Pop Life: Woman Records Herself Torturing Her Baby.

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In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop X – Pop Life, I discussed CERN and the dark matter it is currently bringing into our realm. The demons that are coming through this particle accelerator are causing the hearts of many to become more and more evil. Demons also love the lime … Read More

Letting Go: Anxiety, Depression On The Rise

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In my video Letting Go, I discussed how unforgiveness can cause health issues. Many times we need self forgiveness as well because we are constantly blaming ourselves for our current state. Carrying blame and shame will always lead to depression and anxiety.  There is no medical cure for it. There … Read More

Pharmakos: Taiwan Bans Eating Cats And Dogs

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In my video Error of Man Pharmakos, I discussed how what we eat is our fuel and dictates how our bodies run.  We cannot be super spiritual and a glutton at the same time. Our spirit man cannot remain healthy if we are neglecting to care for our natural man. … Read More

Color of Blood: Father And Son Shootout Turns Fatal.

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In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop 11 – Color Of Blood, I discussed the “father against son” epidemic that is plaguing our world today. Many of today’s fathers are carrying hatred toward their own children. It’s evident in the current divorce rates, as well as the lack of child support and time … Read More

Pop Life: Mother and Son Become Father and Daughter?

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In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop X  – Pop Life, I discussed the transgender movement and how it is in direct defiance of God’s creation plan. Nothing insults a creator more than altering his creation into something that was not intended. This is basically telling a creator that he did … Read More