EX Ministries Presents: Christian Disobedience? by: G. Craige Lewis

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EX Ministries Presents: Christian Disobedience? by: G. Craige Lewis

When I created the blog entry “Christian Disobedience?” it was met with much opposition and misunderstanding. I felt the Lord led me to teach a message with the same information but expanded, to my home church congregation. We are making this video available to all for clarification on our biblical stance surrounding the actions of Kim Davis and her following.  Please listen carefully as I expand on these issues using the bible to formulate God’s views on these matters. Check your emotions at the door and let’s go to the word of God for clarity!


9 Comments on “EX Ministries Presents: Christian Disobedience? by: G. Craige Lewis”

  1. You were right… “Render to Ceasar the things that are Ceasar’s”, it’s very clear that our sister is a government emploee and that God requires her to do her job; in this case, marry homosexuals. If she doesnt want to do this, she should retire. She can ‘render to God the things that are God’s’ where she has the liberty to do so. Your counsel is right on time.

  2. Thank you for this message and all the other messages that you have posted. If people just read the word and stop being so emotional maybe there understanding will be open. I was once a dogmatic Apostolic individual but I said ouch and open my heart and my mind to the word of God and broke those traditions thru ur teachings. Now I am a better wife and mother and I have discovered my purpose and living in it day by day. I thank God for the anointing that he has place in your life. I just wish the world was filled with more of you. God Bless you and your lovely family continually. Keep on Blessing us. I have learned to say ouch and keep on growing. 🙂

  3. I believe you did a fantastic job expounding and clarifying the kim davis situation. You not only made any misunderstandings clear; but also rightly divided the truths and the lies the media portrayed using the Word of our LORD JESUS CHRIST!
    Thank you/wife and ex ministries….keep pressin’!!!

  4. When I first heard the story, I thought to myself: How and why did she go to jail? That’s because I didn’t understand the law and what it required when she took the position of a federal employee. After hearing the whole story and truth about the situation, I totally agreed with the message by pastor Lewis. How could one not? He told the truth naturally & spiritually! I don’t think people would except it no matter how much more it could be expounded. I’m standing with Truth! Blessings to Exministries.

  5. When I first heard of this, had no idea what was going on because I knew the news was prob covering something up, using for distraction too, but listened today because of ex ministries , and now I know and understand the entire story just by ex ministries, thank you pastor Lewis, i don’t need the news, when you preach on it, I know that it’s something going on, esp when I’m sitting in whole food p lot trying to listen and the devil sends one his minions to pull up next to me playing their loud music and blowing Babylonian cancer sticks into my car windows just to drown out your voice to have me spiritually clueless! Thanks again for continuing preaching the truth no matter who else keeps being blinded by the news Mumbo jumbo

  6. Pastor Lewis you did an EXCELLENT job expounding on this matter, but it was wrapped up on one simple concept. If this was REALLY going to increase the Kingdom of God, the satanic media would have NEVER aired this situation. Satan is not going to fight against himself. As believers we need to stop leaning to our own understanding and start ACKNOWLEDGING GOD IN ALL OUR WAYS. Because His ways are higher than our ways He will ALWAYS lead us into the way everlasting!!

  7. Oh waal what an eye opener, I have been following the story but I never saw it that way,may God help Christians not to gullible and I bless God for how He is using you to bring understanding and enlightenment to those who are seeking for the truth.

  8. Thank you it really was an eye opener I have stop listening the ” Christian talk shows who all they talk about political things. I never was a fan of Heckabee, because I missed that part about retiring from preaching and going in to politics in the bible. Kim knew full well that the Supreme Court was taking up gay marriage before she ran for office. She is an opportunist looking cash in. And the do call religious right are using her to further agenda and not that of God. I don’t vote , I don’t knock anyone who does. But the facts are when I look at those who are seeking our votes are about their own power. The democpublican party are all the same. In the 2008 election standing in the voting booth after not voting for years knew that he was going to win. I told everyone he was going to win. But still voted. That was it for me for good. The system is satan’s and plans of man never stands but God’s plan never fails. I will pray for her, but I don’t feel sorry for her.

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