3 Comments on “EX Ministries: Lords of Discord, Thieves in the Temple”

  1. Walter McClinton

    God bless you bro/Pastor G Craig. Me and my wife truly appreciate this ministry that the Lord has given you. Not only do we thank God for your consistency, but we thank God for raising you up in such a time as this. We love how you simplify the Word even though the topics you discuss are truly heavy and the revelation is deep. We always seem to understand. I would like to encourage you to keep doing the work that God has placed in your care and I would like to encourage your wife to continue to stand by you even when it seems like no one else is wanting to. We call your name out in prayer often brother and I just want you to know that you have impacted our lives in a good way. Stay blessed, stay before the Lord and keep living right my brother. The Lord will keep you in position as long as you don’t try and switch positions.

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