Pop Life – People are marrying themselves?

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In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop X – Pop Life, I discussed the epidemic of  how fatherlessness has led to a decline marriage and a rise in divorce. Without strong fathers in the home, children can develop a hatred towards God plan for marriage. This is why the LGBT … Read More

Pharmakos: Sometimes, it’s simply eye strain!

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In my video, Error of Man Pharmakos, I discussed how certain foods, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise can severely affect our health and the quality of our lives, including our vision. Blurred vision, eye fatigue, and headaches are becoming normal to many today and can be a cash … Read More

Lords Of Discord – The Cannibal Club Is Real

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In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop 8 – Lords Of Discord, I discussed cannibalism. Cannibalism is an ancient practice, much like tattooing, that brings another life into your life through ingesting the flesh of another. Just as tattooing has become the norm for most Americans, cannibalism is the next step in … Read More

Resisting Temptation – G. Craige Lewis

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Resisting temptation can be difficult at times, but we as believers are required to. When we are tempted, we are drawn away by our “own lusts” according to the word. This literally means that what tempts us is what we have conditioned ourselves to desire. In order to resist temptation … Read More

2KTeens: Teens Outsmart Parents With Finstagram

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In my video Understanding The 2K Teen, I discussed the importance of protecting our teenagers from themselves. A teenager is not an adult, therefore, they need guidance and disciplining. Nowadays, this encompasses the digital realm as well as the physical realm. Parents must police their kids on the internet as well as … Read More

Teen Dating: Teen Couple Commits Suicide, Posts On Facebook

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In my video The Truth Behind Teen Dating, Boyfriends and Girlfriends, I spoke about the danger of allowing teens to date. It leads to sexual activity, mental and emotional scarring, and in many cases, multiple failed relationships that lead to living a single life permanently. Almost all marriages that dissolve are because … Read More

Pop Life: Woman Records Herself Torturing Her Baby.

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In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop X – Pop Life, I discussed CERN and the dark matter it is currently bringing into our realm. The demons that are coming through this particle accelerator are causing the hearts of many to become more and more evil. Demons also love the lime … Read More

Letting Go: Anxiety, Depression On The Rise

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In my video Letting Go, I discussed how unforgiveness can cause health issues. Many times we need self forgiveness as well because we are constantly blaming ourselves for our current state. Carrying blame and shame will always lead to depression and anxiety.  There is no medical cure for it. There … Read More

Pharmakos: Taiwan Bans Eating Cats And Dogs

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In my video Error of Man Pharmakos, I discussed how what we eat is our fuel and dictates how our bodies run.  We cannot be super spiritual and a glutton at the same time. Our spirit man cannot remain healthy if we are neglecting to care for our natural man. … Read More

Color of Blood: Father And Son Shootout Turns Fatal.

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In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop 11 – Color Of Blood, I discussed the “father against son” epidemic that is plaguing our world today. Many of today’s fathers are carrying hatred toward their own children. It’s evident in the current divorce rates, as well as the lack of child support and time … Read More