EX Ministries Presents: The Truth Behind Hiphop 9 "Tactical Reprieve"

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EX Ministries has been informing you of the plight of the enemy against our youth since the 90’s. This live DVD recording will be no different! In this powerful message, G. Craige Lewis will be covering the music of our culture’s youth and the plan of the enemy to make a powerful last stand against the Kingdom of God! You don’t want to miss it! The recording will take place Oct 31st 2014 at Jesus Tabernacle of Deliverance Church in Detroit, MI.

For more info visit: www.exministries.com


10 Comments on “EX Ministries Presents: The Truth Behind Hiphop 9 "Tactical Reprieve"”

  1. Amen. I can’t wait for that powerful message. All the best n more grace Pator Craig. God Bless, from Kenya

  2. WOW we can’t wait until the New Video is available for purchase. We have been so blessed by Pastor Craig’s teachings. My Husband and I are in the DC area and can’t wait for your visit to the area again !! Blessing to you and the Family of ABC

  3. Detroit you are in for a truly special Man of GOD . Saw him at a youth conference recently . The man spoke for nearly 3 hours , and most importantly he spoke the truth . Asked the Father for hears to hear . This cat is the real deal . He was nowhere in sight when they raise the offering . This shows he is not about the money . He’s is about the Truth and Deliverance . I know this sounds like an insider , but the only thing I want the inside track on in this world is my Social Security . Knock’em Out G !

  4. My son was killed 3 months ago. I’ve been trying to make sense of it all but it has shaken our family to the core. I need this. God bless you G Lewis.

  5. Good morning Pastor Lewis,
    We are your Pittsburgh friends and followers who met you last year at the LIfe Church in Maryland. What an uplifting and educational experience that was where you taught the Pharmakos message! This was life-changing information for us! We look forward to seeing you again in Detroit for “The Truth Behind HipHop 9”.
    God bless you and EX Ministries!

  6. May God bless the ex ministries, I and my husband have been touched by your messages. May our saviour Jesus Christ continue to strengthen Pastor G. Craige and his family, our eyes have been opened by your messages. Please is there a way we can pay and have a pass to watch the recording online. I would be glad if this can happen. Thank you from Nigeria

  7. I will be ordering this DVD once it is available! I have learned so much from watching TTBHH series thus far, some things I was already aware of and many other things which I was not. Thank you G Craige and the EX Ministry team for all your hard work and diligence in educating the masses through God’s word and exposing the ‘behind the scenes’ things that are REALLY going on in relation to unfortunately, almost all music out there. A few months ago, my daughter was watching a Truth Behind Hip-Hop DVD one evening in our living room and after only seeing 5 minutes of it, (I can’t recall which one), my immediate thought was that I need to destroy the movies and music that I have in my collection. I don’t have the exact number of movies, music LPs and CD that I destroyed but the number is in the hundreds. WOW! My conviction was that I don’t want to have this around for my grandson to have access to (he is 2 years old) and even though I hadn’t viewed or listened to anything in a long time-I no longer needed to have access to it either! A few sisters in my church had suggested that I have a garage sale and use the money toward giving special contribution to our church but I said that if I didn’t want to no longer see and listen to it, why should I gain a profit by exposing someone else to it – I know God wouldn’t be pleased, in spite of using the money for good things in His church!!! Once again, thank you for enlightening me and may God continue to richly bless your endeavors and to God be the glory!

  8. I also wanna be there 🙁 …..but i live in SA….i need to have every single DVD Exministries ever produced.

  9. I am truly blessed by ex ministries my entire family is now free from worldly evil stuff,when is g Craig coming to south Africa?l would also like to know what is the truth behind tb Joshua of scan in Nigeria?

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