God for a change in this nation? We are loosing our men to this perverse spirit, satan knows that if he can wipe them out, the human race will be extinct!! It’s not funny, it’s not humorous, it’s not something that should just be “ignored” We must use our spiritual weapons and FIGHT!!

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

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