EX Ministries Presents: Loving the Right Way DVD Series

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Loving the Right Way DVD Series



When was the last time that you heard a sermon that discussed and explained what true Godly love is?  I Corinthians 13 is commonly referred to as the love chapter of the Bible, yet most of us have trouble rightly applying this passage of Scripture to our own lives.

Our past experiences and relationships, whether positive or negative, can greatly affect the way that we perceive and receive love.  Today’s society is plagued with major depression and anxiety issues, not to mention rampant divorce rates among believers because of our choice to love superficially.

In this powerful DVD series, G. Craige Lewis uncovers the New Age agenda that emphasizes getting in touch with our “feelings” and emotions while vehemently rejecting the biblical definition of true love. This powerful and thought-provoking six-part series is foundational to understanding how God’s love was intended to be demonstrated among believers. (Click here to order now)


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