Pop Life: Student Assaults Teacher In Classroom

G Craige LewisPop Life1 Comment

In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop X – Pop Life, I discussed the importance of fathers and male role models in the rearing of children, especially young boys. But because people are prioritizing themselves and putting their children’s need after their own, our children are growing up without … Read More

Error Of Man: The Absurdity of Gender Pronouns!

G Craige LewisError of Man1 Comment

In my video Error Of Man, I discussed how gender fluidity would become a serious issue for employers and educators. The LGBTQ’s determination to undermine everything with their plight is turning our society into a culture of confusion. They not only want acceptance for their behavior but they want to … Read More

Tried Faith

G Craige LewisTried Faith1 Comment

The trying of our faith makes us patient, wanting for nothing. In this message, Pastor Lewis teaches us how important it is to wait on God and not compromise to get the things we desire.