EX Ministries Present: Trojan Horse 2 Pride of Life

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Trojan Horse 2 – Pride of LIfe – Available Now

pride_product_imageThe church of the living God is under attack. A deadly Trojan virus has breached our fortified walls. We’ve been infected. This virus is known as ‘the pride of life’. As it spreads, infected individuals succumb to the ‘lust of the flesh’ and ‘the lust of the eyes’. The symptoms of .. infection are idolatry, covetousness and selfish ambition. But beware these symptoms are masked as virtue, honesty and moral conviction in compromised believers.

Outwardly, infected individuals express a desire to glorify God but inwardly they seek self-glorification and the praise of others.

The ‘pride of life’ virus requires a human host that is a professed Christian and has deep rooted personal deficits. This virus has tragically been implanted into the hearts of believers, families, ministries and churches through the primary carrier, Gospel celebrities. Satan has unleashed this calamity among us by deceptively using the material world and men of the world to advance his kingdom.

The only way for the church to be restored unto God is to unplug from the world’s system. Join Tetaun Moffett of EX Ministries on an unparalleled journey to explore the plight of the modern church. Be challenged to overcome personal deficits, reject the ‘pride of life’ and experience an uncompromised relationship with God.  

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6 Comments on “EX Ministries Present: Trojan Horse 2 Pride of Life”

  1. Oh we living in this era which is heralded as the glory of God in His Church, but the root of it all is pride and its cunning to those who are unlearned and weak in the faith. These wolves are come out to do so much damage in the already weak Church, simply because people have become worshipers of themselves rather than of God…

  2. This has to be one of the major issues we face as Christians today, most are not happy with being ordinary and having enough, the word enough is almost like an insult. We come from families where money was always an issue, we weren’t taught to be content that no one went to bed hungry but we were taught that if we were ever to become anything like our parents we would be failures, that we should excel and put money first. Its really no surprise that the enemy has used this against us, its almost impossible now to show someone that God has nothing to do with worldly riches, if they are able to afford expensive things then automatically God has blessed that they never go back to analyze and dissect the methods in which they took to get whatever it is and if they were indeed of God or selfish ambition. For as long as honesty and sincerity are not part of the equation then you can never reach them because they’ll refuse to hear you. Thank you EX ministries for such truth, is a much greater honor to challenge oneself to be better than to quit and take the easy way out until sin consumes you

  3. I am definitely ordering this soon. Because The Lord has given me the task of teaching against the spirit of pride two weeks ago. I’ve already told my Pastor and am waiting to hear from him when to start.

    Thank You Ex Ministries for letting God use you.

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