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Strengthening the Bond

dvd_cover_bond_00000Strengthening the Bond is a must for all parents, teens, and leaders! With the rise in broken marriages, homes, and families, we need a reality check. Where is this going? What happens when marriage is no longer a sacred institution and the norm is for children to be born to single or same sex parents? What will happen to our education system when 90% of our youth are sexually active?

What will happen to our youth if they continue to eat unhealthy foods, watch unhealthy television programming, and continue to contract STD’s at a 1 to 4 ratio? If we as a people don’t stand up now we won’t have any say in these matters later on.

We must stand up NOW! G. Craige Lewis delivers a powerful message to all families and breaks down the proper structure of the home and God’s original formula for success in the home. There is no hope for our future unless we first “Strengthen the Bond” of our familes. —Make A Donation


4 Comments on “EX Ministries Video of the Week”

  1. It would good if you started a fellowship of churches something like the assemblies of God.But keep it holy..The A/G have caved a little..need a strong godly man like yourself to do this.. It will not be easy, but I think you are prayed up for the battle..We need you….

  2. Pastor Lewis’ message about family has remained constant. God, Jesus, and family is the formula to get our lives and our spiritual walk better.

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